It offers a new design, a larger 120hz screen new intel processors, as well as the new stylus, but with a starting price of 1099. The entry level version got much more expensive, so is it a tablet? You should get im andre from and thats what you will learn in this review Music before we start dont forget to subscribe to the channel im, reviewing almost every tablet that gets released and among those is pretty much every tablet for microsoft, apple, samsung, lenovo and So on, even though the dimensions of the body didnt change much the surface, pro 8 did get a new design and resembles the surface pro x. Now we get a larger 13 inch screen with much slimmer screen bezels the body is made of anodized aluminium. Now is 9.3 millimeters thin and weighs 891 gram without accessories on the top theres, a little plastic bar for the antennas and around the tablet. There are vents for active cooling, which are hidden in a very elegant way on the back theres a built in kickstand. As usual, which you can fold up open at pretty much every angle and its very wide, the micro sd card slot has been removed, which is a bit of a bummer. But on a positive note, the surface pro 8 has a removable ssd now, which you can exchange using a simple semi jack tool. Very nice. We get a standard 3.5 millimeter, audio port on the left side and on the right side, theres a surface connect port to charge the tablet, as well as two usbc 4.

0 and thunderbolt 4 ports. You can use them to charge it too. Above the screen. We get a 5 megapixel webcam with an infrared sensor which you can use to unlock the device using windows, cello facial recognition and that works very well. The front facing camera takes really good photos, especially for windows device and the 1080p video looks sharp on the back. Its a 10 megapixel main camera, which is quite good as well and can record 4k video. The screen has increased in size from 12.3 inches to 13 inches, resulting in slimmer, screen vessels. Microsoft calls it a pixel sense flow display and it continues to have an aspect ratio of three by two which is perfect for an office tablet with 2880 by 1920 pixels. The resolution is very high so that everything looks sharp. I like this display a lot its fully laminated, of course, contrast and saturation are great, and i enjoyed watching youtube and netflix with it its also bright enough to use outside when working in a cafe, for instance. This is the first surface tablet to support a refresh rate of 120 hertz, just like the flagship tablets from samsung and apple. Do it means that animations look much smoother than before by default. Its set to 60hz, though, and the 120hz option is quite hidden in the settings. I guess that many will never turn it on. Unless i know about it on the left and right side of the screen, we get a speaker each and even though they look quite small, the sound quality is fantastic, especially for windows tablet.

The ipad pro continues to have a noticeably better sound, but i certainly did enjoy watching movies. With the surface, you can get the microsoft surface pro 8, with an intercooler, i5 1135 g7 or intel core i7 1185 g7 chipset, which both have an intel ios x, graphics unit. Yes, there is no core i3 option anymore. You can select 8 16 or 32 gigabyte of ram and a 128 256 512 gigabyte or one terabyte ssd benchmarks, like geekbench, 5 and senior bench, show that the microsoft surface pro 8 is a very fast windows, tablet, its more powerful than the surface pro 7 and Faster than the lenovo thinkpad x12 detachable in geekbench, however, in cinebench, the lenovo is a bit faster in all tests. The apple ipad pro with the m1 chipset, continues to be much more powerful by the way, unlike last year, even the coil 5 version of the surface. Pro 8 is actively cooled now. That means that, especially under heavy load, you will hear those fans they dont get too loud, but unnoticeable, especially if youre used to silent devices and when using demanding, apps or playing games, the metal body can get quite hot. The surface pro 8 is capable of handling demanding apps with etho, as the benchmark suggests. Adobe photoshop runs smoothly, even when using large files, for instance, and you can use it to edit videos too. This is one of the fastest windows tablets. You can buy right now, but the performance also depends on the version youre getting.

