These are incredibly similar machines. In fact, the x12 detachable is essentially lenovos. Answer to the surface pro line and up until the eighth generation, this brand new, offering from microsoft, i would have told you the x12 had many advantages, such as thunderbolt uh. But of course things have changed with this brand new eighth generation surface pro. But before we get into pricing, specifications lets take a look and listen to the display and speakers on each of these ultra portables Music audio is at 100 percent, as is brightness Music. Now lets take a listen to the speakers, ill start with the lenovo and now the surface pro 8. Music. Okay. So if its not already clear the audio on the surface, pro 8 is far superior to that of the x12 detachable are either of these machines. Going to blow you away with their sound quality, no, but the service pro 8 does easily outclass. The x12 now lets talk about the display quality. Weve got a 13 inch ips panel here. A 12 point, 3 inch ips panel on the right more resolution here, 2880 by 1920 versus essentially a full hd plus, i believe, its 1920 by 1280 on the right. You may have noticed letterboxing on both they share the same aspect ratio. They are not 16×9 displays, which means, when you watch uh video content, essentially all content, consumption youre going to look at letterboxing in terms of the actual quality of the displays again, theyre, both really good.

But the nod goes to the surface pro 8, not just because of its size and resolution, but it also has a 120 hertz refresh rate that you will not find here, which you may or may not need, but better to have it and not need it than Need it and not have it so moving away from the display and audio performance lets talk about processors lets talk about pricing. The surface pro 8 starts at 1100. Us dollars thats the highest starting price point ever for a surface pro in the history of the product line, and it tops out over 2 000 us dollars the x12 detachable far more affordable. But when you look at what youre getting it may not be anymore, because now the pro 8 is essentially in the same ballpark in terms of specifications. So i believe this starts at around 1200. Us dollars tops out around 1500, but whats available because of supply. Uh chain constraints is a whole other topic, and i imagine, with the launch of the surface pro 8, were going to see the x12 go down in price significantly. In fact, i wouldnt be shocked if we see a refresh of this soon in order to answer the surface pro 8s new footprint, so by the way, weight very similar on these, and generally speaking as ive already mentioned, the x12 will be less expensive as it should Be uh core i5 11th gen intel processor inside the x12.

Here its really up to you, you want to go core i5. You want to go core i7. Those are the ones i recommend eight gigs of ram or 16. Both of these have 16 gigs of ram. Of course the ram is soldered and in terms of hard drive options, you will pay a lot more for ssd storage here than you will here, but lets just be real about this. The surface pro 8 is the better machine. You know this is not a similar comparison, uh to the one that i did with uh, hps spectre, x360, 13t and thats, because the 13t is a more dynamic product than most of these sort of two in ones with detachable keyboards. But when it comes to a a clone of the original, which is the x 12 detachable, the clone and the fact that the x 12 had advantages up until the launch of this product, those advantages have now been, as ive said in the past. Pretty much put to bed so the x12 had a clear advantage having thunderbolt connectivity. We now have that and in fact there are two thunderbolt 4 ports on the surface pro 8, as opposed to the single port on the x12. I also think the build quality and design language on the surface pro 8 is superior in many ways, unless you absolutely must have a thinkpad and some people will prefer the thinkpad keyboard over the signature keyboard for the surface pro 8.

when it comes to pen input, Both are good but again no question the pen. The slim pen, 2, included with the signature keyboard, is better on the surface pro 8 than the pen that comes with, even though its a value oriented build the x12 detachable and thats not to say that the pen with the x12 detachable is bad, its not its. A wacom based experience, so its good its just not as good as the experience youre going to get out of the slim pen too. Microsoft has also incorporated haptic feedback, its very limited in terms of usability, but something i would be remiss if i did not mention so again. The pen, the inking experience, is definitely better with the surface product than the lenovo uh, i wouldnt say theyre worlds apart, but you know you have to acknowledge where one is better than the other and microsoft. Does it better uh than lenovo, at least at this? You know the time of this review well see what lenovo has up their sleeve for next gen, but i wouldnt hold my breath. It is nice that theres a place to pocket the pen. Of course, with the surface you have that compartment, which is great something introduced with the service pro x back in 2019 and its good that its now. Finally, a part of the general picture for this device as well now lets talk about uh software windows 11. Here, windows, 10 – here, of course this will be upgraded to windows 11, but you know theres something to be said for this being the launch device for windows.

11. windows. 11 is definitely much more touch friendly and you will end up having it here, especially when lenovo refreshes this, which, again, i dont think, is too far away, both keyboards, of course, detach. You have a kickstand on both lenovo emulating that which has been made by microsoft. I think the keyboard for a lot of business users is actually better on the thinkpad, the x12 just emulates it. You know you have the same setup, fingerprint scanner. I think a lot of people are going to enjoy that. Microsoft, though, has done an excellent job with their type cover over the years and its just gotten better generation after generation. I personally think that the trackpad, the touchpad on the signature keyboard is better so again when it comes to pen input as well as pointer mouse. I think microsoft. Does it better. Now, in terms of the cpu i mentioned, weve got an i5 here, you cant spec. It out with an i7, like you, can with the service pro 8, but both have iris xe graphics. But while that may mean to you that video editing photo editing, all those things are going to be the same, because theyre using intel same generation of integrated graphics, surface pro 8 has the edge whether you go i5 or i7, so be aware of that. Its going to outperform the x12 detachable, regardless of the fact that, even if you go with the i5 – and this has an i5 – you will get more performance out of the surface pro 8.

