This is one of microsofts best laptops and look. I love this thing, but before i get into it, i got to give a quick shout out to best buy for sponsoring this portion of the video because they have some awesome deals happening in october, for example, if youre looking at the surface pro 8, you still Might want to consider the surface pro 7 because its on sale right now anywhere from 150 to 400 dollars at best buy? Yes, the design is a bit outdated, but the performance in a lot of ways is very similar to the surface pro 8.. Now, if you want something a bit more beefed out theres the lenovo yoga 9i, this has a 4k display it used to retail for 17.50 right now, you can get it for 13.60 thats, 400 off theres, an ssd, a one terabyte nvme ssd on sale used to Retail for about 240 right now, you can pick it up for 95 bucks. Now before i get right into this review, we have to talk about price, because the surface pro 8 is a very expensive two in one. I know its the best one out there from this sort of design standpoint, but when you buy just the tablet alone, youre spending like sixteen hundred dollars, at least for the skew that i have here. Then, when you add on the 280 type cover which thankfully it comes with the pen youre looking at a device that retails for just under 1900 bucks to put this in context for you, the same storage size of the ipad pro 12.

9 inch, which has the m1 Processor, and is a lot faster than the intel processor inside of here, even with the magic keyboard and the apple pencil, its still about 180, cheaper than this. On top of that, if youre even trying to save a lot more money and still want something premium, theres the hp spectre – x360 – i know technically its convertible, but it does the exact same thing with this: that retails for 1200 bucks and it comes with a 4k Display – and it includes the pen in the box – i think they got to drop the price a bit or at least for 1600. Bucks include the type cover and maybe make the pencil or pen an extra cost. Now, quite frankly, no ones buying this without the type cover like no one just buys the tablet portion like youre, getting it with this, so im going to review it as the total package and the big deal this year is the overall design change. This looks exactly like the surface pro x. Now. The port lineup is still very familiar on the left hand side you have that audio jack, and then you have that very clicky and tactile volume rocker. You have a vent over here to allow heat to dissipate from the laptop and then, when you flip it to the right hand, side, you have your power button, two usb type c ports. These are thunderbolt 4, first time on a surface pro laptop.

Not only can you connect multiple displays, you can even connect an external gpu if you really wanted to and then on the bottom. You have that surface connect port which charges your laptop but also allows you to hook it up to special types of docks. Theres a usb port on this device, but it happens to be on the charging brick its a full size one, but you cant connect whatever you connect to this to access your laptop. This essentially just acts as a charging mechanism. Now the type cover keyboard has been improved compared to the predecessor like when im typing on these keys. It feels nice and tactile theres less flex in the middle, considering that this is a piece of material connecting to the surface pro 8. dont get me wrong. This is not the best experience for laptop typing, but it is manageable. The only thing i dont like about the type cover is the touch pad size like this thing is super small dont get me wrong. Its very accurate, like when i move my finger around the mouse moves perfectly. It feels nice and smooth, and it clicks great its just your fingers are going to start to feel cramped due to the touch pad size. The other cool thing is how they improved the display to work with the type cover on the previous surface pro. When you had this up like this, it would cover the bottom bar. They made sure that the clearance was there so that you can see it perfectly now.

If you pull it towards you, you get access to the new slim pen too, and this thing is absolutely awesome as soon as you take it out in windows. 11, you get a little menu, for example, if i open up the whiteboard it does it instantly, and i can start drawing right away now. The beauty about this pen is they added a little vibrating effect. When you draw a lot of people commented on it or a lot of reviewers rather saying they couldnt feel it. I think it makes a big difference like it actually feels more realistic to writing than the previous experience i had on the other pen like its not huge but its there, like. You feel that scratchy effect when youre drawing with a pencil and that slight vibration compensates for it plus the top of this is very mushy. So when you press the tip into the display, it feels a lot more. Like your writing. On paper, i will say the 120 hertz display makes this pen feel significantly smoother. When you write on it speaking of 120 hertz, you can put it down to 60. In fact, 60 hertz is the default setting when you power this on for the first time, because microsoft is making sure you save as much battery life as possible. Make sure you go into the display settings, go to advanced and change it to 120 hertz, because its just going to make the laptop feel significantly faster when youre using it.

Unfortunately, theres no promotion like apple uses or a dynamic refresh rate, which would have been awesome because you could save battery on the fly instead of going back and forth and manually switching it yourself now since were on the topic of the display. I absolutely adore it like this thing is gorgeous. Not only is it an improvement from brightness and color accuracy compared to the previous one, you just get more screen real estate, they improved it by increasing it to 13 inches and it looks great. You know theres a new and improved 1080p webcam on the top of the surface pro 8 and it looks absolutely awesome one of the better webcams ive, seen on a windows laptop to date. As for sound theres, two speakers at the top of the display, they are very clear, theyre very crisp, but they dont just get as loud and vibrant as something on the macbook pro Music Music. So the model i have here is the i7 version. It comes with about 256 gigabytes of storage and, of course, its using an integrated graphics chip. But i feel like with these types of laptops. A lot of people should just stick with the i5, because the performance difference youre going to get with that i7 is probably not going to be seen in most applications. You use look. This is not the fastest. U series processor out there amd has eight cores its gon na. Do things like compile code, a lot quicker.

This is for the individual that just wants something to work in microsoft, office have tons of chrome tabs open, maybe work in photoshop draw sketch and have fantastic battery life. Now fan. Noise is fantastic on this thing like if you leave it on the recommended settings where it automatically adjusts, depending on what you do. The fans really kick on, like its super duper quiet. If you want to push this thing to its full potential, the fans will top out at about 41 to 42 decibels, which is still a very quiet experience. Now it doesnt get super hot, like temps literally sit around 65 degrees celsius, and this is when the thing is completely under full load. So youll never experience overheating or any thermal throttling on this machine. But i think the most remarkable thing about this laptop has to be the battery life like insane, even with windows 11 installed. I got around 12 hours of battery life before needing to charge, which is superb. Now you cant upgrade much on this. You do have a little slot on the bottom, which allows you to open up if you put a little pin inside of it, and you can swap out the nvme ssd for something bigger. Just note that this nvme ssd is not as fast as the standard ones. Youd find in most other laptops, this is expensive, okay and obviously theres better performing things out there, but i still think this is one of the best designs for a two.

In one period, a lot of other companies have started switching over to traditional convertibles. This is still one of the only two in ones with a detachable keyboard thats currently on the market. With this type of premium experience, i just think you have to know what youre getting yourself into you know: youre gon na be paying a premium for it because its from microsoft, you know youre, not gon na get the best performance if youre trying to push this Thing but youre gon na get a good experience like if youre someone whos literally working in microsoft office youre taking this to class to write notes. The writing experience is exceptional. The battery life is great and the performance for that type of stuff is really good.