and what i love about the surface. Pro 7 is its size. It’S light has a small form factor and that lets me carry with these in my backpack to and from work now that you find the cells work from home. More, the travel friendly part has sort of a common bonus in this video i’ll share my thoughts on whether surface pro is actually a good enough laptop for software development. Overall, quick review, if you’re in a market of purchase one too. So this particular version is the i7 quad core 16 gigs of ram and 512 gigabytes of disk space. Now update for this spec. As i run a few applications on a day to day basis when i’m developing. To give you an idea of what i’m developing on the net stack i’d usually have at least one visual studio, open microsoft, sql server, docker, postman, slack and, of course, chrome with multiple tabs. Does the surface handle it yeah? It actually does also compilation build times in visual studio, pretty quick as well, not lightning, quick but it’s, quick enough for those that use resharper, it’s a little sluggish from start, but once it’s up and running it’s good to go. Now, when it comes to node.js and react apps, i usually have one or two visual studio code, app instances open a terminal to run, commands postman, docker and azure data studio. When i need to query against my local postgres database now, does the surface pro struggle? No, it handles it pretty well, actually, now don’t get me wrong once you start to add more applications, it does start to struggle and there is a lag in responsiveness in each of the apps, especially when it comes to screen.

Sharing with google meets for some reason, that is a memory hoarder. Now i did notice when i don’t have docker desktop running the surface is much more performant but that’s just my observation. So hopefully that gives you a rough indication of what kind of apps it can handle any one time the surface pro laptops are pretty well built, although the body is made of plastic overall, it just looks and feels like it’s very well made as soon as you Pick one up, you instantly know: it’s good quality. The kickback stand is also impressive, solid and really sturdy. It folds almost all the way back, giving you plenty of viewing angles now, if you don’t know already, when you buy a surface pro it doesn’t come with a keyboard, you have to buy it separately. Microsoft calls it the type cover. There are. A few type covers to choose from red black ice, blue and gray, which is what i have. The keyboard does have a backlight, which is a nice addition, and the material is made of something called alicantara, it’s, apparently sourced from italy, and supposed to give this luxury feel to, and i carry this it does feel rather nice. The only way i can describe it is a cross between suede and velvet. A sort of high end spectacle, lens cloth in terms of typing is any good, well it’s, actually pretty nice to type on the keys. Have a nice travel distance and the space between the keys are good, not too distant, not too cramped, and only gripe is a top and bottom arrow keys a little small, but that might be just me.

The keys are not fingerprint magnet either. Unlike some keyboards, you encounter so that’s a plus Music, the trackpad is pretty good, so general clicking and tapping the tripod is great. Scrolling is also reactive and i generally have no problems with it. The only issue i have and again this might just be me when it comes down to a sort of click and drag motion, something you do when you drag something in a recycling bin or we need to highlight a piece of text in either vs code or Ms word, when you do this at times it just have a mind of its own or just deselect, something else, that’s very odd, i’m, not sure if it’s hardware, software issue, it might be both, but it is annoying at times and it’s, not a one off thing. This is easily fixed by having an external mouse and that’s what i use the majority of time. On one side, it has a single headphone jack. The other side you’ll find a usbc port, usb 3.0 ports charging port, oh and a micro sd card slot, which is hidden at the back of the kickstand. Now one obvious part is that i’m thankful for the usbc port and if you’re wondering, can use this charger surface short answer. You can just make sure you have the right, usbc, cable and charger as enough wattage i’m, using the anker 60 watt charger here. In addition to the anker usb c hub, which is useful because i can connect my external monitor all in one hub now, the form factor is smaller than regular laptops and that’s great for travel.

The sacrifice in size comes with a small screen: it’s a 12.3 inch screen with a max resolution of 2723 by 1824. The screen is reflective, but i suppose it’s not very common these days to find matte finish tablet screens the colors are bright, crisp and vivid, and i have no issues with the display at all. The only downsides, i think, are the bezels it’s, not a real deal. Breakout but it would be nice if they’re a tad smaller, just like the surface pro x, but when it comes to watching an odd video here and there it’s, really nice display to watch on the other things i like are the speakers. There are two discrete speaker, grilles, tucked away on either side and once they’re not going to win any audio awards, but for a portable laptop like this they’re very clear and when turned up loud can fill the room quite easily. It also has wi fi six. Now i have no idea why this hasn’t been a selling point, but you will need a wi fi 6 router to experience real benefits and only the recent 2020 macbook started to introduce wi fi, six Music, so that’s it that’s sort of a quick overview and review Of the surface pro, i find it more than capable for my needs for software development, whether you’re a front end, developer back end or full stack. I would say it’s a very good laptop, just bear in mind that, depending on how much power and performance you need or what kind of applications you need running paired with the right spec, the surface does work quite well.