thermals are simply better. In addition to that, something you need to be aware of is battery life. Unfortunately, this is one of the areas where the surface pro 8 still doesnt beat lenovo. So lenovo nod to you for this, but that is largely due to the fact that the ips panel on the right is lower res and smaller than the ips panel on the left, so about eight to nine hours here, closer to 10, maybe even more with the X12 detachable. So if longevity is what youre after and youre not worried about the small performance difference that you will get out of the surface pro 8, then you know this is the way to go with battery life. But i will say when it comes to build quality, this doesnt feel bad. It does feel like its well made. I do like it, but it is really tough to beat the brand new or, i should say, redesign the modern look of the surface pro 8.. I mean its its difficult now in terms of o quick run around the body here: volume rocker, kensington, lock right there, the kickstand. We have speakers flagging each side of the front. We do have a privacy shutter for the webcam. I wish that microsoft would have incorporated something like that. They simply did not, and then we have a thunderbolt port and a type c port for charging and then optionally. If you choose to get cellular radio, you can do that and thats pretty much it the magnetic ports on the port on the bottom, for connecting and, of course, branding and the thinkpad glowing red dot for the eye to let you know that its in a sleeping State charging state etc.

When it comes to cameras thats, where again lenovo is outdone, we have an 8 megapixel camera on the rear, which is not bad and the front facing camera isnt bad either. But one of the big improvements that microsoft made this generation was their full hd 1080p video conferencing camera on the front. It really is in another league compared to just about everyones webcam from any type type of ultrabook laptop it doesnt matter. Microsoft is going to have the w when it comes to webcam quality, but this is a really nice machine. I think it just had a clear edge over the previous generation surface pro the 7th gen, of course, uh between having better battery life as well as thunderbolt. Those things now become an issue of days past and the kickstand works, just like the one on the surface pro, really not that much of a difference you can make this thing almost completely flat. Its really up to you and the pogo connectivity is perfectly fine, nothing wrong with that. Either it doesnt get very hot but, as i mentioned youre not going to get the same performance out of the integrated graphics with this not worlds apart. But the edge does go to the surface pro, taking a look at the pro separating it, which it does have a little bit more of a solid connection, and this is actually a little bit heavier believe it or not. But thats not surprising. It is a 13 inch panel.

Now microsofts connect charger right there, two thunderbolt 4 ports, so that does mean you can charge this and still have two active thunderbolt 4 connections, which is great. In my opinion, smart move by microsoft. Your power button, nothing along the top volume rocker on the left and your microphone headphone jack right there, and that is it nothing else on this. If you want to upgrade the ssd you can, i dont think thats a great selling point, but microsoft likes to point. It out – and i understand why previous generations could not be upgraded so now that they can, it is worth talking about build quality. Here is really excellent: thats really the pitch with the entire surface lineup you are buying it for the identity, the design and sometimes the way it attaches. Although right now it was giving me an issue but its a really nice machine. I dont think you can go wrong with either of these, but theres no question. The nod goes to the surface pro. In my opinion. At this point, prior to the eighth gen product coming out, i would have told you the x12 had an edge clearly because it did in just about every department, but now with the revamped design, larger display, 120 hertz refresh rate. Yes, it cant still achieve the battery life of the x12 detachable, but its got a better display, better webcams, better overall build quality, but you certainly are going to pay for it and thats.

What i think is really the most important point in closing here and, of course the inking is better too, which, if thats something thats principle to picking this up, then thats something youre going to care about the x12. You know really delivers the thinkpad experience in a detachable, which is why its called the x12 detachable, and it is good its just not as good as the surface pro 8. and in some ways its a little bit unfair, because you know lenovos got to have their Shot now to come back, but remember, microsoft is the the founding father here of a tablet that can also replace your pc, or at least your ultrabook and lenovo. Of course, with the x12 gave you another option and options are always good to have were going to need to see another one out of it. Another thing you should be aware of the pen. The slim pen, 2, does charge in that dock. This, on the other hand, is going to require a battery, so just something to be aware of youre not going to need a battery with that. You will need a quadruple a with the x12 detachable and i think, thats something that you know. General users are going to be curious about, and that is something i wanted to make a point of adding so again better battery life here, but overall, just about every element of the surface pro 8 experience will be better again, not worlds apart, but if they were The same price, you obviously should be picking up the surface pro 8, no question about it unless you desire a smaller display and better battery life.

Theres no reason at this point right now here in october of 2021, to pick the x12 over the pro 8 and, most importantly, the pro 8 is available. The x12 is still tight in terms of supply, but that pretty much rounds things out both are good machines. The pro 8 is the better and it should be had microsoft not made the changes they did this year. I probably would have been doing a video about how the x12 is still superior, in spite of not getting any of the advertising or notoriety that the pro line does any questions or comments.