com today was an unboxing video of the new microsoft surface. Pro 8, including its accessories lets, get started all right. Lets start the unboxing of the microsoft surface, pro 8., its available in many countries. I got it in germany here it starts at 1179 euros and in the united states it starts at 1099 us dollars. You can pay up to 2599, so really expensive or in the eurozone up to 2679 euros. So quite a pricey tablet, but the surface pro series is a pro premium device as we are used to so no big surprises there inside the box. We get the tablet first, of course, and we already can see the new design thats inspired by the surface pro x or is basically the same. Then we get the standard paper work stuff, nothing special and then we still get the old surface connect charger, which is nice, its a magnetic charger, um im guessing you can charge it using usbc as well, and yes, the surface connect port is so that it is Compatible with all the previous accessories, which is always a nice touch from microsoft that usually its compatible with really generations ago accessories that are quite old, i also got the new signature keyboard with the slim pen, too. Youve got to buy that separately. You might find a bundle or something sometimes, but usually you have to buy it separately. And here we get the new slim pen 2, which is a new pen that microsoft introduced with the surface pro 8.

And then there is the keyboard cover as well, which is a bit larger, i believe, than with the previous generation. All right. A couple of days have passed already since i shot the first part of this video, and i played a bit with the surface pro 8. Already lets take a look at the brand new design, first, its not completely brand new, but its really brand new for an intel surface pro. This now looks very similar to the surface pro x, which had an arm processor, a new design with an arm processor, which is quite limited, but now we get the new design with an intel processor. The surface pro 7 did look a bit old with huge black bezels. Now the screen bezels are much slimmer, especially on the sides. We still have a screen bezel here at the bottom, but thats also for the keyboard, because thats where a magnetic bar is and then when youre using the keyboard, you dont even see this black bezel. We also have a black bezel on the top and thats, where the five megapixel webcam is hidden, but also the infrared sensor for windows, hello for the facial recognition, which works just as it did for many years now. It works really well surprises. The face recognizes the face really well and it just works um great, so um, nothing new here with even windows, hello, facial recognition, but it works great. We get a 13 inch screen now um, so the basic design, like the basic size of the tablet, did not change much compared to the surface pro 7, but the screen got bigger and the bezels got smaller.

On the back. We get a 10 megapixel camera here and then we get a full metal body im, not sure if microsoft is still using magnesium and magnesium alloy, maybe its aluminium now, but it certainly is metal and it does feel really really high end like you have the feeling Of holding something very expensive and well, it is very expensive. A typical signature of microsoft. Is this kickstand, of course, and you can fold it out smoothly and many angles actually can be quite um yeah. You can open it quite wide so that that its almost flat on the table and thats perfect when youre drawing with the slim pen tool, so thats, really nice and the hinge here is very stable. Yeah, like were used to with microsofts pro tablets, something that i noticed very fast is that theres, no micro sd card slot anymore. You know, with the surface pro 7 series, usually theres, a micro sd card slot. I think it was always here now its gone, but its not too much of a bummer because theres another slot here and you can use a sim eject tool. Put it inside this hole here and then very quickly and easily. You have access to the ssd and you can change it yourself very easily. You dont need many tools. You dont need to open it in a complicated way or something its really easy. Weve seen this with the service pro x already and now, the pro 8 has a tool, so very nice, no micro, sd card slot anymore, but you have fast and easy access to the ssd.

I think thats, a great exchange that microsoft did here. The tablet did get very slim. We have here the surface, connect port, then two usb c 4.0 and thunderbolt ports, then heres the power button and theres a little bit plastic here for the wi fi antennas. Then weve got the volume rocker here, a standard, headphone jack. That might be the only premium tablet right now with a headphone jack, so thats still nice and then not much else. One thing i noticed, though, is that we as usual, get fans here like fan slots or how you call them like yeah fan slots. I guess – and they are very, very well hidden as with the previous generation, but unlike the core i5 version of the surface pro 7, this one actually does have active fans and i guess microsoft needed to use active fans because the design got so much slimmer and The integra 5 inside this one and especially ziko i7 and the higher end version does produce quite a lot of heat, its very powerful, and i guess the body is just too slim. You know its a metal body with a lot of power. The heat needs to go somewhere, but i did notice that under heavy load you certainly will hear those fans, and i noticed that the tablet still gets a bit warm especially. I think it was right here where i noticed, but it can get quite warm um, but weve seen that on the ipad pro as well.

