Tablety Laptop The Microsoft Surface, Pro 8 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra For general comparison lets go over the raw stats. The Surface Pro 8 is Microsofts famous 2 in 1 laptop that can act like a tablet starting at 1100, while the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is Samsungs new flagship tablet, with many features that make it act kinda like a laptop Staring at also 1100. Both these tablets are loved by students and professionals because of many notable features, starting with form factor. The Surface. Pro 8 has a respectable 13 inch display with a fairly high resolution and a pretty good PPI or Pixels Per Inch ratio, Its also 120Hz. So this screen is certainly above average.. It looks nice and speedy, But the Tab. S8 Ultra has a staggering 14.6 inch. Super AMOLED display thats also 120Hz, So yeah on paper. The Tab S8 Ultra most certainly has better specs. I mean it definitely is bigger, But bigger doesnt always mean better More on that later. Moving on to my favorite section connectivity And neither device is really stellar in this category. The Surface Pro 8 does have more ports, but Id say its still lacking, especially for the typical pro user. The Tab S8 Ultra, on the other hand, only has 1 port, which is pretty disappointing. However, one thing to note here is the Tab. S8 Ultra does come with the S Pen in the box, so you dont have to pay extra for it.

On the other hand, the Surface Pro 8 does not so youre going to have to pay extra for the Surface Pen, But both styluses are well regarded by their users. Having many features that work well with their respective devices, The new S Pen also comes with Samsungs new Predictive Algorithm., which presumably allows for a smoother and more accurate writing experience And now for internal specs. These devices come really close. The Surface Pro 8 comes with an Intel Core i5 in this configuration And the Samsung Galaxy Tab. S8 Ultra comes with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and they perform similarly Keep in mind that the Tab, S8 Ultra runs a mobile processor, which makes it extremely impressive that its able to compete with a computer one – And here are the benchmarks to prove it. As you can see, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is just a little bit behind the Intel processor, which again is impressive, Of course, given that these are very different devices, one being more like a laptop and the other one being more like a tablet. Performance differences should be expected. Performance differences should be expected because the Surface Pro 8, a laptop, can run more programs. But despite these differences for storage, both these devices come with 128GB, which is low, especially for the Surface Pro 8, a laptop, But the Galaxy Tab. S8. Ultra does come with a microSD card slot, so you can upgrade in the future. Also you can upgrade the Surface Pros SSD, So thats always an option, but its a little less convenient And, lastly, lets discuss the operating systems.

The Surface Pro 8 runs full Windows 11. So theres no question of how much of a computer this is. It runs Windows.. On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab – S8 Ultra runs Samsungs OneUI, a mobile operating system. So, yes, there are some limitations. However, it does come with Samsung DeX, which can turn your tablet into a laptop, but app support is still not like Windows. So keep that one in mind, especially for my recommendation And now for reviewer acclaims. The Surface Pro 8 was praise for its high refresh rate operating system and fast processor, And it was criticized for its price gaming performance and connectivity. While the Tab S8 Ultra was praised for its microSD card slot, dual front cameras and screen, And it was critiqued for its connectivity, weight, size and price And now lets get on to my recommendation. So for these devices, which is better Well when it comes to designs, both look very premium and they better for that price. So, no matter which one you buy know that both devices are well designed and built. So what the decision really comes down to is personal preference and a little bit of that price Because to get the full experience out of either device youre going to need to pay more For the keyboard and stylus for the Surface Pro 8 and the charging brick For the Galaxy Tab, S8 Ultra, which definitely adds to the original price, So are you willing to spend potentially 1200 to 1500 for a hybrid device And speaking of hybridness? What do you want? First, A laptop or a tablet Because both machines can act as either or but each shines in its own domain.

Specifically the Surface Pro 8 is a better laptop than a tablet. Windows 11 is great for a typical computer experience, but I dont think its perfect for a tablet just yet. At the same time, Samsungs OneUI is a great mobile operating system for the Galaxy Tab. S8 Ultra, but DeX is not going to replace your typical laptop. So Id recommend that, if youre in the market for a laptop first and a tablet, second get the Microsoft Surface Pro 8. But if you want a tablet first and a laptop second get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, But make sure you understand the sizes of these devices, Specifically the Galaxy Tab. S8 Ultra is big. So try to see if you can check them out at your local Best Buy before making your purchase. But ultimately, all of this is your decision based on your preferences. Dont just watch my video on this. Ive linked many more down in the description to view at your discretion. My name is Cyrus.. Its spelled like Cyrus, pronounced, like See Rooster just take out the ter.