So we are planning a lot of fun content for this, but now lets move on to the fun product that we have today. That is the surface pro 8.. One thing that i dont understand about companies is: why do they launch the product so late in india? Like i remember the surface pro 8 was launched somewhere around. I think when iphones came so, i think, september or october, and it was available in us from the same day, but in india its available like from today itself. It goes live uh. I think the uh pre booking was announced uh, probably 15 or 20 days ago, and it goes live from today, so we finally have the product with us and lets start with unboxing it. This is my first surface pro device and uh im looking forward to actually experiencing you know, microsofts, take on windows and how they have managed the hardware part, because theyre a software company so lets see how it goes. But lets first see what is there in the box and lets first unbox the product. So here is the unboxing of the surface pro 8 and i have also gotten the new surface pro x keyboard. So i think this was also launched, alongside with the new surface pro 8, so ill be keeping this aside for a while lets. First check what we get in a box. You know these days. Unboxing is quite boring of the product, but laptops still have that charm left and i am okay.

Actually, the store had opened this up, so they have missed the placement and let me just cool, so let me keep this on the side and lets see what we have here in the box. This is, i think, some manuals. This is surface pro 8. Nobody reads up any of these, so i still dont understand why companies are still giving this and not saving paper, but anyway, moving on, we do get a charger. You know getting a charger in the box. These days is a very happy coincidence like finding a unicorn, and here are the charges. Microsoft actually uses its own proprietary charger. So this is the uh power brick, and this is the power cable. Uh here goes the proprietary connector. This is, i think, microsoft connect or something which microsoft likes to call it, but its good. You know i prefer charging it via a different charger than usbc, because usbc is a little fragile. I dont think there is anything inside this. So let me keep this box on the side and let me quickly show you the device. Okay, so here is the device i have not even set it up. Okay, the in hand. Feeling of this is good, so here is the device and let me quickly check. Okay, the in hand feeling is good, like it feels robust in hand and two usbc cables on the side, one power button. This is here and we also get one. You know microsd card slot.

These are air vents, so this has proper air ventilation. Here are the volume buttons and 3.5 mm jack so on the stand it is in my first impressions. This device is pretty good, looks very good and ill quickly set it up. Meanwhile, ill also show you the cover. Let me put this on the side. So now lets see the keyboard cover. This is actually second time im using this, so i have used the surface pro x. Previously, this is my first, you know surface pro laptop. Come tablet, come two in one device. Whatever you want to call it here. Is the keyboard its in the same black color microsoft, branding on the bottom, pretty plain design the keys look good to type for now ill show you everything when i will be going ahead with setting it up and other things and nothing else in the box. Pretty expected so now lets quickly set this up and lets see uh how the device is, and you know, should you buy one or not so uh, you know, as we saw with unboxing and everything, and i also set up the device i havent used the device For a long time, but i think i have had time like two hours to play with it ill try to make a full video also, but this is kind of my initial impressions and should you buy it or not, and you know for which type of audience This device is so microsoft has really improved on the screen front.

Like you know, 120 hertz is something that we all are getting used to with our iphones, with our macbook pros. Now, a lot of displays that we use day to day life are 120 hertz and all the android phones, almost so its pretty interesting to see it coming in windows. Also, because usually windows machines either have 60 hertz that are normal, laptop or have you know, lets say 360 or 240 hertz or 144 words, but thats on the gaming laptops thats, not on simple normal laptops that you know we use and uh in day to day Life that people use, but now its coming to windows and microsoft, i think, is the primary one to use this in this type of a laptop and this form factor to be honest and the screen is beautiful. Like uh, the screen quality, the resolution, the refresh rate, everything is perfect and everythings works well uh. I dont think you can edit a video on this type of a device like not a professional video editing. I dont think you can do, but still its a good device overall when it comes to you know, photo editing like photo editing, uh even light video editing. Also, i think the i7 or the i9 variant can do that. Mine is a i5 variant, because that is the one that i was getting today uh else. I would have to wait – and you know its all – about creating content and creating video on time when the product is available, so that we can help you out in deciding what to buy.

So in my overall experience, the screen is very, very beautiful. The screen sign is perfect too. I think microsoft should come up with something you know like surface pro max or something where they have a 15 inch model, because im honestly, a big tablet. Guy im, looking forward to the s8 ultra that samsung has launched, but for now the screen is perfect and you know they have significantly reduced the bezels on the side. The top and bottom bezels are still there, but you know its reduced compared to last year. It is reduced a lot and also this device in general feels like a next gen device, because you know microsoft has kept the design same in a long long time, so they have kind of changed. It tweaked it a little and improved on the points where you know there were issues with the device, so they have fixed it, and i think i really like it now. You know when a software company makes a hardware product. We usually are very skeptical about it, but microsoft has done a great job with the build quality. You know it feels like a very premium device. In your hand, it does charge a premium price too, like the one that i have is approximately 1 lakh 21 000 and with the keyboard cover, it will go approximately one like 34 000 rupees. So overall you know its uh build qualities. I dont have any complaints with it and they have also added, i think, expandable storage, so you can upgrade it via that now.