So you know thats just a thing with very powerful tablets. The heat has to go somewhere and here you can feel the heat, but you also hear those fans. One thing that surprised me about other speakers which are here they are maybe visible in the video i hope theyre a bit visible and the sound quality of those speakers is surprisingly good, especially for a windows tablet. Usually windows tablets dont have that great of a sound and the sound is not as amazing as on an ipad pro, but an ipad pro has four bigger speakers, and here we get two quite small slim speaker grilles, but the sound quality is surprisingly good for what It looks like like im comfortable, watching youtube with it, and i dont need, like i dont im, not thinking of attaching external speakers or something the sound quality certainly is quite good for windows. Device lets. Take a look at the new 13 inch screen. The previous generation had a 12.4 inch display and now were getting 13 inches. It still has an aspect ratio of 3 by 2, which i think is perfect for an office tablet, and the resolution is 2880 by 1920 pixels, and that means the pixel density is quite high. Techs and icons do look very sharp, and this is a really really nice screen in general, like viewing angles, are very wide. Its quite bright like you should be able to work with it outside in a cafe or so even im doing sunlight.

It should be fine. I will try that once the sun shines again in germany and yeah its just a nice screen, colors look great contrast is great. I was watching youtube with it already and it does look nice like i can comfortably and like enjoy watching a movie with this screen, and the speakers are fine for that as well. One new aspect of the screen is that it supports 120 hertz now, just like the premium devices from samsung and apple, which is really nice. However, out of the box, at least on my version, this 120 hertz were not turned on. For that. You go to the settings to turn them on and then you go to. You know the screen settings and then to like advanced settings and you, then you can switch between 120 hertz and 60 hertz. Now um notice, like remember that if you switch to 120 hertz, it does use a more like it uses more energy. So your battery life will go down a bit once you switch to 120 hertz. So if you want to have as much battery runtime as possible, stick to 60 hertz, but the 120 hertz are very nice, especially for animations. They look much smoother than on a 60hz screen and for the pen, its a big advantage as well, because everything just looks smoother and faster on a 120hz screen, so really nice that we get that on a premium windows device now. Well, then, lets get to the new surface slim pen 2.

. It looks like the first slim pen that microsoft introduced with the surface pro x and you can use that one as well. You can even use the um previous surface. Pens like this is the surface pen that microsoft introduced, i believe with the surface pro 5., so i got it many many years ago and it works great on the surface pro 8, like no problems using it. So if youve got old surface pens lying around just use them, they will work fine, but you can also use the new slim pen tool. It does not feel as high end as the previous surface pen, which had a metal body, and it feels like a premium pen. This now is plastic more similar to the s pen, so it does not feel crazy, high end or so its plastic, but it works like weve got a pressure, sensitive tip as usual. Then weve got one button on the side and another button here. If you press it one time out of the box, it starts microsoft. Whiteboard. If you press it two times it takes a screenshot and then you can, you know annotate it and edit the screenshot as usual, but you can configure it in the settings as you want. A new highlight of the slim pen 2 is that theres actually like a vibration motor built in so it vibrates a little bit, not crazy much, but just a little bit when you draw, especially when you draw thicker, it makes it feel a little bit more.

Like writing on paper, i would describe the feeling, as writing, like you know, with one of those highlighters, those yellow highlighters. If you go over paper with those yellow highlighters, it feels quite similar. So it does feel a little bit more like paper thats for sure it does not give you like new great functionality or something, but it does feel a little bit more like writing on paper, because you feel like kind of a little bit of resistance. So quite a nice touch that microsoft implemented otherwise um the pen works great and since weve got a 120 hertz screen here now, it looks like everything like reacts. Instant, like the ink is coming out of the pen instant, just like with the real pen on real paper, so the experience did improve um quite a lot compared to the previous generations like really a lot. It looks much smoother and yeah just works great. Like i love that microsoft is using a 120hz screen now that really does improve the pen experience and i did write in microsoft, onenote already thats my favorite note taking app at the moment and it works great. You know you can use it like. The tablet here seems to be made for microsoft, onenote and the pen as well. Of course, this is all microsoft products, so, of course, its made for that and yeah its a great note taking device. If youre looking for, like a large note taking device, the slim pen is a nice pen but, as i said, you can use the previous pens as well.

