Now today, we’re taking a look at the new microsoft surface, pro 7 plus Music. So this is actually my first ever time using a surface laptop and i guess that’s, because they only started officially being available in the philippines last year, so now that it’s. Finally, here you could see it faces a lot of tough competition. Despite being a pioneer in the two on one laptop game and i’ve, been using it for about a week so i’m here to tell you if it’s a laptop worth, considering it’s clean boy, is it clean, that’s? Actually, the first thing i thought of when i saw this for the very first time and the build quality is nothing to scoff at either that’s, because you’re getting premium anodized aluminum for the whole body with the bottom part, acting as a kickstand. I can’t really say much in terms of durability, because i’ve only had this for a week, but the surface line has a really good track record behind the kickstand are two covers. The bigger one is for the ssd and it’s great to know that this can be upgraded, but the ssd isn’t user replaceable. That means you’ll have to order a replacement ssd by an authorized, microsoft, surface, reseller or surface specialist and it’s a big bummer, because those drives are only available in the us, but you never know they might come here eventually, and i mean the surface is here officially After all, and for the other, smaller slot on the side is the nano sim slot for the ltea connectivity.

This is an awesome feature, because not only is this rare for a two on one laptop, but you can stay connected and productive even without wi fi and it’s perfect for the people who, like grinding on the go just like me now back to design, it has Vents to dissipate heat that’s, because the surface 7 pro plus uses a fanless design just like the earlier models. So, if you’re looking for silent performance here, you go but we’re going to be talking about that more later. One thing i was very disappointed in was the lack of ports. You get a headphone jack on the left side, while on the right you get the usb c port, usb a port and a surface connector. I really find this lacking because it’s supposed to be a full work laptop and if you’re gon na have to carry around a bunch of dongles it kind of defeats the purpose of the sleek form factor, and even if you have an 11th gen processor, you don’t Get thunderbolt 4 with the lone usbc port missed opportunity, but at least the included adapter has an extra usb8 port for charging your devices. It does look kind of weird, but it works. And lastly, at the bottom you have the pogo pins for the type cover which you have to buy separately now, let’s talk about that. I really like the type cover because there’s something about it that sets it apart. Aside from the magnets surrounding the pogo pins there’s, a magnet bar that clips the type cover into the bottom bezel of the surface, pro 7 plus it’s very functional because it lifts the keyboard for a more comfortable typing experience, plus it’s.

A clever way of hiding the rather thick bottom bezel, two birds, one stone. The type cover is one of my favorite features, but i guess you could say it’s a separate accessory. You get ball. Space keys that have a decent amount of travel for a keyboard cover. Some of the covers i’ve tried before didn’t feel so tactile or good to type with, but this one does it’s also backlit, but it is worth noting that it isn’t very bright and the trackpad isn’t the best, but it does its job. I recommend using a mouse or the touchscreen, but overall i think the type cover is perfect for everyday work. Moving on thick bezels aside, the surface pro 7 plus has a spacious, 12.3 inch display with a 3×2 aspect ratio and a 2736 by 1824 resolution higher than full hd it’s sharp and renders colors vibrantly. So, of course i enjoyed watching videos on it. The touchscreen is accurate, even when you’re using your fingers, but if you’re an artist you might want to invest in the surface pen which, like the keyboard, is a separate, buy. The top bezel has a 2 megapixel webcam and, unlike most laptop webcams out there, the surface 7 pro plus supports full hd video, giving you better quality during video calls. I think it’s a great feature, especially considering that some laptops don’t even have webcams anymore, which is kind of essential for working from home. Anyway. Here are some samples, we’re testing out the camera of the surface pro 7 plus, and i guess we’re testing out the microphone too.

So this is what it sounds like, and this is what it looks like when you’re taking a video with it or probably when you’re on video call and i haven’t shaved. Yet so i’ll shave that, off before i shoot all the a roll for the main video sample with some sunlight. Just in case, you guys like working on your balcony in a cafe or outdoors and i’m, pretty happy with the quality of the camera, especially if you’re going to be using this for stuff, like meetings for calls for video conferences. Next up, we have two front firing. Speakers and for me overall sound quality was great. The sound stage gives good emphasis on the mids highs and, surprisingly, delivers a decent amount of bass and there’s. Also a headphone jack in case. You want to use it but here’s a sample from the speakers. Music. Music. Now, while the surface pro 7 plus has many configurations abroad, the model that is officially sold in the philippines has a core: i5, 1135, g7 processor, iris, xe, integrated, graphics, 8, gig ram and 256 gig ssd storage, and we also have a snapdragon x20 lpe modem. But our review unit is slightly different because instead of 8, we have 16 gig of ram, so the benchmark results i’m. Getting might be a little bit different from the ones you get. One very popular two on one locally is the lenovo yoga duet 7i, with its 10th gen core i7 processor, and compared to that the surface pro 7 plus performed better in geekbench cpu and cinebench r20 benchmarks that’s because of its higher clocked cores and a more modern 10 nanometer process, despite being an i5 processor, the surface pro 7 plus floored, the yoga duet 7i in geekbench, cpu and 3d mark fire strike that’s because of the superior performance of the iris xe graphics over the intel, uhd integrated, graphics of the yoga and again the Yoga is a 10th gen i7, but the surface has an 11th gen i5.

So you can see the big difference one generation can make thanks to the iris xe integrated gpu. The surface is capable of general productivity and light to medium multimedia work, but because of the fanless design, it has a tendency to heat up faster than usual, which causes thermal throttling. But for me, it’s, not a big deal at all. As long as you manage your expectations when it comes to heavy multimedia work, i really think it’s for standard document based work, not really for heavy multimedia, and i wouldn’t really trust it for the stuff i do for unbox now. Another thing i was happy about is the battery life. The 10 nanometer architecture makes the most out of its 46.5 watt hour battery, and our video loop test got us a battery life of 5 hours and 50 minutes, which is a decent number considering it has powerful specs for a two on one and you pair, that Up with fanless passive cooling and you can charge it with the included adapter or usbc, and it takes a little over two hours to fully top it up. So there you have it everything you need to know about the microsoft surface, pro 7 plus being one of the pioneers of two on one laptops. The surface pro 7 plus is still a leader that’s, thanks to ltea connectivity for work on the go, a sleek form factor, and especially the type cover which is top notch quality, although before you decide to grab one just remember that the accessories like the keyboard and The pen are sold separately and though a fanless silent design sounds great.

Thermal throttling will be a problem for heavier multimedia tasks, but if you’re looking for a standard workhorse, which you can literally take anywhere, this could be the one for you. The microsoft surface, pro 7 plus, is priced at 74, 690 pesos for the 8k gram and 256 gig storage model. The type cover is priced at 7290 pesos and you can get the surface pen for 5075 pesos and you can check out the list of resellers in the description box below you can check out more reviews and unbox. That page also don’t forget to like comment share and subscribe yep subscribe, because we need 250k subs we’re, giving away a smartphone, so don’t forget to use the hashtag sub to unbox, hit the notification icon.