This is the one on the right, the one i’m cleaning because it’s black and it gets a lot of fingerprints. But we have to talk about this because it was a special product like i was at the microsoft event, i was watching and listening to panos panet do his thing and i couldn’t help myself but think wow. This is a two in one that’s, absolutely gorgeous like why couldn’t they bring this design to the surface pro line, and then i finally got in my hands and i picked it up and i started looking at it and i’m like there’s. One reason it’s too thin, like imagine an intel processor inside of here with no proper ventilation, it’s a recipe for a disaster like it would just get too hot. It would slow down. The fans would kick on and it would be loud, but this with an arm processor is totally possible and i want a future of laptops that look like this. That are thin like this. That don’t have fan noise as loud as some of the intel processors get when they’re under load, but we have to go through some hiccups and bumps before we get there and that’s. What arm is about right now on windows, when this was announced? A lot of software wasn’t compatible even microsoft’s own browser, wasn’t compatible, and then you take other applications that are x86 but 64 bit and it wouldn’t run on the 2019 model at all.

Now things have gotten better. In a year like microsoft’s edge, browser is now arm compiled, which means it runs fast, like just as fast as any browser on an intel based laptop, but not everything’s. Perfect, like you still can use 32 bit apps but 32 bit. Apps are nowhere nearly as fast as they are on an intel based system, and if you want to run 64 bit apps that are x86 forget about it, it’s just not possible. Now, microsoft did say: they’re gon na be releasing an emulator in the near future. That will allow you to run anything on these laptops, but the problem is even if you’re running 32 bit or 64 bit x86 apps. Two things are probably going to happen. One the performance is not going to be as good and two the battery life is going to take a hit now that’s, not the end of the world, because if you’re, someone who lives in a browser kind of like you would on a chromebook or using all Of microsoft’s apps with a few productivity apps like zoom spotify, maybe you’re doing a little discord on the side. Then this surface pro x is wonderful, like wonderful like when i open this up like look how fast that is. Boom i’m in, like that, was literally in seconds the on demand. Opening of this laptop is like nothing else. I’Ve experienced on a windows laptop it’s, also much faster than it is on the 2019 model, like you’re, not going to get a big performance upgrade by buying the 2020 version like this sq2, which is uh based on the qualcomm snapdragon 8c xxx processor, whatever it’s called, Is only about five to ten percent faster and if you were to like benchmark this against smartphone chips, it looks really slow but that’s the thing about arm.

If you have the hardware and the software to take advantage of the hardware, everything feels smooth and that’s the future of what microsoft wants more applications to be compiled for arm, and when that happens, that means you’re going to get laptops that are super quiet, you’re, going To get laptops that don’t get super hot and you’re going to get laptops that have insane battery life. Now, if you have the surface pro 19 buying the surface, pro 2020 would be a waste of money. The upgrade reason to do it is just not there like the only difference in terms of overall design. Quality is the processor that i just mentioned, and the newer signature keyboards are a bit more sturdy like typing on this feels a bit more solid than it does typing. On the 2019 model, the displays are exactly the same, like it’s still that wonderful 3×2 aspect ratio that has very color accurate panels. Good color gamut overall super solid, the webcam 1080p, a really good webcam better than the webcams you’d find on a macbook pro or macbook air. I mean you can’t upgrade it. You know, like you, can’t, swap out the ram to increase more it’s soldered on to the motherboard, but you do have access to the ssd. This one’s, you know it’s kind of fast it’s faster than a regular ssd, but it’s. Definitely not one of the fastest nvme drives that i’ve ever used and the big thing about these surface pro devices is that you can use it on a cellular plan like you can connect it using an esim or your own sim and connect it to the network.

Now, i’m, still not getting that 20 to 25 hour battery life, that these companies are promising i’m, only getting about 13 hours and 46 minutes, but that’s still impressive and i think, as time goes forward and the software gets better. Then we’re gon na see better battery life, then there’s microsoft’s digital pen, it’s, always there it’s resting inside of the magnetic display. It feels so good to write with you. Take it out tap the top once the whiteboard appears you can automatically go ahead and start jotting down, notes, tap it twice and take a screenshot. You can go ahead and share it on social media or to a friend like little. Things like that make using this device feel great, but i’m, not suggesting you buy this, like you, have to understand what you’re getting yourself into this is a windows luxury chromebook right now, like you’re living in a browser and you’re using microsoft, applications and you’re. Using a few 32 bit applications that run okay, but not as fast as the intel laptop equivalents. If you can handle all that, then you’re going to love this thing, but i think for everybody else. If you’re looking to do everything like gaming, maybe some lightroom – the list goes on then you’re still better off buying an x86 or intel based laptop, but one thing’s for sure the improvements have come a long way in a year and i can’t wait to see more Arm applications working on windows, because i want more laptops like this – i want more laptops that don’t get hot.

I want more laptops that have insane battery life and i want more laptops to be this thin.