, like the surface pro 7 before its available in Both silver and black. Surprisingly, this black version doesnt attract fingerprints, something i found to be an issue on other black anodized finishes like the razer blade. It keeps it looking clean, which is especially nice, considering its a tablet, which is obviously designed to be handled more frequently than a traditional laptop but handling it isnt, always the most comfortable at 1.96 pounds. It feels pretty heavy that weight doesnt include the keyboard and pen cover attaching that will increase the weight by another 0.6 pounds which this keyboard and pen is not included and, in my opinion, essential to the whole surface. Pro experience, the corners are nice and rounded so its comfortable to hold in that respect. I just wish it was a bit lighter for handheld use, but youre, essentially getting similar power to many traditional 13 inch laptops in a tablet. The display on this pro 8 is now 13 inches up from 12.3 on the 7.. Of course, it supports touch and that surface pen too its an ips panel with a high resolution at 2880 by 1920, which looks really sharp on a 13 inch around 266 ppi. The colors also look great, although with tablets like the ipad and others using more advanced screen tech like mini, led, it would be nice to see a windows tablet at this price point. Do the same. Now i purchased both the i5 and the isefina test.

Both are quad core with a 15 to 25 watt tdp and intel xc graphics. Both have soldered dual channel ddr4x ram configurable up to 32 gigs storage starts at 128 gigs, but you can upgrade it to one terabyte. You can easily upgrade the ssd as well, but you will need to get a half height m.2 drive. Now the lowest configuration starts at 1099 for the i5 128 gig option. But again that does not include the keyboard cover and pen, which is an additional 279 dollars for both or 179 for the keyboard. Only and due to the new design, you wont be able to carry over a surface pro 7 keyboard to this model. Both the i5 and i7 have active cooling and you can see the fan vents all the way across the top. I dont hear them in typical use, but it does get a bit warm on the back and you can feel the fans kick on when running moderately intensive tasks like when using photoshop, but the bat gets much hotter and the fans become much more audible when running Something more intensive like running a benchmark or playing a game. I think the performance is good for the target audience those who want an ultra portable with pen sport. If you wanted, you could do something more demanding like video editing if you needed to, but i would recommend a traditional laptop if youre going to need to do something like that on a daily basis, all benchmarks were tested with core isolation turned off which went on Is reported to have lower performance in windows 11.

. The intel, xe graphics, work well enough for lighter games like hades, but dont expect to play the latest aaa games on this thing, its still a mobile processor, with integrated graphics. You will need to hook it up to an egpu to get better performance in games that are more graphically intensive. It comes with the windows 11 out of the box, which looks good mostly feels like a facelift from windows, 10 new icons, updated, start menu, location and much nicer menu ui. Among many other updates. I havent had any compatibility issues so far for any of the software. I use such as games code editors photo and video editing, software and the alike for io. There are two thunderbolt 4 ports making it much easier to hook up multiple high resolution monitors and it works well with thunderbolt 3 and 4 docs. As i mentioned earlier, you can use it with an egpu ive, actually made a couple of videos testing the egpu performance on this channel. There are no more usb 8 boards, so you may need to get a dongle if you still need access to that. I find this a bit disappointing personally, as all of my favorite mice use a usba dongle, but it is understandable. Obviously, bluetooth mice exist, so, oh well, of course you still have their surface connector and a headphone jack, but no micro sd card slot this year. The typing experience is still very impressive on the keyboard cover the keys feel like they have far more travel than you would expect on such a thin cover and include a white backlight keys, feel clicky, but theyre not too loud, well, spaced and the cover feels very Sturdy in the upright position, the magnets do a great job holding the cover in place.

The windows, precision trackpad, is also great. Its precise has a smooth texture, but the click is still quite loud and its not very large, but theres only so much space to work with here. I was really surprised by the improvements made to the surface pen too. I dont do a lot of drawing, but i do like to use the pen for tasks in photoshop and im. Finding the pen shape to be more comfortable than the apple pencil to hold, and the 120 hertz refresh rate helps the pen feel more responsive as the screen is updating at a faster rate, making that perceived speed of the pen input to increase theres, also a bit Of haptic feedback built into the pen, you can update the intensity of it in the settings i have mine set to 50, but what it does is it tries to use the vibrations to mimic the surface texture. You would experience when using a traditional pen or paintbrush while its not perfect. I found the vibrations in the pencil mode to be pretty convincing. The most disappointing part for me is the battery life. The 51.5 watt hour battery is only getting me around six to seven hours of use, doing basic productivity tasks like word, processing, browsing the web and video streaming at 50 brightness, and that decreases by around an hour. If i leave the refresh rate at 120, hertz microsoft says they are working on an adaptive refresh rate in an upcoming update.

So hopefully, that update is effective at giving us the best of both worlds fast and smooth refresh rates and longer battery life. Overall youll want to keep the 65 watt charger with you, luckily its quite small and compact, and still includes that usb a charging port. I cant help but feel like this. Usb a port should start supporting data as well, especially now that there are no usb ports on the device itself, similar to what apple is doing for the ethernet port on the new imacs. Now, overall, this is the surface pro ive always wanted from microsoft. Only it feels one or two years late, its still the best surface pro to date, the redesign with the larger screen, thinner, bezels, looks just as good as i hoped, and the inclusion of the thunderbolt ports opened the door to new peripherals such as the egpu making. The device very versatile, but the lackluster battery life and weight of this device make using it as a tablet a bit of a chore and while the upgraded processor has good performance, its still not the level of other 13 inch. Traditional laptops, especially in a post m1 macbook air world, still this tablet device has its audience and if youve owned and loved previous surface pro devices and youre looking for an upgrade.