to be clear. This is different to the surface pro 7 plus, which microsoft released later down the line and has been in the market for over a year now got the inspiration for this video recently. One of my mates asked me for my view on the next laptop. He was looking to buy and was including surface pro 7 in the list, which made me a bit curious, and i pointed out that surface pro 7 is really not a laptop turns out. He was aware of the fact, and he was just wondering if it’s a viable alternative for a laptop user and that i was acting like what’s. The youtube word here. Obnoxious and as you do, i swiftly proceeded to blame the entire thing on a misunderstanding. Due to the bad call quality of the video call, we were on the moral of the story. Here is it’s, always the fault of the tool or the apps you’re using it’s never ever used. He also had some more questions on the surface pro 7 lineup and the next thing you know we have this video, and here i will try to answer some of those questions as i go through the device in this video and discuss some finer points for this. Video i’ve also got the additional keyboard unit, which you pay extra for obviously, and i cover both as they seem to be the most common bundle. People buy won’t, be looking at the software os or performance, or anything like that, as it is the same as you would expect from a machine which is running windows 10 with this set configuration.

So let’s start with the build very quickly as usual: it’s all unibody magnesium, which translates into a nice and clean, look and gives this a very premium feel actually it’s the best premium. Feeling windows tablet out there. If you think about it, it’s a tablet. First, though, everything else next, i would hesitate to call it uh two in one: either it’s got its signature, kickstand, tucked away nicely at the back here, which has a good range of motion and, more importantly, feels very sturdy, and my first impressions are it’s not going Loose on you anytime soon and can probably handle some abuse. The other good thing about it is it can stop at any point. Some may call it a bit stiff, but that is probably one of the reasons it can stop. At any angle, i like this it’s, got a shiny surface logo at the back here as well. The stand also hides the micro sd card reader underneath here and also has 8 megapixel camera at the top here at the back on the sides at the top. We have a power button, has a nice feel to it, which is followed by a volume up and volume down button, then, on the side here we have a usbc port. Now this is interesting as on the webpage. They don’t give much detail on the capability of this usbc port, at least it’s, not very evident, and this is also one of the most common questions we get on this.

Can this take it as in? Can it take a charge? And the answer is yes, absolutely the usbc port can definitely be used to charge the device as long as the external charger powering it is approximately 45 watts or more. This does come with a 65 watt charger as standard, but you don’t have to use it at all. If you so desire, of course, the usb c port can also output to a compatible external display. So if you use it with a monitor which has a powered usb c, you can just use one cable connect this to the monitor and power it. At the same time, if you are interested, you can check out this, video link will be somewhere here, which explains it a lot more in detail. You can also use this usb c port to charge external devices. Should you need to like a phone etc? Although you might not want to do that, we’ll come to that in a bit which brings us to another common question: does it support thunderbolt, and the answer is unfortunately, this time? No, the usbc port does not support thunderbolt, although it can transfer data up to approximately 10 gigs per second and output to up to two 4k displays running at 60hz and everything in between so there’s that i think this provides a good amount of features it for What you could do, realistically, with this device and microsoft’s intended audience below, that we have a usb port for this type of product it’s good to see microsoft retain the usb port kudos video, followed by the surface charging port.

On the other side, we have the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack and at the bottom we have the magnetic connector for the keyboard a bit on the config of this particular device. This one has a ice lake i5, with eight gigs of lpddr4 ram running at 3733. Megahertz has 256 gigs of storage, uses a toshiba bg4 nvme ssd, which has respectable reads and writes not the best in the class but it’s, definitely above average, and that leads us to another common question: is the storage user replaceable on surface pro 7 and the answer Is a big fat? No, that privilege only goes to the owners of surface pro 7 plus so again, just to be clear, you cannot replace the storage on surface pro 7 models only on surface pro 7 plus. Why? Well? Your guess is as good as mine here. Music. No, no hear me out from what i understand: they are targeting surface pro 7 plus for business users at least that’s. How i see it here who actually needs the flexibility and the surface pro 7 lineup is for retail customers, because we don’t need the flexibility hang on looking at the front here. The first thing you notice is this uh subscribe button and it said somewhere far from where unicorn poops out a cold nugget every time a viewer clicks on it. But if you look at the front again this time, you will notice the big bezels pick for 2021, that is, okay, it’s, not the sleekest looking device from the front.