I bought the 8 gigabyte ram version and, if youre into heavy multitasking, which includes large files and photoshop and especially for video editing with more demanding apps like premiere pro, it makes sense to get at least 16 gigabyte or even better 32 gigabyte of ram. In my adobe premiere rush render test, which is much less demanding the surface pro 8 needed 5.5 minutes to render a 9 minute 4k video thats a lot faster than the surface pro 7 and as fast as the ipad air. The ipad pro continues to be faster. The surface pro 8 is an office tablet. However, if you want to play some games during your lunch break, you can do that. Of course it behaves just as every standard windows pc does, so you can install all pc games. The performance is not on the same level as a gaming laptop, but i played a bit of fortnite and it runs quite well with low graphics settings. I was able to select medium graphics too, and it does run, but then it stutters too much and i dont think anybody will enjoy it. The microsoft surface, pro 8 works with the same surface pro signature keyboard, thats also compatible with the surface pro x. You have to buy it separately and you can get it as a bundle. Together with your new slim pen, too, lets check out the keyboard first, microsoft. Signature keyboard is almost identical to the type cover from previous generations.

I think its the best tablet keyboard. You can buy right now, even though its a slim cover it does not bend much and is very solid. You attach it using a magnetic connector and then you can even use it at an angle. Thanks to magnets, i was able to type super fast and comfortably with this keyboard. The keys are well spaced, have good travel and just feel well made. It has a background light built in and underneath fits a touchpad thats smaller than on almost every laptop, but a large for a tablet. Its important to point out that the surface pro 8 does work with the slim pen, 1 and previous surface pens. So if you have one already, you dont have to get the slim pen too. The ceiling pen 2 is made of plastic and thats. Why its not as premium feeling as the surface pens were instead of a completely round design its a bit flat. Now you cant replace the battery anymore. Instead, the pen is charged inside the keyboard cover thats, a nice design and you dont lose the pen easily anymore. For the first time. The slim pen 2 has a vibration motor a bit into it, its activated when writing and it simulates a little bit of resistance, not much just very little, and it makes it feel like youre writing on real paper, its very subtle, but does a good job. Because of this 120hz screen, it looks like the pen is reacting much more instant than before with 60hz tablets.

Writing always lags behind the pen a bit, but now the stylus reacts much faster. Its super fast now much better than on other windows tablets and on a similar level as flagship devices from apple and samsung thats fantastic. So this is a great tablet. If you like to write down handwritten notes in microsoft, onenote, for example, you can use it in other apps, like adobe photoshop, of course, and here it is well supported too the microsoft surface. Pro 8 is the first tablet to directly ship with windows 11. But since you can install windows 11 on almost every windows, tablet, anyways thats, not really a unique feature and its standard windows 11, nothing thats specific for the surface pro windows is the main reason, though, why you might want to get the surface pro 8.? If you dont need windows for your work or because you just love the operating system, theres no need to get it. This tablet is basically a standard windows pc and you can use all the apps and accessories that you are used to with the standard windows device. In my standard battery test this surface, pro 8 got a runtime of 5.5 hours, thats with 120hz turned on and looping an hd video on youtube at maximum screen brightness when switching to 60hz the battery lasted 6.5 hours, so 120hz certainly does use more energy. So is the microsoft surface pro 8? A good tablet? Yes, of course it is, it is the best windows tablet you can buy right now we get a new and fantastic design with the great kickstand and a removable ssd.

The display is bigger now and supports 120hz, and the performance is noticeably better compared to last year. I also love the accessories. The keyboard cover and the slimpin 2 are as good as i expect from an expensive premium tablet, the biggest and only real downside of the surface. Pro 8 is its price, a starting price of one thousand ninety nine dollars, without any accessories, and with 128 gigabyte storage. Only is very high. Its battery life could be longer too lets check out some alternatives. An interesting alternative running windows is the lenovo thinkpad x1 detachable. It does have fast 11 gen intel processors as well a premium feeling design, as well as a great keyboard and a good pen. Sadly, the display has a full hd resolution. Only make sure you compare prices here. If you dont need windows, you should check out the 12.9 inch apple ipad pro. This is a very expensive tablet, with pricey accessories as well, but it does have a more unique xdr display, better speakers, more apps that are optimized for tablets and touch screens and the performance of its m1 chipset is better too alright. Thats been my review of the microsoft surface pro 8., if you have any questions, write them down below im, andrea from