The surface pro 8. join us in this video. As we review this beast of a tablet. Sorry laptop sorry, pc, we dont even know anymore. I will let you decide on that lets get into it already design. One of the tangible things you immediately see with microsofts newest baby is its unique design with a great modern appearance and feel the new surface. Pro 8 comes with a bigger screen than the previous models. A 13 inch screen display compared to the 12.3 inch screen size of the surface pro 7.. Its edges are rounded off for a firm grip and modified with a narrow grille that runs on the side of the device to take care of cooling the device. It also comes with a built in kickstand, which you can position on a desk for your games or movie moments. It also comes with usbc ports as replacements for the older usb ae port. These new ports also work with thunderbolt 4 for enhanced input or output and variant charging or connection options again. The surface pro 8 also comes with a detachable keyboard, whose fabric fold has been modified to free up the taskbar, unlike the previous models, which would cover them. The keyboard also doubles as on board storage, for the slim pen to the pro 8 comes with these last two items we just mentioned will not be seen in the surface pro 8 unboxing. We will talk a bit more about that later on in the video in the price section audio the surface pro 8 comes with an upgrade of 2 watt speakers against the 1.

6 watt speakers of the surface pro 7 plus. This upgrade takes care of the dim. Sound users will now realize the surface pro 7 plus at produce compared with the louder and more confident sound the surface pro 8 produces. The sound is so clear and crisp. You dont even need a headset to get that intimate effect, even though this new model makes provision for that with a headphone jack as part of its upgrades performance, when cnbc says you should think of it as a laptop first and a tablet. Second, we agree with them. How can you not when the surface pros internal machinery also features upgrades which dramatically improve its performance? Apart from the serious 11th gen intel, cpus thrown in there for ultimate performance, all models of the surface pro spanning from the i3 to the i7, have a ddr, 4x ram storage range from 8gb to 32gb. Of course, it also comes with the pre installed windows. 11 operating software, which is pretty fast and powerful for multitasking and operating robust programs such as games. You can check out this video for more information on that aspect of the surface pro surface pro 8 most powerful gaming laptop. The i3 models would also feature the uhd integrated graphics, while the i5 and i7 models are incorporated with the iris xc. The pro 8 also spoils consumers with either going for intels, most modern tiger lake cpus, namely the core i51135 g7 and the core i7 1185 g7, which resonate with premium pcs like pro 8.

As we go on kindly subscribe to our channel to stay updated on the latest reviews and join a growing community of individuals who know their devices hit that subscribe button now battery when it comes to charging the microsoft 24 watts, adapter will sort you out with an 80 charge with just a little over one hour of a plug in and with this, you can go for 16 hours before you have to charge again. Some reviews have even stipulated that the battery can last up to 18 hours. This is a significant upgrade from the 10 hour battery lifespan of the pro 7.. If this excites you let us know by hitting the like button, however, this 16 hour battery power is subject to certain factors, such as the intensity of use, screen, brightness and refresh rate set to 120 hertz. Yes, please, you can go that high in this device, while these factors have been indicated to impact battery life, it is worth noting that it is not so significant. You can comfortably use your surface proaid for a good number of hours before you have to pump back juice in it pricing. So how much is all of this going for you ask between the base end core i3 models and the higher end core i7 types. The price starts at 1099.99 and ends at 2599.99, yes, a little on the pricey side, especially when you consider that you will also need to purchase other relevant accessories, such as the keyboard and slim pen, two separately, which can cost you around two hundred eighty dollars honorable Mentions do you know the feeling when youve had the best of an experience, and you are told there is more to come.

Well here are a few other honorable mentions the surface. Pro 8 makes our mouth water with this new device also comes with a 5 mp front facing camera and a 10 mp rear camera. The front facing camera doubles as a security feature using the windows. Hello face unlock the rear. Camera is an upgrade from the surface pro 7s 7 mp rear camera. It supports 4k video recording and 1080p video quality this time around. Furthermore, the proas hard drive is a removable one for cases where you might need to modify or service it. The microsoft surface pro 8 gives apples ipad pro 2020 and other competitors, such as the samsung galaxy tab, pro s a run for their money.