Alrighty lets get to the internal hardware inside this surface pro 8, its an intel core, i5 1135 g7 processor. But you can also get it with a core i7, 1185, g7 chipset. So new and quite fast processors, you can choose between 8 16 or 32 gigabytes of ram. I got the eight gigabyte version and the internal ssd can be 128 gigabyte up to one terabyte in size and youve seen it. I have the 128 gigabyte ssd, but in this case its not that much of a problem because you know youve seen it, you can change the ssd yourself. If you like, both surface pro 8s, have an intel, iris, x, graphics, chip and you can see in the geekbench five comparison here – that the graphics performance, especially the graphics performance, did improve quite a bit compared to the surface pro 7.. But, to be honest, if you own the surface pro 7, it probably makes not that much sense to upgrade to the surface pro 8.. You will notice a bigger difference if youre, upgrading from the surface pro 5 or surface pro 6 or, if youre, completely new, to the surface pro series. Of course, you can also see that the apple ipad pro with the m1 processor is much more powerful, especially the graphics performance. Again, i didnt try photoshop yet or any other like demanding, graphics, apps or like fortnite um, but all of those should run. You will even be able to play fortnite with this, maybe not with highest settings, but it should be possible to play fortnite like with decent settings and in a decent quality.

I will try that, for my final review lets check out the new signature keyboard um. It is a little bit different compared to the previous type covers, and it looks very similar to the keyboard of the surface pro x and im guessing those are interchangeable anyway, like this one for sure will work with the surface pro x as well um. It does seem to be to me a bit more like sturdy, like the keyboard, seems to be a bit more sturdy than the previous generations, and i love typing on it, like its very comfortable to type on. This might even be like the best keyboard cover for a tablet right now, like its really comfortable to type with it almost like on a proper laptop. The touchpad below is quite large as well and yeah. It just works great, its connected magnetically, of course, using this connector, and you know just as we used to it snaps quite nicely, and the magnets are quite strong, like you can hold it on the cover and the surface. Pro 8 should not drop, but you know maybe put your hand underneath in case it drops its quite pricey, as you know, um, but yeah. It works quite well like the connection here is really good. Then weve got the magnetic bar here as were used to from the previous generations and thats why the black screen button on the bottom disappears. If you connect it like this, and it makes it a bit more comfortable to work on and, of course, if you close it, the screen is protected, but, as usual the back is yeah its not protected, but you need it for the kickstand of course, to fold It out and then we open it up, windows, hello, will start, and then you can start to work and it works like really well, like i love working with the surface pro series.

Now you can put the pen, the slim pen tool fits inside here and then its secured magnetically as well and its charged while sitting in here, so the slim pan 2 does not have its own battery anymore. Unlike the previous surface pens and its hidden like this, and you cannot lose it. However, i noticed that if youre using the previous surface pens, you can still place it here on the side magnetically, so yeah, thats, nice, but yeah the keyboard. You know, as were used to from the surface pro series, is a really nice accessory a couple of words about the software. The surface pro 8 is running windows, 11, of course, but you know you will be able to install windows 11. On the previous surface, pro tablets, as well and on your other windows devices like its quite compatible with many old devices, so i dont have much to say about windows. 11. You know its standard windows 11 on here. Everything works great with the touchscreen, but also with the touchpad um. You know like the start menu is in the middle. Now you can change the position. If you want to everything, looks a bit different, a bit more modern that goes um even for like the file management, app, the windows explorer and then microsoft store, looks a bit different and when android apps dont seem to work yet i couldnt find it in the Microsoft store, i guess microsoft still needs to turn that feature on, but in the future, android apps should work using the amazon, app store on the surface pro surface pro 8 and surface pro 7 as well on all windows devices, which will be really interesting once that Feature is turned on okay, yeah, not much to say about windows.

11. You know its, then that windows 11 nothing special for the surface pro 8. Here all right, thats been my unboxing video of the microsoft surface pro 8.. My first impressions are really good. Like i love the new design, its not crazy new, because weve seen it with the surface pro x, but i like that we get the new design on an intel chipset. Now it really feels really really high end like a super premium tablet. I love that you can change the ssd yourself. The kickstand is great as usual, the keyboard is fantastic as usual, and the sim and the pen works really nice as well. So overall, this seems to be a really really nice premium windows, tablet, pricey of course, but really nice. As far as i can see in a couple of days, i will start my proper review now and then you will hear more about this tablet. In a couple of weeks, all right thats been my unboxing of the microsoft surface. Pro 8. If you have any questions, write them down below im, andrea from mynextdoubler.