The keyboard is stiffer. The processor is faster, the screen is 120 hertz. The pen is harder to lose ive gotten some hands on time and a walk through at microsofts office. Here in san francisco, and i got to tell you theres a lot to like the surface pro. It has a new 13 inch display its 2880 by 1920, and it has that 120 hertz refresh rate, although it does still default to 60 hertz. It keeps microsofts very good 3×2 aspect ratio and it works with surface pens. It also cant adjust its color temperature to match the room that youre in now, because the screen is a bit bigger. That means that the bezels around it are finally smaller its the same basic design as the arm processor based surface pro x. That weve been waiting for and the differences between these two computers are fairly subtle. There are fan vents on the back of the pro 8 and the corners have been rounded off a bit, so its a little bit nicer to hold thats, not the only thing weve been waiting for microsoft. To do. It is now finally supporting thunderbolt on surface devices with two thunderbolt 4 usb c ports. In addition to the standard surface connector, the pro 8 also gets a new keyboard that has on board storage for the pen and actually can i just geek out about the keyboard. For just a second, i mean im going to either way, but the keyboard deck is made out of carbon fiber.

So it is a lot stiffer without getting thicker or heavier theres, just less bounce, when youre typing really hard on it by the way. That is why im typing gibberish so furiously in the b roll. I wanted to see how loud it was and if it bounced and its great and the little magnetic flip up that attaches it to the screen so its more stable and it also hides the pen. Thats better too, the fabric full doesnt cover the task bar like it did on the first version of the pro x and even the second one honestly, the keyboard might be my favorite part of this whole thing. The trackpad on it is bigger than it was on. The old surface pro models, but i still dont think its quite big enough thats, really my only problem with it now the stylus is also all new. Its called the surface slim pen 2., its more tapered at the point, but it also has haptics built into it. Theres a little vibration when you start to draw or write its really subtle, though, were going to need to review it. But in my hands on it really didnt seem that elegant or impressive microsoft did demo a bunch of stuff with the stylus and a little bit with windows, 11 and, of course, the model that i was looking at ran super well through adobe, fresco and microsoft edge. It seemed fine. Now these things have been upgraded to intels 11th gen processors for consumers.

You either get a core i5 or a core i7 on the enterprise size. You can get a cheaper core i3 or you can get versions with lte ram starts at 8 gigs and goes all the way up to 32 and the ssd is user replaceable, and that starts at 128 and goes all the way up to one terabyte graphics. Of course, are you know standard intel, xe stuff? Finally, like round out the computer, the camera has been updated to do a better job with backlighting and video calls windows. Hello is still here for logging, in with your face, it has microsoft, studio, microphones and, of course the hinge is still very good. It works at any angle. The surface pro 8 starts at 10.99 for the bass spec, but i really imagine people are going to want to upgrade the ram and the storage not to mention by the keyboard or maybe a pen. So you should assume its going to cost more than that. Oh, by the way, microsoft also made a small update for the tiny surface go computer. There are new processor options and theres also a slightly cheaper way to get one of those things with lte. I still love the tiny little surface go, but its clearly designed for like enterprise field work not to make tiny computers happen. As for the arm processor based surface pro x, the only update there is that theres, a cheaper wi fi only version that starts at 900.

Bucks but again the big news here and the thing im really excited about is the new surface pro 8 redesign. We have been waiting a long time for this redesign and at least on a first look. I dont think microsoft has screwed. Anything up here, of course, were only going to know for sure after weve had a chance to do a full review, but for now im just happy that the surface pro feels modern again its about time. Hey everybody thanks so much for watching. We also have a first look at the surface laptop studio, which is a deeply weird laptop from microsoft.