So this is running windows 11 because it just released and it released alongside this device. Weve also got this keyboard extra, so this is a standalone thing you purchase outside of getting your device, and i thought i would talk about it, but the main review is focused on the device itself. This is just something that i think everybody kind of grabs, because you know it makes sense to have a keyboard with your touch device so yeah. It is a two in one technically, but it is mostly focused on being a tablet. Like experience, i like to start with a little bit of an unboxing, because you know people like to see that element of it. I have taken the device out already because its behind me for setup, but yeah you just kind of open it up thick packaging. Your device will literally be right there, so do be careful when youre opening it because your device is literally sitting there. You move that youve got your power. Cord youve got some extra little pamphlet, stuff very easy going. Microsoft devices in the modern era always have really cool packaging to them. I dont know i always appreciate it so lets set that aside here and lets pick up. Our actual device – so here it is – this – is the pro 8 the latest and perhaps the perfected version of the surface device. I also brought along my surface pro gen 1. The original i pre ordered this back in the day, grabbed it as soon as it was available in canada, so its still been kicking.

I still use it since i think it was 2013 or something like that and its just neat to see it come from here and go all the way to this one which is kind of cool. At least, i think its a pretty neat sort of evolution just to quickly get a look between the two of them so well have video kind of popping in and out showcasing different angles and whatnot of how this device looks. But it is a very beautiful and well developed option. It is under two pounds which is kind of neat. I mean you might add some stuff to it. That might increase the weight a little bit, but its very lightweight, and it kind of just – is easy to carry and move around with its really nice. It is designed mostly to be a tablet, its got a very large smooth, nice screen to it. So there is two thunderbolt to four ports that are available, so if youre looking for lots of ports, this ones a little bit more minimal because it is so thin. So weve got the two ports there. You got your power. Turning on, we got a little slot here: weve got the uh the music options up and down right over here, so you tap those up and down and then a spot for you know: wired, headphones and whatnot. So pretty easy going. You know pretty standard weve also got this really great sort of little flip thing you can use in order to stretch out your device in lots of different angles to have it comfortably sitting there.

So you can, you know, have it stationary and whatnot. That has come a long way like seriously mine, just like literally opens and thats it, whereas this one goes, you know you can bend it all over im talking the gen one one. You just literally opened it this one you can like bend it all the way around and its just gon na kind of hold your device down its really cool, so its got 16 hours of battery and regular usage. So you know browsing video and stuff like that. It actually runs quite well and even for games that seemed to do very well. When i was playing, i tried gears 5 with it minecraft with it. You know pretty standard tests that i do in the modern era. For my devices and yeah it actually ran them. Pretty well and yes, i did actually download gears 5 to you know kind of run on this device, which was really interesting as a process but yeah. No, it actually kind of ran it. Fine, i would suggest using xbox cloud gaming or you know some other cloud. Storage solution online for streaming your games, because you know it can play them, but i think youll get a better visual experience if you are streaming to it. So this is something that does require like wi, fi and whatnot. It doesnt have any cellular options. I believe there is a another version or non consumer version, or something like that coming out, where you can kind of get lte and stuff, and i think it would be cool if they included that in future options.

So this has 267 ppi for the resolution quality by default, its 60 hertz, but you can actually go into the settings and pump this up to 120 hertz. So you get a really fluid smooth next generation type of experience when it comes to the fluidity of your screen, when you are browsing and looking through things, its really nice to have the 120 hertz, and i definitely suggest turning that on, it might impact your battery. A little bit, but it is something that is really cool to have in regards to like a visual experience just in regards to the fluidity level, 120 hertz is the way to go so this is a 2880 by, i think its 1920 display. You know very typical. Its got dolby vision, support, so thats kind of a nice new feature. Adobe vision is becoming more and more popular, so you do also get the dolby atmos with the speakers. I think theyre. Two watt speakers uh three by two aspect: ratio for the actual screen size itself. Well talk about the speakers more a little bit later, but i am focused on actually talking about the you know, its kind of the screen specs initially and then moving on from there. Its got wi fi, six, bluetooth, 5.1 theres a few different options. You can have eight gigs, 16 or 32 gigabytes of ram ddr4. So you can choose what you want and, of course this is going to change the pricing.

