As you see on the title of the screen. We are doing um the microsoft surface, pro 10 or the x unboxing unboxing video. So this is not sponsored by microsoft, so we’re just going to get this out of there and then we’re just going to get into it. So you can see there, it is. The packaging is pretty neat. If you ask me, alrighty let’s get into it guys all right let’s get into it, so there’s the time. So let me give you a close up shot of this, so i guess this is the screen so let’s just do it so let’s see here so and i think we’re going to review a um, the keyboard and the pen uh coming up here soon. So in other videos, because this is going to be a multi part series or i’m – probably gon na edit them in two and one so so there we go there’s the screen and mom. How much do you say? It was 13 inch, it’s a 13 inch screen and here’s the back, and you can see there’s like a camera, so like what i like about this is it has like double camera like double microphone, so like let’s, like let’s, say if you’re doing like an online Class or something like zoom twitch, uh skype, zoom, whatever um. This could be the ideal thing to purchase right here. Well, it did release then last year of 2020, but um mom upgraded because um, her old hp or her old hp, just like she used it ever since 2007, until 2021, so we’re going to say rest in peace to her old computer, so um, oh yeah, let’s, Look at the kickstand, so it’s, pretty simple, see this tab right here got ta, be very careful just like that, and you can also adjust it very carefully as well.

So this will be the end of part. One of the unboxing video uh we’re gon na get some more details right now, so i’ll see you in more details, what’s up guys, caleb here back at it again with a part two of our unboxing video, so uh. If you saw the last part which was like, if you can like rewind to the first part, because i edited the two videos together because it’s like a almost like a three in one episode but anyways um, this is our advice. You see in all its glory and what is that device? It’S, the um microsoft surface pro x, and we got this from amazon, prime that’s, the keyboard and the pen. So you can see on the back, it says microsoft and there is the keyboard all the digital buttons and stuff there’s. The pen, wonder what it says: check check this out, there’s a magnetic thing, so you can see there’s these two magnetic things that work together. Oh come on, i think i rotated a little bit they just magnetic to each other and there you go so you have like a little keyboard kind of so hopefully i can get get into that soon. So it’s just like a little pin and you can see that it actually, it can also erase Music just like this, for example, but that’s, not what i want to do see. So let me give you a closer view of it.

You can see it says right there that it can actually work if you just want it to go away, just tap like that and like that. That would be pretty simple, but there’s a little hole right there. So let you charge it and if you can see that white button, um it’s, basically like that so um next uh is there oh yeah here is the uh charging case it comes with. So you might ask me caleb. Why is there two compartments, so you can see there’s two different parts and just connect it to each other, nice and simple, and this is the the case it comes like the the so it’s magnetic. You can see here and um. I don’t know what’s going on there anyway um, so just you can just leave it plugged in and if i can get it to work, i guess uh, so i just bring the hub over. This is from usps, not sponsored, and so this is the hub which basically has um usb usb type c, and all of that it’s glory hdmi yeah. You can even hook up um hdmi. Why do you think we need this hub? Probably because like if you don’t have like, like obviously it doesn’t support, uh the hb h dmi, because it doesn’t have the port on the device correct yeah. So how can we use an hdmi with this device? That’S a good question: let’s! Try it out. So you have to have these two usb ports.

You can just see that blue paste in there just hear that that means it’s connected and here’s, like the hdmi like if you want to like pre like take this to work, the like a projector tv. All of that kind of stuff, and even if you use this device for work, um, it’s very handy but that’s good later later, we’re gon na link in the description just to see what the battery life all that extra stuff is like and we’ll.