Of course, as i tend to, i had recently reviewed the microsoft surface pro 7. So i wanted to see if there were any other notable surface books since ive always been a fan of surface books, but ive never been able to get my hands on one and thats. When i saw this beauty, i never thought that something like this could exist, and i wish that i had found out about it sooner as an artist as an animator and a video editor. This is like this was just a dream. Come true. So introducing the microsoft surface studio laptop is this the ultimate laptop for artists and other creatives, like students as well lets go ahead and dive right on Music and before we continue dont forget to follow me on both twitch and on instagram. I will be streaming on. Twitch fairly often so i really dont want you to miss out on that. Also, why not go ahead and pledge over to the patreon? If you would like to support us, there are going to be monthly giveaways for members as a way of giving back and then lastly, now do make sure to join the discord, because there are plenty of cool people over there and subscribe like this. Video. Of course, for the usual, if you end up liking it now on to the video Music and there, it is the surface studio laptop. There are many configurations for this machine, but the one that i have here is the intel core i5 11 300h, which is a quad core cpu running at around 3.

10 gigahertz and its also got intel iris x, graphics. So this one is running integrated, graphics, but higher end models do have an rtx 3050 ti for dedicated graphics, and this is the 16 gigabyte model by the way, with 512 gigs of ssd storage. So pretty much everything that im going to say in this video about it will be with these specs in mind and we will be getting to the performance test pretty soon, but lets go ahead and talk about the exterior design. First, this laptop is comprised of metal for the entirety of the build, and this machine does feel incredibly sturdy. As a result, it also has a very simple design to it where it really does not stand out in its normal laptop configuration at all. You might think that its just a surface book at first, so i would say that it doesnt really have a very flashy design to it, not that much of a unique design at first glance, at least. However, here are some things that are definitely unique about this device, so on the bottom, youre going to find exhaust vents on each side of the surface, and it does help with cooling, of course, at least on the i5 model, with integrated graphics. Since again, i can pretty much only speak on that model regarding performance and thermals, and things like that. Youve also got a magnetic charging connector on the right, along with a headphone jack on the left.

There are going to be two thunderbolt 4 ports which can be used for charging and on the bottom. You will find very sleek looking rubber grommets and its got a great hinge too for proper support and much more on this very soon, in fact, but i think that this series of laptops could benefit greatly from having more than just one color since ive only seen The silver available and honestly, it could just use a little bit of a personality bump. In that sense, just more color options would help aesthetically, either way this design is fine. Now this display is very special. This is a 2400 by 1600 14.4 inch ips display. That runs at up to 120 frames per second or hurts, and even 60 hertz, if you would rather have some battery life or save some battery life. I should say this display gets insanely bright by the way and is usable under all and any circumstances that i have come across indoors outdoors, low light and extreme sun. This laptop is usable literally everywhere, because of this amazing screen. I will say it now. This is my favorite laptop display and the colors are fantastic as well, but even better. This display folds around the back to turn into a tablet and keeping the keyboard and trackpad completely covered completely protected without having those issues of the two in one laptops that a lot of them had and your and even some more recent ones.

Now that bottom portion right underneath the screen by the way it does have some fabric to avoid any scratches too. You pretty much have three configurations for this display by the way, so its going to be laptop mode, essentially, which is exactly what youre seeing here, temp mode, which is what i will call it when it attaches to the space in between the keyboard and the trackpad. You know like just that middle section and finally theres going to be tablet mode where the screen lays completely flat. This is what makes this display feel so ideal for creative work and hell even in entertainment. I love this screen and windows. 11 looks really good on it as well, and i did make a video on windows 11 pretty recently by the way like just giving my thoughts on that operating system. So if you are interested in watching that, i will be making sure to leave that link down below, so you can go ahead and check that out, but there should also be a card somewhere around here for you now. The speakers also arent too shabby here. They dont get very loud likely because of their highly eccentric placement, since they appear to fire from underneath the keyboard and the base is felt the highest actually kind of around the wrist rest area have a little for my content is better than ever with a revamp Studio many new gadgets to test out and well way more id like to especially thank all of my patrons for being so loyal and supporting us, which is why every patron qualifies to participate in our monthly giveaways.

Where we give away at least one piece of attack to one winner, along with some tech summit, merch of your choice, now the keyboard and trackpad are really really good. The keyboard itself doesnt have a lot of travel on the keys, but it is a pretty quiet and very efficient keyboard to use for typing for long periods of time. It also features a very subtle backlight. That is only noticeable really when its dark in the room and it doesnt really leak off of the keys or anything like that, its just very clean. I really like this keyboard and dont have any complaints about it. Now the trackpad itself is almost identical. I want to say to apples, haptic feedback and to me its really just as convincing that its giving you a physical click whenever youre like pressing down on it, but it really just vibrates inside location wherever you end up tapping it. It is made of glass just like how it would be on just about any macbook. Its super smooth and gestures are very easy to execute on it as well its just a very good size too, like its not too large, its, not too small. I think that a lot of people will be happy with the size on that, so i also dont really have any complaints about it either. This laptop just has a very good keyboard and trackpad combo here and its pretty tough to dispute that this laptop supports windows.

