These buy gear superstore i’m here today to talk about the mini micro, stick voice recorder, but first, if you find this video helpful, please leave a like and remember to subscribe to our channel for future tutorial and review videos. You can stay up to date on all the latest spy gear by following us on facebook, twitter and instagram. Just click the links in the description below be sure to visit our website and, if you’d like to purchase this product click the link in the upper right hand, corner or click the link in the description below introducing one of the smallest digital audio recorders. On the market, this unit offers all the capabilities of a normal digital audio recorder, but in a small compact design, while being about the size of a paperclip, most people would anticipate it to be low quality or have bad audio pickup, but that’s where this little audio Recorder is the most impressive. It has a pickup range of about 30 to 40 feet in an open air environment with a nice battery life of 12 16 hours, there’s endless options for placement or concealment if 12 16 hours of battery life isn’t enough for you, we also offer an external power Pack adapter, which takes 4 aaa batteries and bumps the unit life up to 120 hours or five whole days on the device. You only need to press one button to begin recording enabling you to capture important information at a moment’s notice when you’re finished, recording a built in speaker or the included headphones will.

Allow you to listen to the recordings directly off the device you can also plug it into any windows or mac computer that has a standard usb port and playback the files via windows, media player, vlc, media player or quicktime. Now let me show you what comes in the box and how to quickly set up your device in the box. You’Ll find first up the charging cable, which is mini usb to usb a full charge, takes about two hours and you’ll get around 12 to 16 record hours up. Next, we have the headphones which are used to plug into the device and listen back to the recordings. Next up we have the user manual on the back. You can see the one year manufacturer’s warranty card. Next up, we have the optional external battery power pack, which requires 4 aaa batteries and extends the record time up to 120 hours of recording. Next up, we have the unit itself slide in the small mounting clip on the back of the device and it’s all ready to go with eight gigabytes of built in memory. This device can hold up to 144 hours of the default record type to get started, press and hold the power slash play button. Until you see the lcd screen turn on all you need to do to start, a new recording is to tap the record button. One time and it begins recording tap it one more time to end the recording now from this menu we can scroll through and manage our recordings with the silver button on the front and then play our recordings with the power slash play button on the side.

To turn on or off the optional vos setting just press and hold the front silver button until you see vos on or vos off, vos is the voice activation recording mode where we’ll only record if it hears sounds or prominent voices now just press and hold the Power button for three seconds to turn: it completely off now: let’s plug our device into our windows pc. So we can sync the time and date on your windows. Computer, open up the file explorer and go down to my pc, then open up the memo queue here. You’Ll see the time, setup, application and the voice recording folder to look at all the voice recordings. You’Ve captured. You can open up the folder and there they are to set the time and date open up the time, setup application and it will automatically sync it to your computer’s date and time. There’S. Also different settings like mic sensitivity and record quality when you’re done with everything. Click start and will populate a document which will automatically update the next time you turn on your device. Unfortunately, the time set application only works on windows, computers now let’s check out this quality demonstration. The following presentation is for demonstration purposes only and is not a recommendation or advice on how to use the product spy center security is not responsible for any illegal or inappropriate usage of our products. Spy center security encourages you to check your local state and country laws.

Prior to usage, this is an audio quality demonstration at 10 feet. This is an audio quality demonstration at 15 feet. This is an audio quality demonstration at 20 feet extremely small and compact. This mini micro voice recorder is a favorite among the sales people in our storefront it’s, one of the few models that we carry that actually has an lcd screen which allows you to see what file you’re listening to and or attempting to delete. It offers a 40 foot, optimal pickup range and with such a versatile design, that also includes a removable clip. This unit can truly be used anytime. You need to quickly start recording, let this product and the support team at spy center security. Give you the peace of mind to capture whatever evidence you require. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video hit the like button and subscribe for more product, tutorials and review videos, if you want to check out this product i’m, going to put the link in the top right hand, corner of the video and in the description below. On top of accepting all major credit cards, debit cards and paypal, spy center is now accepting other cashless secure payment options, including apple pay, google pay bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. What sets spy center apart from other spy gear stores, is that we offer a 100 percent satisfaction, guarantee we’ve, been the leading provider of quality spy gear in the dallas fort worth area for nearly 30 years, and we offer free fedex two day, shipping to all 50 U.

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