, so microsoft introduced the new uh, the new surface, pro 8 uh recently and uh its more than just an update to the surface pro 7, which i actually have behind me. This is a a sort of a redesign based on microsofts surface pro x. I havent even opened this box. Okay thats a box its about a a two pound laptop convertible. I should say sort of tablet laptop because it doesnt ship with the keyboard and the uh. The pen uh so, which is by the way new, its a completely updated pen, but the pen is based on the pen. We saw with the service pro x so uh. This is the the actual device yeah surface pro 8.. Okay lets see uh. What else is in the box? Surface keyboard, microsoft, surface pro signature keyboard with a slim pen too. So take a look at this. That is the new design and you notice the pen is. The pen is seated neatly in in there in that space there, its got some haptic response in it, so im kind of kind of excited to try it out. Heres. The slim pin 2 works with the surface pro x, 7, 8 surface laptop 4 surface laptop studio, which is, of course, that brand new device they introduced along with the surface pro 8 and the surface duo 2. Also new. The other thing thats inside here is the new ocean plastic mouse its time to actually take this guy.

The microsoft surface, pro 8 out of the box uh worth noting that this comes with windows, 11 pre installed. This is a fully baked windows 11 system. So this is a uh 11th generation intel core 11th generation system because its a tablet, its got accelerometers gyroscope its got a 1080p capable camera on the front, so it already feels a little different than uh the last surface pro. So here it is heres the uh. Oh its starting up, i didnt, i swear, i didnt touch the button. I i did not expect it to be starting up right away. You can feel there are so. The edges here are theyre much more rounded than the uh the surface pro 7 and previous models. Music, its got the fully adjustable kickstand on the back, which is pretty standard. It has a removable ssd on the back. The screen is larger, with smaller bezels all around to set up your device using a screen. Reader well just turn that well turn the volume off there. So the screen, the pixel sense screen, is uh 2880 by 1920. So its got a nice high resolution, uh theres, a 5 megapixel camera on the front thats capable of the 1080p video for your skype, calls theres a 10 megapixel camera on the back uh that you can see right there that is capable of up to 4k video. So you see there, there are two usbc ports right and there is a microphone jack on the other side, uh and then theres uh against the smart ports on the bottom uh to connect to the keyboard.

But whats not on here is the old school uh usb uh a i guess, would be the port. The charging data port is on this side volume rockers on that side, power and sleep button is over here, but one thing thats not used to be on the so on your surface pro on the back here was a little slot to upgrade your storage with a Micro sd card that doesnt exist but, as i said, you do have a removable. Ssd drive uh, just opening the power adapter, which looks unchanged from previous editions. If you want a traditional usb port theres, still one on the power brick. Okay, next up were going to open up the uh, the signature, keyboard and uh. This has nice little pull thing here, but theres the pen theres the keyboard theres a little slot that it goes in and the way this works. So all this together that snaps in place and see how it hides the the pen, so the pen is hidden there. So you get a sense of how its going to work. The the pen is underneath there, its a really nice looking keyboard its it. Microsoft doesnt skimp on these keyboards. So but again this adds. You know the keyboard does not come with the surface pro eight uh. You have to buy it separately. So if you buy the uh, the microsoft surface, slim pen, pen, two separately, itll, come like this. In this neat little case, nice looking and up so nice nice how they package this thats, the uh surface, uh, slim, pen, two and obviously uh the keyboard has a really nice uh, big, trackpad and ill use when im on the road, if im, traveling ill, certainly Use that, but i do love to use my surface with a mouse.

This is microsofts ocean plastic mouse made with 20 recycled ocean plastic, oh wow, so that that is a wireless mouse, its really uh its really kind of cool. Looking right, windows, 11 setup. Uh start! You know this is basically a setup screen and a new computer looks different than uh. Then windows 10., now im a huge fan of windows, hello and im glad its supported on this device. Theres a uh in addition to the camera, theres. Of course, an ir reader right up here, so uh yeah lets register my face time to set up the new pen lets, pull it out, which hand do you write with right click to open microsoft, whiteboard that worked immediately? Ah, its already working, you draw something nicer right, pretty easy right, so i thought it might be interesting to compare the surface pro 7 with the new surface pro 8. uh. Some pretty immediate differences that you might notice is the the bezel is significantly smaller all around. On the surface pro 8, so its a lot thinner on the sides, its thinner on the top a little bit, not a lot, but it is a little bit thinner on the top the surface pro 80s, maybe a little thicker placement of the uh, the pencil, the The surface pen uh so weve got the surface pen uh attached magnetically to the side here of the surface pro 7 and within here it sits inside of there surface pro 8.

id say, the chassis might be a tiny bit larger, but its certainly more. The the 8 is more curved, so, with the surface pro 8 lap ability seems to be just as good as ever pretty much any angle that you need. You can flip it. Take your pen out click this, i would say it is pretty uh pretty natural to just drop the pen back in here quickly, flip it as far as how the keyboard feels feels good feels real good. I ended up finding that its not a problem to no longer have a usb 3 uh port on here or usba, depending on how you call it. You know the larger square. A rectangular port youve got two usbc thunderbolt 4 ports that are uh fast enough. That, for example, you could connect a an external graphics card to it, but i used it to extend my desktop on an hd display. I used it to with an adapter to uh pull some photos from an sd card, uh onto a usb uh three reader that was plugged into an adapter so uh and having the two ports, which is something i really didnt have on the previous service. Pro makes a big difference, and i really liked having that so didnt miss the old port, that much uh and by the way uh. If you really are a big fan of old ports, you still have your 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the battery side and batteries connected to performance connected to your configuration.

Uh microsoft is claiming that you can get up to 16 hours of battery life with the baseline system. Obviously i have something above that when i was running the surface pro 8 for some operations, i heard the fan spin up. It was pretty loud, especially i had a lot of microsoft edge tabs open. I did not get 16 hours. I got when i was really doing intensely with all those browser windows open using word in photoshop. I got more like seven or eight hours, so you know 16 hours is going to be probably uh if you are just viewing video uh, certainly not trying to gain or anything like that. So i think that thats something that again what someone claims and what you get really depends on all those other factors configuration and your activities. The screen is capable of 120 hertz refresh rate, but it is hard with the naked eye to tell the difference between it and 60 hertz. Do i recommend microsofts surface pro 8? Yes, its its still a great two in one productivity system, uh its fantastic on the desktop, its still great on my lap, its a great drawing platform as a beautiful screen, great performance. I think that the battery life is is good, certainly, six or seven hours of really intense work is great. I know you get more. If you do something thats more lightweight, i dont mind that its slightly heavier and slightly thicker than the last one, barely notice it keyboard worth the extra price.

Its excellent, as always slim pen 2, feels great to draw with uh its a really nice ergonomic design. All in all, a great package, probably going to run you close to with my package, which was the core i7 uh, the 256 gigabytes of storage, 16 gigabytes of ram and the the pen and keyboard youre gon na run around eighteen nineteen hundred dollars. So uh. You know youre making an investment, but for a system that is going to be powerful enough and flexible enough to get your work done and your play as well.