Hello for authentication there arent really any kind of fingerprint scanners for it, but windows – hello is probably better anyway, not to mention that it still works really well in low light. So i do dig it, but the quality of the webcam itself is really just fine. Its nothing really exceptional, but for a laptop, its pretty good, and i cant really complain too much about it, its just a 1080p camera that goes up to 30 frames per second thats. Really, all that i have to say about it to be completely honest. So finally, we can talk about performance and drawing i actually used the built in windows, drawing app that can be triggered by pressing down on the eraser tip. By the way, i did end up having to purchase the pen separately at the surface pen for it, because the surface pen is not included in this package, which is so strange, but still it is very nice for drawing, but it doesnt support layers. So i dont really recommend it for drawing try sketchbook pro or krita for that instead. But i really just wanted to see how precise i could get with the line work. It started off with the intention of pretty much just seeing how effective it was for drawing and it ended up. Turning into an hour long session of me just drawing – and i really liked the end result of this drawing – i like to draw elves a lot – and i also had far too much fun here, because pressure sensitivity felt as close to drawing with pen and paper.

As i have ever tested on any device like this, i think that this will make for a fantastic animation device, because its just a very seamless experience, this laptop is designed for artistic work and graphic design, so i have to say that they really nailed it here. This is amazing. My ipad pro now photo editing in photoshop is handled beautifully as well, but for some reason photoshop did crash quite a bit when it worked. It worked incredibly well, but when it was time to crash it would just go ahead and crash and shut down. I think that this might be an issue with my unit in particular, but it could just be a compatibility issue with windows 11 as well, but i cant really verify that at this time. However, i would probably be more cautious when buying this machine for photoshop. For that reason, but again im almost 100 certain that this issue is really just unique to my model and not windows 11 or the hardware featured with this machine again, i dont know why it was behaving this way, but it was acting that way. So sadly, i just figured that i would mention it for your sake, but i dont think that youll end up coming across those issues. Personally, so surprisingly, video editing in davinci resolve was really smooth. I could add layers of effects and mess around in the node editor for adding special effects and other plugins to really spice up my footage.

I didnt have an issue whatsoever working in resolve 17, but i didnt overdo it in other aspects that usually do cause crashes and resolve like having too much stabilized footage and having certain transitions on there. But i was still very surprised with the performance here. To be honest on what is just the i5 model im sure that the 16 gigs of ram helped in this case whenever the projects got longer whenever they got bigger, but i think that for the most part, even the 8 gig model should be fine by the Way, the aspect ratio is ideal for this type of work. So i really recommend using this machine or a machine like it for video editing, because it really is amazing. You just feel, like you, have way more space on your display, not because of the size, but because of how its shaped – and you can also edit using your pen if you prefer so this one – i pretty much just ended up, adding for and giggles now. This final test was just for gentian impact, and i ran this game without the charger being plugged in and then with the charger inserted as well. Performance was worlds different when it came to default settings without the charger it performs horribly. It looks like its on the brink of crashing any second, and it makes me so sad to even well go through with this bothering to to open up this game.

But with the charger plugged in thats night and day, the game becomes totally playable most likely because well, my guess here is that the graphics engine and the cpu run a lot more slowly on battery life in order to preserve it and weakens it heavily in games. Like this as a result, but with the charger plugged in this laptop, is running at max performance, so hey go nuts and enjoy your games, even though i wouldnt really recommend anything to one time to anything, thats too dependent on the gpu, but regardless. I think that most games such as gentian impact, will be totally enjoyable on a machine like this at least playable. So lets go ahead and talk about the battery life on this device. I spent some time using this laptop as my daily driver. Instead of my ipad pro, so i have been using it pretty extensively. Many reports claim 14 hours, but i get more around 9 to 10 hours. I would say, if im using the web and typing a lot, but if im, drawing or editing a video as well as gaming, then id say that battery life really goes down significantly to about five hours, still its, not bad at all. So i can really appreciate that it can really handle you working on this for a good amount of time. Cant really complain so yeah. I want to conclude this video by saying that this laptop is definitely worth it, but it is a big investment that isnt for the faint of heart.

It has a fantastic display for creative work that performs really just so nicely with desktop software, and there are alternatives with dedicated graphics at the higher end. I can see a lot of people taking the surface line as a more serious contender here when it comes to creative work, because for a while, it still kind of feels like the surface has been tossed aside and honestly, i personally found that i was beyond productive With all of my work related tasks on this machine, if you are a design student, then the base model is really all that you need, but if you are animating in 2d, more more so were just doing a little more video work. I want to say than this mid tier configuration that i have here like with the 16 gigs of ram and more storage will make a significant difference for you, because youll be able to get a lot more done, not faster, but just more done at a time. But if you really wanted to take your studio with, you, then go all the way out and get the surface studio with the core i7 that isnt really much faster than the core i5 that it comes with. But it does come with an rtx card and 32 gigabytes of ram is also an option, its very expensive at around 3100. I think, but the option is there: if you need it personally, im really happy with this 1800 configuration – and i wouldnt really upgrade it personally, but the surface studio laptop is one that i can recommend to just about every creative professional within reason, since the gpu isnt, Really that powerful, even at the highest hand or for the creative students out there, and i really think that the creative students are going to benefit from this.

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