Once you have downloaded the app from the app store or play store, you can immediately log in start using the online features you can review daily specials. Your club status points place an order directly or with third party delivery, such as ubereats and doordash. The home page can be fixed or have images scroll across, as you see here, on daily specials, so let’s review the loyalty buttons first then go right into the order. Functions and complete it here, the buttons on the bottom. You can have preset to view all promotions daily, specials, club, statuses or ongoing points rewards. You can click onto the item and get a discreet description. You can look at the daily specials for food ordering capabilities as well as any kind of club statuses that you may have. You can also have the card display on your mobile app and have it scanned at the register. You can look at the rewards. Statuses of your clubs, we’ll jump to the second page, are heavier locations complete with navigation and maps, click on the store and click on the map, including link to your personal web page. You can scan for special features and games and also include any kind of in store, specials or marketing specials specific to behavior groups. For that particular customer. The order online button allows you to select for order delivery again integrated with ubereats or doordash it’ll automatically connect to the third party for delivery, or you can select for order pickup at the specified location.

Once you click the store, you’ll be able to be prompt with their own menu. Each store location can have its own menu. For example, a burger shop with its own menu prices and features then go to a second site specific for deli again with its particular menu items and pricing in a third site. Here maybe they offer some breakfast item on their menu and they’ll have its own menu prices, so let’s select the location and place an order. We’Ll select this location we’re prompted with their menu. We can also look at other categories within the menu for now let’s. Just simply order a breakfast sandwich, you can also increase the quantity, add to cart. Look at our checkout review. The order continue, the information can be entered or re entered. If you choose to, we can add gratuity same with the payment. We can have pay at delivery or pickup or pay now with credit card, let’s stay with paid delivery and any additional notes, or simply order. Now, you’ll receive an order number and confirmation. Here you can see that your order has been received on the mobile and the kitchen has been alerted for one breakfast sandwich. The clerk will simply select. The item start the process and once the order is ready, you’ll simply hit the ready. Key you’ll now receive a message that your order is ready and you simply click on the green bar and complete your pickup process, whether it’s inside in a parking lot slot number what kind of vehicle color the vehicle and notification that you’re at the location.

For now. Let’S do pick inside and i’m here, you’ll receive another notification that the order will be out shortly simply hit the back button and you’ll notice. The admin screen for the order processing has been received. It will be an inside pickup once the order has been picked up. The admin will simply expedite the process as delivered, and your screen will go back to the menu as being processed next let’s log in as a loyalty customer, and now we acknowledge the customer by name they can continue. We place it on order, let’s order. Our breakfast sandwich again this time order two add to cart, go to checkout now as a loyalty member. If i purchase two items, i receive the two dollar discount continue. It knows who the customer is we’ll, do a pickup, curbside now gratuity and pay it delivery place. Your order receive confirmation with order number. Once again, your order, number will be displayed. Kitchen will receive notification for two breakfast sandwiches. You simply start the process and once the order is complete, they’ll send you the ready notification. You now received the ready notification, simply select the green bar this time. We’Ll do a parking slot number number, five you’re driving an suv blue and i’m here again you’ll receive notification that the order will be out shortly. Your order processing is ready to expedite once you receive your food item. The clerk simply will expedite and deliver the order. This time let’s place another order with online payment.

You can order. A different item add to cart. Second item at the cart: go to checkout review. Your order continue pick up pick up inside choose a time or you can choose a later time with date and specific times for now. Let’S do pick up now, save add gratuity and pay. Now here, you’ll be prompted for a credit card number simply enter your credit card number expiration date, cvv number we’re logged in as a loyalty member. So we already have your name information. We can save it or change it and simply order now, this time your order will be processed online and payment received, and we can continue replacing the order. Add any additional gratuity and place your order. Once again, your order has been received. The kitchen has the items on display: they will select that order start the process once the process is completed, they select the ready and you receive notification that the order is ready for pickup. You now have the alert that your order is ready for pickup, simply select the ready key, make your option pick up inside and let them know that you’re here they receive the order. Confirmation and your order will be out. The back kitchen has received your order and ready for completion to expedite with a pickup inside the food order. Transactions can be integrated with several preos platforms, such as radiant, commander and passport. This concludes our video presentation of the mydex food order ahead.