But in my view they are not that bad plus they serve a practical purpose of letting you hold the tablet comfortably without touching the display area. I feel there is something to be said about that and they are evenly sized at least on all four sides. I don’t mind them at the top on the front. We also have the two microphones plus a five megapixel front camera this camera and the one at the back, and both do 1080p video, which are fine without being exceptional, they’re, surprisingly, better than the webcams. You will find on some of the more expensive laptops at the sides of the front. We also have the ports for the speakers. It does have dolby audios. So here you go, have a listen of this for what it’s worth they’re fairly unremarkable. They will do the job for when you are in a call, etc, but are below average. In my view, just don’t use it to enjoy multimedia content on it and you’ll. Be fine. Microphones are okay as well. They do the job well enough, just catch your voice relatively cleanly, even when you are quite a bit away from the tablet, but it can struggle with a busier background. It’S also got the windows, hello, camera at the front, which, in my experience, has been quite nice. It’S, quite a seamless experience and a nice way to log into a device. As you can see, the color on this one is platinum.

It comes in black as well, but me personally, i will go with platinum, as black will show the scratches very easily, and this will scratch moving over to the keyboard it snaps magnetically to the tablet. No effort at all. I have to give credit to microsoft here. For the implementation of this, not every magnetic connection is this easy? Now you also get a lot of questions on the keyboard and i will try to cover some of them here very quickly. Are they backlit? The answer is yes, they are. Can you control the brightness? Yes, absolutely is this typing experience similar to the laptop well, that depends on the quality of the keyboard on your existing laptop, which will ultimately be your reference for comparison. What i can say here is that it’s much better than i expected, i also own a dell xps217’0. So this is what i compared it against and strangely enough it seems it has a bit more key travel than the ones on my laptop good or bad. I stress depends on the preferences here also, as the chassis of the keyboard is not hard plastic, so expect a lot of flex in the keyboard it’s a deliberate design, choice made by microsoft for the primary reason of keeping it as lightweight as possible. You can use it on your lap weirdly. This is quite a common question you get asked and unfortunately the answer is for most it’s going to be a much worse experience than using a laptop as not only the keyboard is made up of software material.

You also need to use the kickstand to support the screen, which makes it very unstable for me, and i will guess will be the case for most of you and lastly, the battery. Now the mileage on the battery differs a lot based on who you ask okay, so the quoted battery life is 10 and a half hours max for typical use, but the gray area here is that what qualifies as a typical use for microsoft, just as an example, A typical jogging session for my friend includes a 5k run, but is a typical session. For me is a quick, 5 or 10 meter runs to the fridge. In the back mind you, it becomes more difficult if i have to climb the stairs so here’s a result of the two tests of the several i did and i was trying to keep them realistic, so nothing extreme here in one test i tried to use it For some remoting for my work did some very light browsing using the default edge. Browser as chrome is unknown resource hog, along with some online meetings lasting around 60 minutes in total, and it went from 100 to 5 in just over 4 hours, 40 minutes or so. In another instance, i was using it to just browse web using 30 voltage browser listening to some music and around 40 minutes of video in total, and it lasted just about six hours. All of this on a stable, full strength, wireless connection, so i never reached under half hours or anywhere close to that, but that’s expected as i was running windows enterprise on it rather than windows, 10 home.

It comes with as default, which means it’s running many more processes and services. In the background than you would have running on a device with windows, 10 home edition, i tested it with windows, 10 enterprise edition as that’s the version of the os. I would normally use on my windows devices. I did test it with windows, 10 home edition as well before updating it and the max i got was six and a half hours for the first test and around seven and a half hours for the second test. The key here to understand is that it all depends on the type of application and services you are using. So overall is good, but you will struggle to hit the 10 and a half hours max which microsoft quotes on their website. Lastly, the most important question: what is the best config to buy? Well, that depends on what you plan to do with it. My view is this and again, this is just my view for what it is intended for. Anything over i5 is overkill and given it supports microsd card, i will probably go with the platinum colored i5, with 8 gigs or arguably 16 gigs of ram and 256 storage option. My rationale for this is that if you need i7, then you are most probably looking to run some cpu heavy applications or services on it, and if so, you can’t be running it on a battery for more than two three hours anyway.

At that point, you might as well buy a laptop with a bigger battery, so in my personal view, buy it as long as your intention is to use it as a tablet, primarily that is you’re looking to use it as a tablet for 70 to 80 percent Of the time and are not expecting it to last more than six hours max when doing anything meaningful on it by the way, my mate, who spammed me and my life for two days straight with questions on surface well, he ended up buying a desktop okay. So i encouraged him to get one. Why well he’s, not traveling anywhere anytime soon with that easy plus, he owns a chromebook already alrighty. Then let me in the video right here. Hopefully you like this short and sweet review of surface pro 7..