I realized you know what I can play Minecraft with it, so uh moving the pin is how I aim and I have four little keys in the side uh. I set them to W A and D and then I have space uh enjoy the video its really scuffed. I dont have jump either. Do you see it on the bottom, where it says oh yeah, yeah thats, my drawing tablets keybinds activating Im? Literally? Oh no. No. I dont know its hilarious. I need to record, like my keybinds, looks like a mobile Im striping on a drawing tablet, baby illustration of gold, ass dude. You can see my like wa and then stop activating at the bottom. What the heck! I did not my headphones. I dont have space Laughter, drawing tablet this doubly youre, getting like five SBS. Oh okay, then Ill just run from you when its 99.. No, no can you jump reset. You dont have space. Do you? No, I cant all right were tying Im using a drawing tablet. Bro Im using a joke thats just how bad I am dude. This is so scared. No youre, jumping W tapping on a drawing tablet lets go yeah. We like to see it, and you mean you just dont, take any KB Im winning by sixes. I Believe come back youre dying, oh thats, hilarious, okay, I got this. Why is it? Oh, my God? Okay, we got this. No! No! No! We dont got this.

We dont got this. We dont got this. We dont go youre getting kind of rolled. No, I dont know what you mean. No, this is not fear youre PL, he was playing so bad. He looked like hed be so trash. Well, this is scary. Is it whats the IGN bro hes, like media rank, I think hes a YouTuber, because hes like the purple rank thatd, be an insane video fighting near the games. Youtubers with a drawing tablet. Yeah got ta get the jump resets in with the drawing tablet lets go. Yeah its not happening bro. This is not happening. Hes 30 hits ahead. Id have to get some fat combo on a drawing tablet, which is unlikely because this kid actually kind of knows what hes doing yeah Im training with them. Now its sad okay, I lost all right depression. Now I should be able to. I can just go. I believe I got this, but I have to do with like my mouse button, not my mouse, my my pin button so like, oh, my god, dude no uh. This is hilarious, not we got this. We got dude no whats with the sword, bro thats kind of monkey. I the best movement, the best drawing tablet Movement. We dont worry about it. No, no, we block clutch drawing tablet. Clutch lets, go no Ill Ill Ill running. Oh, no, oh! No! Okay! Now I can do it now, every time I click it.

No hes already in Im gon na get this though wait, can you jump Bridge? Oh maybe scaffolds gon na be one. Can I like go to the side? Please! Oh wait! Oh yeah, I forgot my side. My controls are sideways. Wait I cant hit him um. Well, I wonder who won this hurry up and get in the gold? I got the cheese Im double tapping on a drawing tablet: bro, no, not cool, bro youre, better than elephant. Drawing tablets, I did an elephant boxing on a drawing tablet died. Laughter Anna is like no, you were literally reaching nice. Jumping is bad Im, winning by 18 hits. He has to concentrate against the drawing tablet, wed love to see it the real chance bro. I like the same thing as you: what is this Im striping on drawing tablet? Oh, I won. I got kicked because I started double clicking on my. I changed your mouse and just went around. Oh God, your hitbox is so much harder to hit because its like so small. Why is my hitbox small because he has fat wings? Oh thats, probably the reason you can kill me easily Ill turn off my wings, okay, buddy. Why can I I see Richard not Killer drawings, drawing tablet to come back? Why, okay, I can, I see Bridge 64 blocks, but I lose to a drawing tablet player in boxing thats me yeah. Sure you can does my aim look shaky. I cant clipped me dude.

I dont know I cant really tell its really shaky for me. No, he looks smooth, not smooth. On my perspective, no hes jumping, oh no dont turn I cant turn fast. You need to do his hand camps. No, you see. Okay, Ill Ill do a hand cam. I just need to destroy you. First is I just cant click for long periods of time Im using a drawing tablet, bro Im literally excuses, wait thats mean like yeah. No, no one hit you keep running. Thank you at least I dont run out of your combos. Okay, Ill stop running dude.