Definitely here now it’s time, tick, tock, tick, tock time has been passing all morning. It’S been a long morning, lots of ups plenty of downs, maybe a few mental breakdowns, wouldn’t, be able to say we put up with the developers relentless trolling all morning, all morning, long just just memes. At one point it looked bad like really really bad, like it. Wasn’T gon na happen like it looked rough but it’s here i don’t know if you can read or not it’s here you see that right. There 1.17 latest snapshot. Oh, but no, no it’s, not a latest snapshot anymore we’re far beyond that it might look like another yeah. Actually. To be honest, i don’t know why it still looks like another like that’s. Really weird, probably shouldn’t. Look like that, but it’s, not the nether update anymore. No, they didn’t, they actually did it well, not everything. I guess, according to this uh, some of the stuff isn’t here, yet i guess half of the stuff is here how you doing gabe. Is this? Be your boy, the axolotl update? It is now officially out yeah. It feels good to say that, after, like literally eight nine months of waiting, a long time of waiting, caves and cliffs update part, one minecraft 1.17 is officially out. We first got this update, revealed back at minecraft live in october snapshots in like november, or something like that and it’s here. Part of the update is actually here.

This is some exciting stuff, caves and cliffs part. One should be out on better architection on all of the consoles xbox playstation. If you have a playstation 5, then how did you get that i’ve been trying to get that for so long, but it’s out on java on everything i’m excited for sure definitely excited 1.17. Is a huge update and the crazy thing about this update it’s, literally only half of the caves and cliffs update super exciting in today’s video we’re, going to do a quick overview of 1.17 tomorrow, nice and early i’m going to drop a super in depth. Detailed video on every single thing added in the update and then the day after the guide, it begins again so definitely subscribe. So you don’t miss those things and if you’re hyped for the update like me, leave a like, like normal there’s, a brand new beautiful trailer for this update, we learned a lot from this trailer, including uh minecraft’s, new boss, the goat, the goats came to fight. It looks like so we’re gon na have to deal with that one, but the trailer is amazing, like it’s just such a nice looking trailer, i love these things that they make like the animations, like literally chef’s, kiss best chef skis in the world. To be honest, they’re, so nice looking highly recommend you check that out and look at my comments doing pretty well too that’s sweet. Maybe people are being nice today in here, oh yep, nope – that did that didn’t last, very long, not at all nice, caves and cliffs part.

One is out, though it feels so weird to say so. We got our first taste of the games and cliffs update at minecraft live back. Then it was one update now it’s, two updates uh snapshots in november, like it’s just crazy, like there is so much added to the game in this update. It is a gigantic update, but at the same time, like the weirdest thing, to be honest, at least to me that throws me off is that 1.18 is probably bigger with the mountains and the caves, and who knows what else is going to come to the game. It’S kind of crazy, so right here are some of the features in this update. I counted, i think in total there’s like over a hundred, maybe like 120, something individual new things in the game. If you’re on uh java edition it’s insane bedrock edition, it’s, basically the same update the biggest thing that better architection is missing. Unfortunately, so sad but true, the candles the candles aren’t on better architection, quite yet they’ll, be there eventually they’re coming uh, just just not today. So yeah, tomorrow, i’m gon na have a video out uh going over all of this stuff in depth. I put a couple other videos out so far like how to find everything in the update and things like that. So definitely check some of that stuff out. There are tons of technical changes in this update too it’s insane we’re moving into a completely new era.

Now the nether has officially been fully removed. So for a lot of you, this probably isn’t your first minecraft update, maybe for some of you, this is actually your first update, though uh that’s, the the crazy thing about this update so uh when there’s a new minecraft update, they will um like reset the theme Of the last update, so the last update was like the nether update and yep. It confirmed right here that the nether it does not actually work anymore. So pretty sad. If you don’t believe me go into your world and test it. For yourself, 1.17 is huge. There are tons of really cool new features now, for the most part, generation is going to be basically the same in your world uh, but you will be able to find geode generating and the deeper caves are gon na. Look pretty different, there’s, also, copper, which is really cool, highly recommended. The first thing you do in your new world uh go mining, get like nine blocks of copper or ingots yeah uh nine pieces of raw copper you’ll need nine pieces of raw copper to do this. Then go to a furnace and smelt this stuff up, turn it into copper, ingots craft, a copper block and then at your base place the copper black down this new copper, oxidization stuff can take some time, so the perfect way to start 1.17 definitely copper block place. It down let it age there’s, also some really really cool brand new decorational blocks in the game, now moss block, azalea uh, they even have the two azalea leaves, which is so exciting, like amazing, two brand new types of leaf type for the new tree, oh that’s, So exciting, like look at this stuff, oh wait: that’s just oak wood, still, okay, okay, never mind but there’s, two new types of leaves for the quick overview of everything in the update.

Here we go we’re gon na go really quick through this stuff. Like i said tomorrow’s the in depth, video we have geos, which have amethyst inside of them budding amethyst and the amethyst block. There are some blocks that you can make with amethyst, which is pretty cool. The geode isn’t only made of amethyst blocks, though it’s made of some other blocks, and there was that one block that used to be in the geode – oh, but wait. Uh grimstone, i meant deep slate. Deep slate is so cool, looking it’s, maybe the best new black family in the game. The stuff is sweet. The yours look a little bit different now but they’re. The same trust me there’s, a brand new drippy stone, it’s, pointy, it’s, pointy, uh there’s, some cauldron updates. The big cauldron update, of course, oh wait hold on a minute. Are those bean blocks yup? Definitely bean blocks, there’s a brand new ore type in the game too. It’S copper, it ages. There are actually some brand new plants in the game, they’re, really cool and some of those plants glow too also some of those plants can be walked on, but don’t stand on them for too long. You you just way too much. Also there is some new dirt. There’S new types of dirt there’s, three new mobs, the evil boss, the goat, the axolotl is so amazing and the glow squid, which actually ended up to be honest, not being too bad at all.

We have glow frames and we have some amazing beautiful signs in the game too happy pride month. This is some good stuff. Additionally, there are also some other things in 1.17 that you can’t get in survival mode right now, big sad, i mean don’t get me wrong. I loved the nether update. It was a really good update. Definitely a needed. Update too, like the nether was really boring before this update it’s been changed forever and maybe in the future, it’ll get like changed even more but uh. The nether update era is now officially over. We are in 1.17, the caves and cliffs era and i’m so excited about it, because this update, i i’ve, said it already a bunch of times but it’s such a cool update, and this is only half of it. This is just the start, so minecraft 1.17 it’s out now, if you play better arc edition, update your game. If you play java edition, you might have to change your game version that you’re playing on like if you’re, using optifine and yeah, that type of stuff but 1.17 is now officially out and you can play it. Another minecraft gaming news today is fortnite season, seven, so yeah. The video that i’ll be putting out tomorrow is probably going to end up being like 40 minutes or more it’s gon na be a really really big. Video so definitely keep your eyes out for that i’m. Going to try and drop the video earlier on in the morning, i just need to have time to actually work on the thing, because the update is just like so crazy it’s, like really big and then, like i said brand new guide stuff is going to begin.

I think on thursday is my plan and don’t worry lucky mob survival will be back too it’s not over. Are you updating the game today? If you are what’s? The first thing you’re going to do, tell me about it down in the comments. If you liked today’s video drop a like, it would really help me in the channel out subscribe. So you don’t miss the cool stuff on the way this week and thanks for watching big, shout out to michael a tanner b. Ninth in monster muffin, three and k9 baker. 33 55. i’ll be back tomorrow morning with a big one.