We shared in january to move people from needing windows to choosing windows to loving windows, watch how the tip of the pen and the ink are right on the screen because of that thinnest stack ever look. How smooth it is. I think it’s important to some not to everybody and – and i think that the what is critical when you have a product that allows you to do both – is that you, you do both touch and stylus use it with no compromise. This is the ultimate laptop it’s. The first laptop ever built by microsoft and it redefines everything it redefines everything and what you expect in a laptop. This is now the thinnest most powerful pc ever created. It weighs only 1.6 pounds it’s that 13.5 inch screen. We talked about put it back on. Let me introduce you to the lumia 950 Applause family. You got full windows, 10. it’s coming to the phone. We have office cortana, you have skype, you have one drive, oh we’re, awake, we’re, percolating, that’s awesome! This is the microsoft display dock. Okay. This dock will enable me to connect my phone via that usb type c connection right there and utilize a large monitor, keyboard or mouse with these little nice ports, okay, to get a pc like experience, my phone is still a phone. You can see up here, i’m connected to my monitor, but look i can go back to my start menu. I can navigate things.

I could open up and start texting people. My actual phone experience is not broken while i’m utilizing the desktop experience of continuum. We are not talking about nokia anymore, we’re, not talking about a vendor that plays only in the phone business. We’Re talking about microsoft is giving consumers who use a love windows 10, a companion phone to their pc experience. So we’ve got something new to show you holograms.