It is a fairly pricey device. I mean all the surface products are, so keep that in mind. If you are going to grab this, i assume, if youre, looking at the review. Youre, probably you know in a state of either curiosity or youre, going to pick one up and you kind of maybe already know the pricing sort of options that are present for this type of device. Quad core 11th gen. You can have an i5 or an i7 choice. You know youre going to look into those ones, different processor options. I always go with i7, but you know the i5s usually are actually getting quite good these days, so thats kind of intriguing, uh, 512 or one terabyte options are present for the internal storage and there are additional theres an additional slot. So you can add extra storage options if you want more accelerometer, gyroscope magnemeter and the ambient color sensor says kind of for the ambience. When it comes to the camera options, the front is a 5 megapixel camera. The back is 10 megapixels, so you get 4k on the rear for recording, but its only 30 fps again on the front two 30fps options, a little disappointing. I mean this is a really pricey device. Im sure other people dont complain about this to the degree that i do but come on. You know 4k. 60 shouldnt. Be that hard to do a lot of other phones and options and devices. You know support that the surface products always seem to ignore the higher frame rate for camera, recording and usage youre paying a premium for the device.

It should have the premium camera options again, not yet like a huge notch. In regards to my scoring or anything like that, but something where im like come on guys just throw it in there its not that big of a deal and its just one little extra spec thing you can mark off for people. It does actually take decent photos. I mean youre, not probably not going to be using it for that, but for video conferencing and whatnot its going to look really clear and smooth and its going to look nice just wish it had that higher frame rate for the speakers yeah, like i mentioned 2 Watt stereo dolby atmos speakers and studio mics, so the clarity when you actually are talking and recording voice and whatnot or conferencing with voice. It sounds really good. It sounds really clear. I quite like that that was present, and the speakers themselves very loud, very good, very clear speakers, whether youre playing a game listening to music watching a video, its gon na sound, really good and its gon na sound, really full too. It really feels like a filling sort of experience when it comes to the audio around your environment. I quite appreciated that, and i really liked how this sounded, but yeah its just a really well done device its smooth. It is light its got all of the features you want. It keeps quiet too under extended hours of work, time, thats important, modern devices.

I want them to be quiet, i mean obviously, if youre playing a game like gears. 5 really push this thing, but it cooled down really quickly, which was cool but yeah. You know thats going to pump it out, but if youre just sitting there browsing watching videos, everything like that, its going to be silent and thats really important again for modern devices is that they stay quiet. We have the technology for it and i appreciated that its got a great battery life to it lasted a very long time. I definitely appreciated how long this thing could go in doing stuff and with my work and whatnot. I definitely appreciated that its just really easy to take with you its like super thin. You can carry it basically anywhere with you, shove it in a bag, so it does have a 13 inch screen display, but anyways it has a good size to it. A good weight to it, i quite like what this delivers in terms of being something that is comfortable, uh, very friendly for on the go, and i mean if youre, coming from an older surface device. This is a well worthy upgrade. It uses all of the programs and stuff that you would want to use in a regular windows experience. It runs them very fast. It runs them very smooth. This is really again kind of the pinnacle of what theyve been building towards with the surface lineup, at least in my opinion, the pro models that ive seen grow and change over the years.

Its really exciting to see them have this sort of ultimate version of it. If that makes sense – because i really have like i – have the gen 1 ive taken a look at them through the years and its really cool to see them, having basically perfected all of the details that they want to achieve with this thing, there are some things They can, of course improve on in the future, but i think we finally have an option where youre going to see smaller iterations going forward, because i dont know what else you really do to improve this. You know it is a very nice device. It runs really well and it delivers what im wanting so now were going to talk a little bit about the keyboard, the keypad very nice, its got like a nice fabric at the bottom. It seems like its going to be protective. Its very thin doesnt. Add too much weight and its got actual buttons that you can click nice tactile buttons that you can interact with and its also got this really nice spot where it kind of nestles in this pen. So this is the latest version of the pen kind of a nice. You know tool in your arsenal stuff when youre going places and it reacts very nicely to the actual screen itself. So you can write very accurately even outside of that im showing video where im kind of using a finger to write or you can use the pen and its very nice dont use a real pen use the actual, like you know, you got to use the proper Thing dont write with a pen on your screen.

Please dont do that, but you can actually really accurately with the ten point, touch really hit different spots on the screen and it feels responsive and reactive to what youre doing when you are actually interacting with it. Its very fluid again with that high frame rate when youre going through things reacting interacting with it its really nice to have that high quality present here. So i really enjoyed the device. I think ive talked about most things. You know again, it delivers whether youre doing something for work productivity, uh, whether youre doing video conferencing youre moving around the house youre moving outside youre going and doing stuff. There are some features they could add. As ive mentioned, you know, lte would be really cool. Is it an option that could be present? I think that could be an extra tier or something like that would be really nice uh, but yeah even for games it actually delivers pretty well. Minecraft ran quite well. Gears 5 ran, it didnt look the best, but you know it ran well got you some frames. You can play games off of this. Maybe stream them in you might get better quality in the modern era, but you know it can play games. It can do your work, it can help you out when youre listening to music when youre playing stuff – and i think it delivers a great compact experience that is smooth, fluid and excellent. I would give it a 9 out of 10.