The new microsoft surface, pro 8 is twice as quick as the previous model. The display was increased to 13 inches by shrinking the bezels on the sides of the screen, making it the largest surface. Yet a 120 hertz refresh rate is available as an add on the two standard. Usb ports were also removed, leaving only two usbc connectors. Of course, the headphone jack was kept every surface device, ive tried has had a premium feel and appearance. Since microsoft has always developed premium surface designs, dramatic design changes have been slower from generation to generation because it hasnt received a design change outside of ports. Since its launch in 2015, the surface book has taken the brunt of this criticism, while microsoft should not attempt to fix what isnt broken pc technology advances at a breakneck pace, the surface pro 8 is a much needed design refresh for a model that had begun to Seem dated, though we like the surface pro 7., we thought the design was a little too similar surface. Pro 8 has a stunning black graphic finish rounded corners and small bezels that highlight the larger 13 inch screen. That panel has a 2880 by 1920 resolution, which looks stunning on such a large screen, as well as a 120 hertz refresh rate, which is a nice touch whats more. The surface 8 has a 470 in its brightness and 103 of the srgb spectrum, making it the best looking surface pro display yet and one thats ideal for digital artists.

My review unit has a quad core intel: i7, 1185, g7 processor and 16 gigs of ram making. It twice as fast as the surface pro 7. during my testing the surface pro 8 never slowed down whether i was browsing, the web watching youtube videos or listening to spotify, the two on ones. Excellent performance is undoubtedly due to the built in windows 11 operating system. The surface pro 8 received a score of 5 347 in the geekbench 5.4 overall performance test. This is lower than the dell xps 13, which received a score of 56′ and nowhere near the 7298 score of the m1 powered ipad pro. Unfortunately, gaming on the surface 8. Pro was not that enjoyable, i downloaded scarlet nexus using the built in xbox software on windows 11, with the hopes that it would be a simple game for the surface pro 8.. It wasnt the case. The game struggled to attain 30 frames per second right away. Only by dropping the resolution to 1440p and setting all graphics to medium was i able to achieve a consistent 60 frames per second, if youre, considering the surface pro 8 as a tablet for creative work were happy to report that this model has the best battery life To date, anyone planning on taking this tablet out with them for on the go drawing will be relieved to learn that the battery lasts an impressive 8 hours with continuous use, a far cry from the few hours that the 7 could provide on a single charge.

The speakers of the surface pro 8 are hidden beneath the top bezel audio quality on mobile devices is hit or miss sounding thin and flat in certain cases, while the audio on the surface pro 8 isnt particularly outstanding, it is adequate for this type of tablet. The audio from the surface pro 8 is crisp and clear when the volume is kept below 7 to 5 percent, whether its a youtuber speaking from their studio or a video game with loud explosions and soundtrack. This is true: the bass isnt bad, but its not great either when its turned to maximum of the audio quality drops and everything becomes a confused mess. In most cases, keeping the audio volume between 50 and 75 percent is sufficient. Two thunderbolt 4 ports. The surface connect connector, a headphone jack and the surface type cover port are among the new ports on the surface probate when compared to other two in one laptops and desktops that run windows its easy to dismiss the surface pro 8s ports. This tablet has a lot of ports for tablet in comparison to its apple counterpart. The ipad pro the surface. Pro 8 includes one additional thunderbolt, 4 port headphone jack and docking port thunderbolt has been one of the most glaring omissions from surface devices in recent years and its. Finally, here we just talked about iris x, ease, inbuilt graphics power but thunderbolt 4. Let you to connect an external gpu if you desire, despite the fact that youll probably be hauling around a dongle with usb type, a hdmi and other accessories the surface pro 8s port selection is wide expect from a tablet, along with a smaller design.

The surface pro 8 boasts fewer bezels, resulting in a bigger display and a footprint similar to the surface pro 7.. It features a 13 inch pixel sense flow display with a resolution of 2880 by 1920 pixels. The displays most notable enhancement is its 120 hertz, refresh rate, which works nicely with windows 11 to provide a seamless experience. It adds to the pleasure of using the surface slim pen. The displays bezels are more practical and logical, because the larger display is in a thinner footprint. I dont have to worry about inadvertent touches. While i hold the gadget in my hand, my main gripe is, with the surface type cover which is magnetically attached to the bottom. Bezel, the devices horizontal bezels are larger than the vertical bezels to accommodate the camera at the top and the tight cover at the bottom. It raises the tight cover to an angle, but it also meets the inside edge of the bezel, which makes the screens appear to be hidden beneath the tight cover. This is a minor point, but it becomes apparent when typing on unusual surfaces such as the lab or when using touch on the task bar overall.