This is the Surface Pro 9. Music. Oh Surface Pro 9 now starts with even more Choice than ever new colors like Sapphire and Forest. Let your personality shine through and with the 12th generation Intel processors built on the Intel Evo platform or the custom Microsoft sq3 processor, with newly added 5G connectivity Surface Pro 9 offers the adaptability you need in a device lets start with chassis screen, size and versatility Surface. Pro 9 features a durable aluminum chassis, its light scratch resistant and holds up well to daily, wear and tear. Now around back, you have the iconic surface kickstand, which is what makes so much of the surface experience possible and at just under two pounds without the keyboard and Incredibly thin for its screen size Surface. Pro 9 is perfect for work, school and travel Surface. Pro 9 features a surface connect Port which enables fast charging with the included magnetic charger, and, if youre like me and routinely forget your charger, many of the higher wattage USBC Chargers can also be used to charge. Your pro9 now lets talk about the screen Surface. Pro 9 features a nearly edge to edge 13.3 inch, pixel sense, touchscreen display with the much loved 3×2 aspect ratio. It gives you more vertical screen space than traditional laptop designs and seriously once you try it its hard to go back to 16×9. You can just see so much more with this taller screen and since this is a Surface Pro 9, it was built to support surface slim pen 2.

. Now I use it for quick note taking, while my more creative co workers have made all kinds of noteworthy sketches and drawings features like adaptive, color 10 point, multi touch and a durable Gorilla Glass mean that Surface Pro 9 a device thats nearly all screen is a Gorgeous one to look at all of these features combined to make Surface Pro 9 what it is: a powerful laptop with tablet flexibility, so its really its just a tablet. Well, it is, until I add the finishing touches, but before we get to that, if youre liking, this content so far make sure you hit that like button and subscribe for even more great content, the Surface Pro keyboard adds even more versatility, acting as a cover when, In your bag a place to store and charge the excellent slim pen, 2, a base for your kickstand and, of course, an incredible keyboard, while it is very thin Surface Pro keyboards are durable, responsive and feel great to type on, with nearly edge to edge backlit Keys. A responsive track pad with gesture support and that ever satisfying magnetic snap noise it makes when attaching Surface Pro keyboards are a must have surface accessory. Now lets go over what makes each model unique Surface Pro 9 features a 12th generation Intel processor, making it the most powerful Pro Microsoft has ever built its perfect for delivering a experience. Surface is known for including full desktop productivity applications and even local gaming Surface.

Pro 9 also features two USB type c ports with Thunderbolt 4, which means you can connect to external egpu for even more Graphics power. Surface. Pro 9 is perfect for those with heavier workloads, with options like an available i7 up to 32 gigs of RAM and up to one terabyte of storage Surface Pro 9 is built for those creatives who need power or theres power users who want the most out of Their surface now lets say youre looking for something a little more mobile Surface Pro 9 also offers 5G, which balances power, versatility and the flexibility of an always on mobile connection Surface Pro 9 with 5gs custom, Microsoft, sq3 processor is optimized for connectivity, better battery life and Unique AI features that power through networking, video and imaging tasks, while sure you can connect to Wi Fi at home or at the office Surface. Pro 9 with 5G is perfect for those who want to be truly mobile, enjoy great battery life and stay connected wherever theyre. At so which one should you get heres my take Surface Pro 9 is perfect for those who want both power and versatility to move throughout their entire day at top speed all in one device and if youre, looking for something a little more mobile and youre on The go and you need an always connected device, then Surface Pro 9 with 5G is likely the right choice for you. So there you have it.