I just saw on Kickstarter and thought yeah that looks really cool. I, like pixels lets, have a look at that right. This is um something a bit different from me. I guess its a review of a thing and the thing is called minbay, pixel artboard and what it is, I think, is like a little tablet that you make pixel art with. I got this on Kickstarter back in well, I pledged back in August. I think last year 2022, and it was teachership in September. It actually shipped in October, and I didnt receive it until the end of December and its been sitting here. Waiting for me to open up and have a little look since then. So its been like three or four weeks since this thing arrived and Ive been really eager to get into it, but I also wanted to make a video of it. So I thought thatd be fun, its sort of a bit of video, gamey, pixels and stuff uh. So lets take a look Music, the packaging, very simple kind of apple esque. I suppose its got a picture of that famous painting, a girl with the pearl necklace or whatever. It is so clearly its made for professionals, professional artists. I actually got the combo pack, which came with a stylus. What I thought would be useful and a telescopic stand. It just looks like a basic stand from Amazon. To be honest, I dont think its made specifically for this and a nice little sticker thing of little pixely creatures to inspire.

I suppose there is also a lanyard somewhere. I think its in my jeans pocket dont. Ask me why thats, just where it is Ill, get rid of these for now come outside later packaging, then thats thats the unit. I presume this is about the size. It is, I think, Ive got a black one. They come in white, black and yellow. I dont know why I got a black one, because I really would have wanted the white one Im sure they asked me what color I wanted and for some reason I said black dont know why. So looking at the back of the box, it says package contains and then in Brackets in kind shall prevail. I guess thats some sort of ancient Chinese proverb anyway, pixel artboard times one thats, not an ancient Chinese proverb, charging data line and product description, cool lets open. This up then, and have a look, look classic Apple products of old. This just comes right off its actually quite nice. There you go thats. Actually, quite nice, nice matte finish. Not anyone really cares. Then I want to show you the box just getting there. Oh gosh! Oh there we go. Oh, it looks really neat actually Ill. Do a special appeal but Im not really sure where you can get them from now. I had a quick look. It looks like theres a couple of places in China that are selling them and they say on the website. Possibly Amazon theres, some crap on that there, its not very good and possibly Amazon, but that link wasnt working, so I dont know now so lets lets peel.

This peel this off here, oh yeah, yeah, thats, a real good peel. There you go the Min Bay pixel hold on thats, not supposed to be there. Surely thats got ta, be a sticker or this theyre. Just trolling me see what else there is in the box. Then we also have uh another sticker for the for the bot. This cant be a thing right. This cant be an actual thing. They want me to put stickers on the screen that cant be right: theres, a braided, USBC, cable, very nice. I dont mind that thats nice and the instruction manual, which is a feature apparently um on Kickstart. It comes with instruction manual cool, probably for the painting, artboard instruction manual, bloody, bloody blah. I dont think I need this, but I wont I wont, tear it up or anything Ill, just put it there. So lets have a look at the the Min Bay pixel artboard in all its Glory um. I dont know if Russia, Taylor, sticker off or not. It seems a bit weird theres a sticker on the bottom Im just going to turn it on see what happens well got some lights, pixel artboard there we go Music, oh English, and some built in pictures. Very nice do I actually need that sticker its kind of irritating that its there at all? So can I edit yeah I can. I can edit, I think, what it is, is theyve got like a square display and put this sticker on top, but the touchscreen is still there.

Oh yeah Im an artist. Apparently this is UND yeah, indeed great its cool. Perhaps the pictures settings brightness. Oh, I was probably thats nice same color now I know theres an update for this uh uh, so perhaps itd be worth a day in before I get too into it swipe through these pictures, I have a new one Im going to spend a little bit of Time with this uh just to get to grips with what it is, Ive got in my hands, because I havent really got a clue Ill, be right. Back, hang on right, Ive decided its time to get this stylus out because its deer made in use my finger. To be honest. So if you do pick up one of these make sure you get our stylist. I dont think you need the Min Bay official stylist to be honest, but I think its going to make the whole experience a lot easier. It comes with a spare tip, yeah thats much better. It feels good. Actually, this member Stylus is quite chunky. Its got a nice flat Edge for your um for your thumb, its good. I just Im, not an artist Im, literally just filling in colors, which is quite therapeutic. I think theres a few features Im missing here. I cant figure out how to change the size of the artboard. I got it wrong earlier: its actually 16 by 16, pixels, 24 by 24, pixels or 32 by 32 pixels Im pretty sure I am correct.

