Hello. This is amazon’s gaming network and welcome back to a video that’s a little bit different to what i would usually upload today. I am going to be reviewing the microsoft surface pro 7. before we get into this video. Please make sure you like subscribe and turn on notification bell, so you will like it when i upload a video, so the specs of the surface pro are this machine features a 12.3 inch display with a resolution of 2736×1824. This machine has an intel core i5 processor, with a 256 gigabyte, ssd and 16 gigabytes of ram. This specific model retails for 1 ‘9 pound here in the united kingdom. This model surface pool that i own is the mid range model as this isn’t, my main computer. So i don’t really see the point buying the high end version for me personally, i use this mainly as a very popular laptop to do schoolwork on browse the internet and watch the occasional youtube video. What do i like about the machine? Personally, i love the portability aspect of it, such a small device. It fits in just about anything, it’s super lightweight, making it easy to carry pretty much anywhere. I love the windows, hello feature which is a face recognition system for when you log into your machine. Most of the time i don’t even notice scan my face. It lets me straighten without any issues. I bought the keyboard to go with the surface pro to me, because i mainly use it as a laptop as opposed to a tablet, but you can detach the keyboard or not have one all and use it completely as a tablet, which i think is pretty cool To have a windows tablet, but of course using it pretty much every day you do sometimes face some cons with the machine.

What are the cons? Well, i’ve owned the surface pro for nearly three months. Now. When i first bought the machine, it worked perfectly. It was fast enough what i needed it for, but then i had it for about two days and then suddenly it became really slow and laggy. Simple task: i’m gon na load up google chrome right it’s, very simple, don’t take much out of the computer’s resources. I’Ve clicked it! Oh, when i was stuck with a white screen, brilliant right, the top bars were slowed right, so i had to take any just to do just that: right, brilliant. It takes like 10 years for the stop the machine wasn’t throttling on the cpu or ram, and this would happen on simple tasks like microsoft, edge spotify. It was really frustrating. I nearly sent the machine back to john lewis, where i bought it from i contacted my top fire twitter and their staff were really helpful and managed to sort the issue out the day after about they wouldn’t charge. I tried charging it with the charger. It came with and also charging it by the usb c port. I also tried updating the laptop in other troubleshooting steps. I then had a two phone call which one for microsoft and eventually managed to get it fixed for a laptop costing 1400 pound. That is such a little to go wrong in 72 hours of having the device. In my opinion, both should you buy one if you need a small laptop, that is super lightweight something to take to meetings to a bit work on et cetera, something that isn’t going to be your main computer.

I would say yes it’s perfect, having a lightweight computer that you can fit in just about anything. Any bag is amazing, but if you want to have something as a reliable main laptop, i would consider looking at something like an ultrabook like a dell xps 13 or razer blade stealth 13 or if you like, microwaves, maybe check out the new macbook pro 13 inch With the m1 processor, which has really good reviews on at the minute, i hope you found this video useful. If you did, please give it a like subscribe and turn on the notification bell, so you’re alerted every time. I make an upload that really helps me out.