My name is frank and i’m glad you’re here this channel is all about how we can use technology to become better lifelong learners, better students, better teachers and, i hope, that’s interesting, for you make sure to subscribe. So you don’t miss out on all of the fun in the future. All the cool kids subscribe like and share things from this channel, and you do want to be a cool kid right. So do you do the same like subscribe and share anyways today we’re going to take a look at one of the favorite topics. I seem to cover here the microsoft whiteboard in microsoft teams it seems, like my most popular videos, are those where i demonstrate how to use electronic whiteboard tools, especially the microsoft whiteboard. Everything on this particular video will apply to the microsoft whiteboard, but it’ll also apply to all of the other different whiteboards out there. So microsoft, whiteboard videos here’s another one in this video, though i won’t be talking about the software portion of it, i’ll, be helping you to decide what might be the best hardware choice for you. As with most choices. The hardware you already have is probably a great place to start and for many of you, you might already have what you need. You just need to know how to use it with the microsoft whiteboard or maybe you want to go out and buy something new, because that’s always fun too so stick around and i’ll show you three different ways to use the microsoft whiteboard with specific hardware.

Now the first question i have to ask you is: can you draw with a mouse now personally, i struggle to draw period, but i definitely cannot draw with a mouse and if i try to write something like text on an electronic whiteboard using the mouse. Well, students will fail. I will actually cause more harm than good if i try to write on the electronic whiteboard with a mouse, so full disclosure i’m not perfect, even with a pen, but a pen beats a mouse a hundred times. So when i draw with a pen, i guess i have to specify what type of pen i’m referring to in this video we’ll talk about three different pens box talk about four but we’ll talk about three specifically. First, i have a special pen that works with a wacom tablet. Second, i have a special pen that works with an ipad it’s called a pencil, okay and then third, i have a special pen that works with the microsoft surface, so i have the three different types of pens that i use the one that requires a little extra Attention when it comes to these pens is the ipad, because not all ipads will allow you to use the pencil or this pen to write on them. So if your device, if so, if the ipad’s your device of choice, make sure to check i’ll address that in a few moments, i have a fourth pen, okay, so let’s start with the device.

I personally like to use the most it’s, also the least expensive. If you’re buying new, for example, if you don’t have an ipad or a surface, that device is a wacom tablet. Okay and i’ve had mine for many many years. I think, somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 years, that’s a long time a long time to still not know how to draw but anyways this device is super easy to use. My artistic ability aside. This device is very easy to use, because all you need to do is plug it into the usb port on a mac or a pc, and it magically works, not harry potter, magic, but more of a usb auto detection, magic that’s built into the operating system. So the idea is that this surface here every position on this tablet here translates to an electronic position on the screen of your computer. So when i touch on here, the same location on my screen will all of a sudden detect that there’s a pen there. And so, if you draw on the screen, you draw on the tablet here and you would wind up drawing on the screen. It’S a great choice: now it does take a slight amount of practice to have your hand on the surface of a tablet and then your eyes, looking at the computer, but you’d be surprised you you get really adapted to it. People are very adaptable to that and very quickly you start making this.

You know i draw here. I see their kind of connection right. You start making that we adapt to that type of connection very easily. Now, if i did have one complaint about the wacom tablet, it would be that it doesn’t always calibrate 100 to the screen. Sometimes you have to sort of relocate and figure out where the pen is on the screen a little bit it’s pretty easy, though that’s uh that’s a very easy thing to adapt to so the wacom tablet, one of my favorites. Now, of course, we also have our lovely ipad solution. Okay, so if you now on this channel, i actually have a whole video on how i can use the ipad as a tablet using screen mirroring or screen sharing. So what i can do is, i can use the mirrored screen. It’S really handy if i also want to put ipad apps into a meeting. So i can do you know if i’m remote teaching and i want to use an ipad app show that in a teams meeting that’s easy to do, and i have another video on that. But if you want to use it as a whiteboard, only there’s an easier way to do that. First, you need to ensure that your ipad supports the apple pencil if it doesn’t there are some third party pens that might work with your model of ipad. The idea is to test it in advance. You might not be able to use microsoft whiteboard, you might have to use the application that’s supported by the pen, but if you are using this and you have one that supports the pen, the best and easiest way to do that is you join the team’s meeting? Twice so here i have a regular meeting.

This is myself, and this is diana prince, wonder woman. So i have a meeting here. We have all the regular things we can have chat so on and so forth. Let’S just bring over my ipad. So here i am on teams on my ipad and you’ll notice that it says there’s a meeting in progress. Do i want to join on this device? So i’ll click join on my ipad, and this is where it’ll ask me whether i want to add this device or whether i want to transfer the device, and just so you know. The mouse here is on my computer i’m, using my stylus on my computer. So i’m going to add this device and now i’m adding my ipad to the meeting. So it still shows a meeting between myself and diane. But if i go to my ipad and i choose the sharing option, i can share the screen so now. You’Ll see that i have the meeting, but i’ve actually started presenting my screen, so this is actually my ipad screen. I’Ll show you if i go out of here, you’ll see that on the screen you see my ipad screen. If i go into my whiteboard here, bring up the whiteboard and now everything i’m doing on the whiteboard everything i’m drawing on the whiteboard on the ipad. This is my ipad. Everything here is going to show up on the screen here again all the same stuff that you would expect from the whiteboard.

You can also check out my other video on how to use the ipad as a whiteboard via screen sharing, except that video was done. A long time ago and it’s not nearly as nice as this one now are we done yet no, not by a long shot. I said there were three ways and i mean it. So the third way is using the microsoft surface. Now, to be fair, it could be any touch screen laptop. I just happen to use a surface myself and in this case, there’s no need at all to to do anything. You don’t have to join the meeting a second time you can just join the meeting from your surface. You can just open up the whiteboard app share it out start using the screen using your surface pen right. You just run it from the surface itself and then share out the whiteboard. Then you use the surface pen you’re, drawing on there you’re good to go. Of course, if you lose the surface pen, it pretty much costs as much to replace this pen as it would cost to buy a brand new wacom tablet. A friend told me that never happened to me, but a friend of mine told me that it works very well, but it’s also the most expensive solution. Unless you already have a surface or some other touch string screen device. Already now did i say three ways: well, there’s more. I just can’t show them all here, because i don’t own every device under the sun.

Unless you ask my wife she’s, pretty convinced that i do specifically, i don’t have an android tablet, or at least not a new one, so i can’t show it on there, but it should work just the same as teams running on windows. It runs. Teams runs on windows, it runs on mac, ios devices, android devices, linux, it runs from the web. I expect an xbox version soon enough, which actually might be a good idea i’m going to try that so maybe next time i’ll try running teams on the xbox anyways. Thank you so much for watching i’m really glad to have you here. Thank you again subscribe like make sure that you’re you’re sharing out this with other people that can use this as well. Here are some other videos on the channel and also try these tips on your own.