This is just a sticker on the bottom, so changing the colors to a set for a palette or a different palette, wouldnt be possible. I was kind of hoping I could select different palettes here. Like a Game Boy palette, you know shades of green. I suppose I can do shades of green theres a green. I could pretend Im making Game Boy games I mean overall, the build quality is is fantastic. It feels like a proper device. You know its not super high end, it is a plastic case and but the materials feel really good. The buttons feel good its nice LEDs behind the buttons theres built built in speakers which are being underutilized. In my opinion, you know you could do a whole lot. More with this device – and perhaps they will going forward Im going to play with anyway and Ill – be back with some more thoughts shortly right, so Ive been playing around with this, then for a couple of hours now and you can see, Ive got it on the Stand which is actually really cool its actually a really nice little stand and feels very solid, its not going anywhere. So I spent some time making some pictures Ill. Take you through what I did. This was just messing around earlier and I drew a face. Pretty cool and some random stuff, then I got to grips with how you change the um pixel density. So, in order to do that, you go to the pencil mode and then you can zoom out and you can zoom in the only thing you cant do is zoom into the detail and then zoom out again.

What happens? Is it sort of gets confused and moves? Pixels around a little bit so once youve set a resolution, just leave it and work. Within that resolution I was using the stylus, which was working okay, its a bit stubby. I think Id prefer something with a bit more of a fine tip. I did try changing the tip, just as if the other one that was included was any different. It wasnt it was the same, and not only that it was really difficult to get back on it turns out. You have to sort of unscrew it not just rip it off so yeah. The stylus really ought to have a finer tip, but apart from that it does it does the job. So then I did the Box. You see the box here. I did a picture of the box, but that was super low res. I did a picture of the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters hes hes, calling me you can see how good I got art and then theres a picture of my wife and my dog looks just like him. I think then I did a better one of the box with more pixels. I was getting to grips with the tools a bit better then, and then I tried to do Sonic, but then I saw I was zooming in. I was doing the zooming in thing to do the detail and then it turns out its got like three legs and Hill went to crap, but never mind.

It is what it is uh overall, though it is pretty nifty little device, its kind of addictive, actually just doing little pixel drawings Im going to keep using it. I dont know if it will be of any practical use that remains to be seen. I did have an idea about trying to make a GameBoy game, so maybe Ill do that and somehow integrate this into the workflow. I dont know Im just trying to think of ways. I can justify the purchase um speaking of purchase, how much this thing cost. Well, I paid, I think it was about a hundred dollars on Kick Kickstarter, and that was for the combo pack, which included the device. The stand, the stylus some some stickers and, as I mentioned before, the instruction manual included as an added bonus. There really isnt much to it its a really simple device. Actually, the software works fine, its really quick and intuitive. Once you sort of get the hang of it, so maybe its not that intuitive, but its intuitive enough. The the dedicated buttons for pencil mode and eraser and undo and redo theyre amazing, the amount of times Ive, just instinctively just gone back back or a raise and back to pencil. After a few minutes, it becomes second nature which is really good. So in retrospect, would I buy it. I dont know its difficult. I probably would because, because Im Im a sucker for these kind of dedicated devices, its nothing you cant do in Photoshop its nothing.

Probably you cant do on a tablet as a dedicated device for making pixel art it. Does the job really well. I really hope they hit their targets for this and can update the software and make improvements along the way right so theres, two ways to get images off the device. You can use the desktop software which, although it works its pretty bad, its basic its mostly in Chinese. I I havent got faith in it. It does allow you to export BMP PNG and something else hell be on the screen whatever, but the app works really well. So you can see all the pictures that youve got on your device and then, if you load one up hell, show you an animation of all the different steps. Apparently it saves 3000 steps for each image and you can go back in and and undo and redo and go through all this episode, because the steps are stored. You can do little animations like this, which is really quite cool. Um itd be cool. If you could export those as a gif, for instance, but the way it stands its really interesting and the good thing about it as well is you can share images within the app and you can load them up and again, you can see all the steps. This little steps I went through to make the Min Bay Packaging artwork very inspired and you can load up other peoples and you can see all the steps that they went through.

So if youre struggling for ideas or or just to get to grips with good technique of making pixel art have a look at the peoples and it will show you the process. They went through quite often its a case of creating a solid and then filling in the details afterwards, but yeah the app works reasonably well once it gets connected, it connects in a really weird way so to connect it to you, go to settings and on settings There you see theres a serial number barcode and then in the app you have to use the camera to scan the serial number, and this took must have taken about three minutes of me. Just adjusting the position of the camera and everything else just to get it to to work, but once it connected it was fine, so thats the a pixel artboard. Would I recommend it, probably if you find it interesting, its its, not a whole lot of money. Its probably difficult to justify, if you have very little interest in it, its a very unique device thats for sure it its a good size, its not too small, its, not too big its its pretty lightweight but feels well put together. All the same Bay picks the artboard get one. If you want, if you dont, dont bother, but there you go thats what it is just one final, four, this sticker on the bottom: if youre listening Moon Bay, get rid of this Id like to be able to customize the colors and this doesnt scream quality.

Honestly, apart from now, though, its a really solid product, honestly, it does the job really well, if I was giving it a score out of 10, probably give it six. If I was grading it like some school work, maybe a c plus you know it its good. It does what it means to, and it definitely shows promise do some pixel drawings.