Today i want to focus on, in my opinion, the biggest news weve heard all year when it comes to minecraft, specifically minecraft live, has officially changed forever and thats due to voting, were no longer using twitter to vote for a brand new feature, which i think is Just reason to celebrate already no more twitter, at least for this year. Instead, mojang is doing something different, and i want to focus on that in todays video. So let me know down below in the comment section what you hope to see during this years. Minecraft live, as always, i want to say thank you guys for the support. I really appreciate every single like it goes a long way so lets waste no more time and lets check out what mojang had to say. The return of the mob vote is happening again. This year last year the community voted for the la to join minecraft, and this year you will get to vote for a new mob, but were doing things a little bit differently. Instead of voting on twitter, you will now be able to vote in a special bedrock server, the minecraft launcher or here on That last sentence is mind blowing, and i think that just shows you that mojang is listening to the community. Of course, i wish this happened like three or four years ago, but better late than never right for the first time ever were gon na be able to participate and vote for a feature without having to worry about some famous person on twitter.

Making this a joke and sort of using their community to influence the vote, not to say that there still wont be famous people influencing the vote. But i think this is going to be more difficult for them to do this because, for starters, like theyre getting away from twitter – and i think a lot of famous people like to use their platform on twitter – their followers to get more attention. So the fact that theyre getting away from twitter is already a huge improvement for those of you who are worried about maybe not having access to your minecraft launcher. You can still hop onto and vote, so that means you dont have to be like near your computer. You dont have to have like you know your gaming setup. You can actually just get on your phone and vote using the website and i think thats, just gon na make it easier for a lot more people to access the mob vote. Some people werent old enough to have a twitter account. Maybe you just didnt want a twitter account, because yeah twitter is a little crazy, a lot of toxicity over there and just people that are seeking attention all the time. So maybe you just didnt want that, and i respect that more power to you. If you dont have a twitter account, so i think this can be really cool, even just the fact that were probably going to be able to play with the new mobs before voting, so were probably going to have access to some of the new features now.

Theyre. Also giving us 24 hours to vote for the feature that we want. This is speculation, but im thinking, theyre gon na allow us to play around with the next mob or all three options. However many options we have theyre gon na allow us to play around with a concept idea and actually figure out which idea it is. We want in the game so im really hoping that we have access to these features and then well have like 24 hours to play around with them. And then we can cast our vote whenever we want and then after that, theyre going to announce the winner during minecraft live so theres not really going to be too much voting during the event by then. You should hopefully know what exactly it is. You want without being influenced by other people. This is going to allow players to determine which feature which mob they really love through their own experiences through testing it out playing around with it, because no matter what? When we vote for something, if it wins its in the game forever, the phantom is never going away. So i think they realize that this is really important and its important to the community, so we got to get it right, the first time. So i think this is great. It lets us play around with it and have our own personal experience. So let me know down below in the comment section what you guys hope to see this year when it comes to the mob vote when it comes to 1.

20 and everything else. Thank you guys so much for watching and ill catch you all in the next video.