This is a huge game changing here. There read me 10x, 5g and there's other models out there, but this is the particular one that I've got hold of here and, of course this is my first time testing out a real stunner of a chip from mediatek, and I can't even believe I'm saying that Mediatek stunning chip, yeah, okay, just forget what you know about them: okay, what you thought about them! This chip believed the hype is really good for a mid range chip. It offers 5g it's seven nanometers octa core five core powerful GPU it's, not having really good frame rate, really good thermals and a better life is shaping up to be very good. Now what else have we got with this phone here from Xiaomi? Well, we have a typical Xiaomi great build quality AMOLED panel and screen fingerprint reader large capacity battery fast charging 48 megapixel camera it's, pretty much got it all. Apart from band 24, US LTE European users and any of see this model lacks, but let's find out. Why? I love this particular phone and why say this is a huge game changer, so this particular unit. I did order this one here from training chinjung. It took a couple of weeks to arrive because there are some delays with DHL, so just bear that in mind is still having a little bit of difficulty there. Now they did also include a power adapter for me and this type C a USB plug.

So right here we do have a TPU case. Jeremy has been doing this for a while now, including these cases, which is great, and this gives us our basic protection out of the box, and this one is the clear style here and it's TPU. So that means it's the flexible, not the hard case, so it offers good protection covering those buttons and there we have the phone all in its wrap, of course, so more on that one later I'll just put it down here and then you'll find just under here. Our charger now this is twenty two point: five watts is the maximum output for this one standard size and it's, not bad. So of course I need that adapter it's, not an EU one. This is an import phone, the Chinese version and then I'll type C to USB cable. The standard high quality Xiaomi cables so that's it for what we get inside the box here, all right so onto our thickness and weight, so it's, almost 9 millimeters and weighs 206 grams. So yes, it's not actually a little thinnest. All the light is phone around, but I think this is acceptable when you thanked it in the large capacity relatively large battery that it does have within it. So this phone does have an excellent build quality for the price that this is selling for so it's around. This particular model with the 8 gigabytes of RAM about 300 euros to import one end.

This is from trading ginger and the guys that I got this one from so the bezels top and bottom. You know they're, not the slimmest here, but they're, actually not too bad. The curvature of the screen on the corners, however, is not quite as perfect as I would like it. I'M. A little bit more squid would actually be nicer than this excessive, rounded corners, but we don't really have too much of things being cut off with this most games have moved, say, battery life, presenters or icons or other important things a little bit inwards. So you don't really see too much of that. Now there is a middle lip that is around the outside here of the screen, which is using Gorilla Glass. 5. I believe it is, and the power button easy access to this, and if I just tap this now face unlocking because I've got my tripod in fact, overheat camera setup there's no way. I can show you this, but I've been testing it and it works very quick, fingerprint reader. So let's just have a look I'm gon na tap right here and there we go unlocks very quick and I've had no problems were that the accuracy does seem very, very good. Will this one now down the bottom here? We do have our type C port. Of course, 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack, very good quality. Out of this, I can comment on I have tested it out, does sound very good and in a micro course, and single downwards firing speaker later on a give you a sample of just how this sounds so the frame all around the outside.

I know a lot of people gon na ask about this. Is it metal? Is it plastic, it's, plastic? Okay, it has a paint finish to it. That makes it feel like it could actually be metal, but trust me this isn't actually middle at all, it's like a metallic paint. They use and it kind of fools a lot of people I think into believing it is metal because it's, a very dense plastic as well. Now, in the back, you can see how what looks like quad cameras with this particular model: isn't. Okay, so we have three cameras, our main fully eight megapixel or sensor, which does pixel binning, takes a default megapixel, shot 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel camera for our depth. Information for your portrait, shots dual tone LED flash. Now it is covered with glass and it seems to be, I hope, a scratch resistant glass. It does seem to be, though, and we get the curvature on the edges here of this glass, so it is very comfortable to hold this phone and I don't think it's too big in size. A lot of people have it concerned about that, but these phones are getting bigger. Yes, 6.5 inches. 6.57. Sorry almost six point six inches, but it still feels very good in hand. Now up top, we do have an IR transmitter and our secondary microphone there. But yes, excellent, build quality overall, with this phone typical Xiaomi out, then the sim tray sorry, this does take two nano Sims and a micro SD card, but you have to give up on one of those in an essence, unfortunately it's not that one that will take Tunein isms and the SD card micro SD card, which would have been better, of course, so this is a very good display.

Xiaomi has, in the last few phones, I've been using of theirs and reviewed, really good AMOLED panels I mean they are very, very good, so we don't get those typical IPS problems that you often would see shadowing around the bottom around where the teardrop shaped notches. Not here not with this one now the maximum brightness is really good on this. It does to top out to be just over 700 nits of brightness we've got our DC dimming mode on here, so turning it off. You may possibly see this banding going up and down on camera now that is only on camera, but people that are very sensitive to low brightness pulse width, modulation, flicker. This is basically a godsend that setting because having it on you shouldn't see any flicker whatsoever with it. Now we do have our typical scaling font size and all that options are in there, but the interesting one, of course, is our color scheme. Now I prefer standard. This is all personal preference to me on the auto mode does have quite a bluish tint. You can adjust that as well. Our white balance, our color temperature saturated so looking very oversaturated. Real world images do look very good on this. Okay, you get deep blacks as well. It is overall a screen. I believe that is almost like a flagship level kind of screen that is end sunlight legibility, as well, very good because number one it's AMOLED, they tend to feel a lot better than the IPS panels.

