The microsoft surface, pro 8 is the latest in the companys line of two in one surface pro tablets. This iteration includes an 11th generation intel cpu, a 13 inch 120 hertz display 2 thunderbolt 4 ports and a removable ssd just as important. It comes with windows, 11 right out of the box and is suited to the new operating system, its small size and lightweight design, make the surface pro 8 ideal to use at home or on the road. During my testing for this review, i found the device outstanding for everyday use. I also loved how well the touch friendly windows. 11 operating system works with the tablet. The front facing and rear cameras are also fantastic, providing clean, detailed images. Unfortunately, the surface pro 8 disappoints as a gaming device and doesnt live up to the promised 16 hours of battery life. Despite some of these qualms, the surface 8 pro is arguably the best in microsofts celebrated surface lineup, those looking to upgrade from the surface pro 7 or who are in the market for one of the best two in one laptops should give this one serious consideration: price And configuration many configurations to choose from platinum and graphite models are available. The microsoft surface, pro 8 is currently on sale at the microsoft store in two different colors, platinum or graphite. The platinum model has eight different configurations, starting with a 999 dollar base unit featuring an intel core i5 cpu, eight gigabytes of ram and a 128 gigabytes ssd.

A 2599 dollar model offers an intel core i7 32 gigabytes of ram and a one terabyte ssd. The graphite model comes in only four configurations at the time of this writing. This includes a 1 199 model with an intel core i5 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes ssd on the lower end, the most expensive model costs 1899 and sports an intel core. I7. 16 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes ssd design easy to carry lightweight design, thin bezels sturdy casing, removable ssd at 11.3 by 8.2 by 0.37 inches and 1.96 pounds the surface pro 8 small and light design makes it a suitable portable device. The dark, anodized aluminum casing is not only eye pleasing, but it makes the tubes in one field tough and sturdy. The back of the unit has a glossy silver microsoft logo on the kickstand. You can lift the kickstand via the two indentations on either side of the unit. This is also how youll access the removable ssd theres a webcam on the back and another on the front. The bottom of the surface, pro 8 has a connector for the surface. Pro signature or surface pro x, keyboards, which snap magnetically onto the surface pro 8. thinner bezels, give the new device an 11 larger display than the surface pro 7. overall. The surface pro 8 feels solid and looks great when sitting on your desk display brilliant picture quality. The surface pro 8 has a 13 inch.

Pixel sense touch screen display with a 2 80 by 1920 pixel resolution and a 120 hertz refresh fate. It also sports dolby vision and adaptive color technology based on our testing. The display achieves an average of 452.8 nits and hits forty four nits around the center of the screen. This is close to the peak 450 nits microsoft advertises for the surface. Pro 8. images come through clearly in both bright and dimly lit environments. We pointed our colorimeter at the surface pro 8 screen and found it achieves 103.7 percent of the srgb color gamut and 71.9 of the dci, p3 color gamut, the closer to 100, the better colors pop and its easy to see small details in streamed video content. Video games and just about everything else, performance, solid performance on everyday tasks. Gaming performance is underwhelming. My review unit came with a quad core 11th gen intel i7, 1185, g7 processor and 16 gigabytes of ram, making it twice as fast as the surface pro 7. According to microsoft, whether it was browsing the web watching youtube videos or listening to spotify the surface pro 8, never buckled. During my testing, all programs ran smoothly. The built in windows, 11 operating system is no doubt a contributing factor to the two on ones: impressive performance. On the geekbench 5.4 overall performance test, the surface pro 8 scored 5 347.. This is lower than the dell xps 13, which scored 56′ and nowhere near the m1 power.

2021 ipad pro score of 7298. Unfortunately, gaming on the surface 8 pro proved less than stellar. I installed scarlet nexus via the baked in xbox app on windows 11, assuming it would be an easy title for the surface pro 8 to handle it wasnt from the jump. The game struggled to hit 30 frames per second fps only by lowering the resolution to 1440 pixel and setting all graphics to medium did i finally enjoy a steady, ish, 60 frames per second sid meiers civilization. 6 gathering storm averaged 37 frames per second at 1080. Pixel resolution and 29 frames per second at 1920 pixel on the surface pro 8.. In comparison, the game averaged 67 frames per second at 1080, pixel and 41 frames per second at 2160 pixel resolution on the dell xps 15.. I wasnt able to use an external, hard drive or gpu to play games during my testing. However, if you can, i suggest turning to those external devices while the surface pro 8 excels at everyday tasks, it lacks in the gaming department. If youre looking for a dedicated gaming laptop, the razer blade, 14 or the alienware m15r4 are better options. Battery life less battery life in our testing than microsoft, promised microsoft says the surface 8 pro battery lasts for up to 16 hours, based on typical usage at 150 nits with auto brightness and adaptive color disabled. However, our tests conclude that the tablet lasts for 9 hours, 6 minutes and 33 seconds at 60 hertz by continuously surfing the web.

By browsing the web watching youtube listening to spotify and playing video games, i managed to squeeze nearly 7 hours from the surface pro 8. During my first test, gaming is, of course, what ate up the brunt of the battery life after charging the unit overnight, i managed to get close to 10 hours of usage by performing all of the aforementioned tasks. Minus gaming, though 10 hours, is better than 7 hours. Its still short of the promised 16 hours, if you can its best to keep the surface pro 8 plugged into a charger during use software windows 11 comes installed. No bloatware on the screen. Aside from the recycle bin and microsoft edge, the surface pro 8 screen is free of unnecessary bloatware, but the big story on the software front is that windows 11 comes bundled with the surface pro 8.. For many who buy the device. The surface pro 8 will offer their first hands on experience with microsofts latest operating system. Considering windows 11s touch friendly interface, its perfect for the surface pro 8.. I didnt miss windows 10 at all. During my testing, all of the new features and apps felt natural to use as the latest in microsofts two in one lineup, the microsoft surface. Pro 8 feels like a next gen device. Its exceptional display quality makes watching videos a delight. The powerful cpu ensures. You wont. Experience significant slowdown when browsing the web video chatting or performing other everyday tasks.

Windows 11 also feels like it was tailor made for the device gaming on the surface. 8 pro leaves much to be desired and the battery life doesnt last. As long as microsoft claims the surface slim pen, 2 and surface pro accessories pair brilliantly with the device, but you have to spend additional money for them while not perfect the microsoft surface. Pro 8 is a solid 2v in one windows.