The latest version of the windows tablet slash convertible laptop clip on carry it around device now weve liked the surface line. For many years, especially because its got a lot of really cool engineering to it, the kickstand remains fantastic for a windows tablet. The clip on keyboard is best in class, but over the past three or four or five generations. The surface itself has not really changed. All that much maybe it started to feel dated in some ways thats why i was interested to see that the latest version of the surface pro 8 takes some of its dna from previous surface pro devices and take some of it from the surface pro x, which Was the more experimental high end qualcomm powered lte, always on version of the surface which introduced, among other things, the concept of the slim surface pen? Now, if youre familiar with the surface pro x, youre going to find that that slim pen is now the official stylus for the surface pro 8., its also the official stylus for the surface duo 2. The two screen smartphone its the official stylus for the surface laptop studio, its basically the official surface pen, now uh the slim 2.. A big advantage of the new stylus over the previous versions is that on that clip on keyboard, theres a nice little dock built in for it. It fits right in there you can close up the keyboard. It doesnt stick out its not going to fall out.

It even charges the stylus, while its in the little dock. Another big difference between the surface pro 8 and the previous version is the screen has gone up from a 12.3 inch screen to a 13 inch screen makes it feel much more like a mainstream laptop lets say like something like a macbook air. That also has the 13 inch screen inside weve moved up to 11th gen intel core. I series processors, thats pretty par for the course. These days, i dont think its going to make a huge amount of difference, especially because this system doesnt have any built in extra graphics. Hardware, like lets, say the surface laptop studio has so youre not really going to push it that hard with email and web surfing and social media. Even some photoshop is fine on it. Like previous services, it works great on a table that kickstand is really still best in class. You can bend it to any angle. You want, and its going to stay put frankly, the only place it doesnt really work is on your lap, its a very awkward lap laptop because its not sitting flush on your lap, but on tables on desks its actually really great. Now this is where were going to get to the part that weve heard a million times before and were going to hear it again. The best part about the surface is frankly that clip on keyboard its the best designed one ive tried it snaps on very securely.

The keys are really good. Its got a glass touch pad its backlit, fantastic heres. The problem microsoft has never seen fit to include the keyboard cover in the box with the surface, even though the surface is much much much less usable without it, otherwise its just a windows tablet by itself and those have never been all that useful on their own. No matter how much your surface pro is, whether its the eleven hundred dollar lowest end base version or its a two thousand dollar plus version doesnt matter. You got to buy the keyboard separately and you have to buy the stylus separately. The surface keyboard cover and slim pen 2 combo that you can get now is 279 thats more than a 25 premium over the base. Price of the surface itself really adds a lot to your total cost of ownership and, of course, anytime, you see a surface whether its in an ad a product placement in a movie, which you see a lot of uh, its always being used with the keyboard. Its really an integral part of the system – and i know i sound like a broken record, but they should throw it in the box, especially because, if you have lets say a surface pro 7 or an earlier version that keyboards not going to work with the new One because they changed where the little connectors are, the surface line has always worked and the surface pro in particular, because i think it takes advantage of microsoft, designing both the hardware and the operating system, so they can really get them finally tuned to each other.

Thats kind of like what apple does with macbooks, where they make the hardware and they make the operating system. Now they even make the chips too, and microsoft actually did that by co. Designing the chip in the surface pro x here were just dealing with regular intel chips, but again you feel that microsoft fit and finish where they really want this to be the flagship device for windows 11 and i feel like it certainly could be. If you have a relatively recent surface, like the pro 7 or the surface pro x, its not really enough here to justify upgrading if you have an older model or you want to get into your first surface. This is certainly a good entry point and again about 1100, its not that expensive. Although for that entry price, you really only get a 128 gig, uh storage drive and eight gigs of ram should be a little more and you got ta buy that keyboard and stylus separately. Ive used surface pros for years as part of my regular lineup of laptops and tablets, i take, along with me work at a coffee shop. Work on the road work at different places around my house and ive certainly found it to be the preeminent windows tablet, not that thats, a huge category want to know more about the surface. Pro 8 ive got a link to my full review and all kinds of other stuff in the description below one thing i really like to see in future versions of the surface pro is adding 5g right now you can get 4g in some surface pro models, but Only the professional commercial industrial versions, not the consumer versions, but they do have 5g in the new surface duo 2.

So i feel like that would be a good addition to this product as well.