In the Sun and number two because of that maximum brightness we have is really quite good as fully displays gamma. Well, it is approximately, I would say about 2.2 towards maybe two point three, and this is very good, jumping it down to our UI performance, and it is very good on this phone. It does feel very smooth and fluid, and yet you know I'm going to say this – that occasionally, with our full screen gestures a little bit of a frame dip here. So a little bit of an animation lag here and there sometimes does happen. So I have noticed too that when I do swap over between some apps, I go maybe back home, okay let's do this bring back home, and sometimes all of these icons could be missing for a split second or in fact, all of the icons on the screen. It'S, as if me you, I just crashes, for a split second and reloads, I don't know why it is doing this and it's a bug I've seen now in the last three xiaomi phones and I'm sure the guys, the team with so many different phone releases and Probably maybe a little bit overworked, but I hope a patch is coming through to fix that bug. I have seen and I'm sure it is work in progress and they do know all about it. It could even be in the betas but I'm going to stable Chinese firmly here with this one, of course.

So a lot of people do ask me now: what about the phone dialer? Can we record no okay, so we cannot record the cause with the stock application anymore, because Xiaomi doesn't use me ice, dialer and messaging app anymore. It is now Google's one okay, so that's why we cannot do that so. Overall, the performance is good, but I'm going to show you some things in here now that are quite surprising to me. So let's take a look first at our wireless, and this is impressive. It truly is we're getting speeds that are beating flagship phones here that cost two and maybe even three times more that's fine. So, look at this almost getting up towards 800 megabits per second, with my wireless network and that's only reserved for flagships until now, until this chipset okay minimum speeds, they are almost as fast as the K 30 Pro and the poco. If two Pro, they are really that good. So the wireless on this thing is impressive: it could be aided by the fact we have a plastic bill to it, just meaning the reception there could be a bit better, but really well done they have. I got to take their hats off to mediatek. They have certainly stepped up their game and you can see it here with antutu. This is version eight, so very good score. This is beating the Snapdragon 765 G. They have really taken it now to Qualcomm and saying well, you know we're improving, and this is our the best.

We can do it for the price and it certainly is showing here so kick bench, five again, a very good score for a mid range phone. Just like our storage, so take a look at this. When you look at these sequential, writes and reads: they are high okay, but random, reads and writes. These are flagship level. Look at this that random write is almost at 300 meters per second and the reads that is very, very quick, again flagship, really performance there. So you do get around a hundred and ten gigabytes free on the first boot, and I did install this patch, which optimized the performance reduced system lag, and it does actually feel a little bit smoother. When I first used it, I noticed that it just yeah. It was okay, but it seems that Xiaomi are just improving things, so camera2 api support. This is typical, xiaomi now level, 3. So look for later on for some gk imports. Although with a media tick, we may have some problems, it might be a little bit more difficult, but maybe the port for the redmi note 8 pro could actually work, and I didn't expect to see this. Chinese roms do not normally have Widevine level 1 certification, but Xiaomi does have it with this, which is very good to see so that's it for our performance and very good overall it's. Just I want to see that little bug and those bugs here in there fixed in me, UI – and it is me UI vision – 11 – were on still Android 10 and a security patch level is may 2020, which is good, so the audio quality from this one.

I find that the loudspeaker is decent, it's good, but it's, not as good as the meet in light 5g that I reviewed and also the me note, 10. It just doesn't seem to be quite is loud and slightly different quality. Coming out of this loudspeaker, not two minute, it is bad at all. You hear from the sample that it does have a bit of bass to it. It could be maybe a tad bit louder. The same for the 3.5 millimeter output to me, doesn't seem quite as loud as other Xiaomi models, but don't get me wrong here. The quality is actually very good that we get from a 3.5 minute analogue and especially for a mid range phone. These lots of options they give you Bluetooth. Tech seems to be working fine as well with us, but here's that sample at 100 volume, Music Applause, Music Applause onto the gaming performance. So this has again surprised me here that the demesne 'ti, the 820 chip here, whether it's five core GPU, is performing really well now, a very demanding and possibly very poorly optimized game is Shadowgun legends which can really dip down the framerate with some of the tick I'M reviewing, but it actually performs really good a solid 60 frames per second. This is where it really did. Surprise me in the game with the high settings applied, and it can even give you a very good frame rate on the ultra high settings as well.

