Gino wants to be a doctor alice. You want to be an english teacher right. Yes, i remember all the future jobs that you talked about last time. Okay, so today to review our previous lesson. We’Ll have a game which is called guess who i am wow, okay, so i’m going to read the short description of the person and if you have any job that pops up in your mind, please raise your hand to answer. Okay, all right, so everyone is understood. Alright, so here comes the first question: i train young people to get good results in sports. Okay, amino correct, it’s sports trainer, very good wow. I think you guys raise your hand so fast. I think we can go for a high level all right this time, i’m. Going to read a little bit faster, okay, all right here comes another question. I treat disease and injuries of animals. Did you hear that? Did you hear that? Oh was it too fast? Okay, repeat, once again, all right here we go again. I treat diseases and injuries of animals. Okay, they’re minji, correct it’s, a veterinarian very good, very good job. Okay. Yes, you can also say bat insurance, all right. So so far we have reviewed the various occupations. Okay, was it hard? Was it were you guys able to understand the job descriptions? While i was reading them, they were quite short right. Yes, i think we can have another activity for this activity.

We should be divided into six groups, so please arrange your desk and your chair to form your own group. Okay, all right, so i think you guys you guys seem ready to have the activity. So let me let me explain about the activity all right. This activity is like dictation, listen and write sentences, but it’s little bit different i’m going to read long sentences twice at first, you just listen to it. You cannot write anything for the second. You can write some keywords while listening after that share your answers with your group mates and please create the best answer for your group it’s very important, because we are going to compare each other okay. So are you guys ready? Are you guys ready? Can i read it all right, listen carefully! Okay, huh! I made a mistake yesterday, but yesterday’s me is still me today, i’m, who i am with all of my faults and my mistakes tomorrow. I might be a tiny bit wiser and that would be me too. Did you remember that? Can you remember that? Did you hear it? Okay repeat once again, for the last this time you can write them down some keywords or even full sentences. If you can alright here i go. I made a mistake yesterday, but yesterday’s me is still me today, i’m, who i am with all of my falls and my mistake tomorrow. I might be a tiny bit wiser and that’ll. Be me too all right.

Are you guys done? Are you guys? I need more time. Okay, i’ll, give you five minutes to complete your own sentence. Don’T share! Yet, okay, all right off! You go time’s up all right. Are you guys done? Okay? Are you? Okay? Are you okay? Minji? Are you okay alice? How about you are? Okay? Okay, this time, please share your notes with your roommates and create the best answer. The best sentences for your group i’ll give you another five minutes to create the whole sentence. Okay, all right! Okay, you go! Okay, oh alex! You need the help. Oh okay! Okay, you can ask your roommates about. Oh, you can share your opinion about the sentence. Okay, how about you? Are you okay, so everything is okay, all right, all right, time’s up so let’s check the answer. I made a mistake yesterday, but yesterday’s me is still me today. I am who i am with all of my faults and my mistakes tomorrow. I might be a tiny bit wiser and that’d. Be me too. Okay, the answers are actually from the u.n speech of bts. Was it hard? Was it hard? How was it it was okay, oh yeah. It was hard very hard right. So can can any group tell us which part was hard and why okay, mike from group three? Oh thank you for the talk yes correct. When we listen to long sentences or many sentences, we have to pay more attention because of linking sound, linking sound happens more commonly in english, so we have to be aware of them right all right.

So today we have reviewed many occupations and also we listen to u.s speech of bts okay for the next class, we’ll, listen to a story and have some time to talk about the story. Are you guys worried? Don’T worry i’ll help you oh i’m. Here to help you all okay, so thank you so much for your participation and hard work today, very good, very good.