Moving on to the performance part, this is where things get a little messy, because one, this is not a pro grade machine. So if you are looking at this, you know compact performance in this type of machine, its not possible at least on intel or amd chips right now. So if you want something that is, you know very portable, you have to either go to the macbook pro 13. M1 macbook pro or macbook air, if you want ultra portability because thats a very thin and light laptop, but its not present according to me at this time on any intel or amd platforms, they are improving significantly. But the problem now is that this is still based on the 11th gen intel processors and intel has already uh. You know launched 12th and processor and i have not tested 12th generation, but as far as i can see with the reviews of other creators – and you know other tech reviewers – it is significantly better than 11th generation because they have changed and tweaked lots of things. So you know in single core performance: 12th generation lots of processors are even beating the you know: m1 series processor in single gold performance. So that is, i think, a big achievement for intel. But we are not going to experience that in surface pro 8 because it still comes with only 11th generation. 11 generation is a great uh processor. That way when compared to 10th, they have improved lots of thing.

You know instant weight, instant sleep with the evo platform. Lots of things have improved, but its still not comparable to lets, say a macbook air, a macbook air which is technically a fanless device, can still outrun a surface pro 8, even the top spec surface pro 8 in any work task, because i have edited 4k video Shot on this camera, which is sony a7s 3, and it had no issues editing it like when you put layers etc, it will have some issues, but not generally, it can handle very easily. So performance is again a little dicey. So basically, if you have someone, you know who is just using the laptop or i dont know i cant call it a laptop basically tablet makes more sense. Lets call it a two in one. So if you are using it, you know in reading mails replying to people, chrome, entertainment for that purpose. Its good because screen, as i mentioned earlier, is also very beautiful, so i dont think youll have issues with that, but when it comes to serious performance i dont think i can recommend you this device. You have to either look at some other options from windows or you can go to macbooks, which, in my opinion, is perfect device for anyone looking for any heavy task, and you know have no issues in using mac. One thing i really like about the surface is the placement of the camera, because you know when ipads were invented, they were a landscape device and now its a portrait.

So you know the camera placement on the sides causes lots of issues in video calls because you know youre looking at the screen and youre not focusing on the person because you, the camera, is placed outside. So it gets a little awkward to talk on video calls that thing. First, microsoft has resolved because the camera is placed on top and also microsoft has added windows, hello feature which i think was there in previous generations too, but as im using it for the first time, its very good. I think this is the best windows, hello hardware. I have used on any windows laptop till now: ive used a lot of devices, alienware and zenbook duo, which videos will be coming soon signal and they were not up to that mark like you know, you always had issues, but microsoft has figured it out and its Really good, i wish apple could add that to macbooks, and you know, change the camera position and ipad, but thats a rant for a different video, but in surface pro 8 it works great. I have no complaints, there uh the camera. You know because its a tablet, so it also has a camera at back. I dont think it makes any sense to add camera to such a huge device, but you know people use it to scan something or for that those things. I think that is good, so its a normal average camera nothing great there, but it gets the work done of scanning documents and everything else.

You know, in my opinion, if someone gives me the choice to build a perfect two in one, i would go with microsoft. Vision, you know what microsoft has planned, that how should a tablet? Computer look like with apple silicons, raw power and drop processing strength, because apple silicon is still light years ahead of competition and theres? No, you know, i dont think theres even a point to compare you in the macbook air, the m1 macbook air, which is technically, i think, almost two years old, now to something like eleventh or even twelgen uh processors, because its very efficient and way better theres. No comparison but other than that uh, i think microsoft has gotten it right. When it comes to uh, you know figuring out how a tablet computer should look like. One thing that i really like is that it has a kickstand built into it, because my biggest gripe with ipad is that, if im not using a cover – or you know a keyboard cover, because most of the time i use my laptop to type. So if i am using a keyboard cover on the uh ipad, i always have to you know: watch something with the keyboard cover on which is you know, kind of takes space and everything and youre not that comfortable, while youre sleeping or you know using it on Your bed so stuff, like that, other than that i have the kickstand part of the tablet and its pretty good now lets come to the conclusion you know, in my opinion, if you are in the market, who is looking for a premium good, looking and very beautiful, Screened windows device its a perfect, perfect product.

You dont have to look anywhere else, but when it comes to uh other competition, i think dell makes better laptop. You know. Xps series is very, very good and its a pro. You know its not two in one but its a good laptop, i think after macbooks or even before, macbooks i love dells design. Xps series is crazy and with the xps 13 plus, or something like that, its again going to be a lot lot better. Im not saying that its a bad device, but you know there are other ulterior options available at this price range, so you can definitely check them out too, but its overall, a decent product, in my opinion, its the best surface yet made by microsoft, but its still, Not the best two in one, not the best tablet, also but its the best surface microsoft has ever made, and i think they still need to fix a lot of things, but they are going in the right direction. Thank you so much for watching the video guys and if you are wondering why im wearing a t shirt written mustafa.