Now, with the Snapdragon 765 G that I reviewed, I was not getting this kind of framerate. It was a little bit slower and sometimes dipping down to 30 frames per second, but this is absolutely really amazing performance for the price in terms of gaming. Now other games like mobile agents, for example, maximum settings 60 frames per second no problem. This is a very light engine and the game, of course looks really good. So what about? If I step it up to something like say Call of Duty? Unfortunately, the chipset support here well, the phone as new it doesn't allow us to go over 30 frames per second due to a silly framerate cap. I really wish that they would not do this, so this game is stuck at 30 frames per second on high settings and okay it's still playable, but I'm sure that once that cap is removed, it could probably do high settings also at 60 frames per second. This is a very capable GPU and the thermals are excellent. After one hour of gaming, you can see that okay, it gets warm, but this is acceptable. These temperatures are great. This is an 8 sorry, 7 nanometre chip and it's, not really getting that warm they've done a good job here, both mediatek and show me with the thermals, so let's move over into our camera. Now so we've got the 48 megapixel one times we can go over. Now to the ultra wide 8 megapixels, and then we do have two times: digital zoom as well, and this one.

The quality is actually alright, it's usable at the two times our digital – and we also do have our typical other modes here. So portrait is their night mode as well and then moving to pro mode. So we do have a shutter rate that actually goes right up to 30 seconds and they're. Now iso, this one goes up to 6400 and even a pro mode for video is well, which we don't often see now. This does not come as a surprise, considering the fact that Xiaomi has never put electronic and image stabilization with the front facing cameras into play. Here so, if you intend to walk will run around, you will see it shaking all over the place and it really doesn't mean we kind of need a gimbal with his front facing camera. Now the quality I feel for 1080p front facing footage is actually pretty good. Aided by the fact we do have now that better audio quality with that higher bitrate so well done, show me there for at least improving a bit rate it's. Just now, please, electronic image stabilization with your next lineup of phones will be really great and if you can put it into say, a Mii Yuu, a 12 as well updates would be even better for your existing phones. So this is the sample of the main for the 8 megapixel camera, which can shoot 4k 30 frames per second. Our audio quality is is surprising, a 256 kilobits per second, so it does sound a little bit better than the typical 96 or 92 that we get now.

I have noticed that the electronic image stabilization doesn't seem to be quite as good or as aggressive as what we have with the qualcomm powered versions could be down to discharge if set so i'm just gon na walk through this small jungle. I have here, go down these steps and show you that stabilization again now this is our ultra wide video and the image stabilization. Electronic image stabilization, of course, not optical, but just electronic, no much better, but the quality at 1080p and the lens and the smaller sensor does not look as sharp, of course, a little bit more washed out here. But I will just demonstrate going up these stairs electronic image stabilization. Looking good, you go through this jungle again really new do need to clean my garden up and prune a little bit much better stabilization here, Music, so yeah that's fine! Well, it has really changed things. Okay, a big game changer. I can't wait until we get a European release of this. So what will show me be calling it? What will it be? Will it be i rid me: will it be a polka? Will it be the poker f2 it's got the pro model, but will this be the just the plain old, if maybe we'll have to see what's going to happen there or the f2 5g or would even gon na call it now absolutely hats off to a media Tech, I can't believe I'm, the even sameness I mean well, this is unbelievable.

Really is they have such a stunning chip? Look at those wireless speeds that is flagship performance. You normally paying double even triple of price, with other phones to get that kind of speed there, and even the storage speeds Yami's done it. The combination they're put into this phone very, very good storage, a great screen it's a bright screen. You can see it in sunlight and it offers great frame rates with your games very good, thermals, it's mediatek, most people would say: okay, immediate experience from them. I mean decent is, of course, the heli og9 TT, that I reviewed in the note 8 Pro that actually offered really good performance and still does it's a good chair, but this one is just in a league of its own. It is so good what they've done here now. No phone is absolutely perfect. Okay, where the areas of witness with this one, so I have already seen that okay, the cameras do, need some optimization. I think a little bit there, video stabilization doesn't seem to be quite as good as the Quayle comms and it could just be lack of software updates zatia from Xiaomi, maybe because of the new chip. They just need a little bit more experience with it, but okay, the UI does have those little glitches. The occasional lag that is, I don't, think hardware related. I think it's softly because I'm, seeing with other phones there from Xiaomi the other thing to belt the loudspeaker.

It'S good but it's, not quite as good as the other models have just recently looked out, but it is still very good. Audio quality we're. Getting with this one. Now the build quality. A lot of people go well it's, a plastic frame, and I can actually just go and give this to someone in the street and I'm sure you could say to them. What do you think this phone is made out of and they'll probably go well glass and feels like a metal frame? It has solid plastic here, but no, it is. It is almost falling a lot of people to think it would be middle here. So there's that and of course the big one for, if you're living in an area that needs LTE band 20, then is now LTE band 20 support with this one or 28 and of course we do not have with this NFC. I don't know why this model doesn't, have it you've got to get the other 10 X models to get the NFC, but so far I mean this is really good, now charge time. I'Ve done a test now it's about one hour and 25 minutes to fully charge. This, which i think is very acceptable for what it is, but this is just offering so much this particular phone here so we'll be back with a follow up video, giving you the exact battery life with my pc market, fixed battery life, test, more thoughts as well.

After using it for a full week, I just need more battery cycles to be able to give you that kind of information. So thank you so much for watching this review of really a game. Changing phone for a mid range class phone, and that is the red meat – 10x 5g model.