How are you Rick you’re, the manager of the store it’s, my store absolutely now you’re getting ready, because now, but I’m people see this it’ll be out, but this is coming out tomorrow, the surface 3. So what do we got here? What’S this it’s the surface pro 3 and there’s a ton of excitement about it. As you can see, it’s one of the newest members of the surface family. We previously had the surface 2, and you know our customers have been asking for a bunch of different types of upgrades. They wanted some new features and functionality, and we really think that we delivered with this new product. So let’s take a look at how this product is configured now it’s, two parts right: you have a keyboard that’s separate. So this is an add on that you have to buy if you want the keyboard, but it comes with the pen. It does come with the pen and we’ll show you here in a little bit some of the really cool features built into the pen. The things I just would like to highlight about the new surface pro 3 is that it’s really meant to be. For the first time ever a true laptop replacement, but then it can also operate as a tablet replacement as well, and we can just show you real, quick, so go ahead and just take that off and it feels it’s a magnetic connector here. Yeah you can’t miss with it, go ahead and close the kickstand okay on the back here.

Yep just put it in it it’s. So what we like to say it’s there when you, when you want it to be there, but really, if you see the way it’s engineered it just disappears and it’s gone when you don’t it’s, pretty lightweight considering this is a full now that we should say this Is a regular PC? This is what an i5. This is the i5 version and that’s coming out tomorrow, and it really for a tablet with a full PC on board. This is really it’s balanced, nicely, amazingly thin 1.76 pounds so incredibly light come even compared to some of the best ultra books on the market. It’S yeah super thin super light and has, like you said, a really great feel to it and there’s a bit of a little tactile feedback here. When I hit the home the home windows button here at the bottom, a home button, I feel a little vibrate a little bit of a response. Yes, you know what you’re doing, and you know what I like about it is. You know the prior tablets that I’ve used from just about everybody have a very narrow, 16 by 9 aspect ratio. This feels a little bit wider right, yeah and that’s some of the feedback that we got. So when you look at the size of the screen of the surface 2 and you go to the bigger screen on the surface pro 3, even though it’s just a couple inch difference when you put them side by side, you see that there’s a there’s, a tremendous Increase in the real estate of the screen, yeah and yeah, and it’s better to hold this way because a lot of times I was always having a hard time reading web pages because they were so narrow.

This is this feels a lot wider, so I like that yeah it’s, really great, very nice, so the kickstand has a couple different positions on it too right it has. It does there’s quite a few and we help you drop it so well, it’s, okay, so I’ve! Actually got it upside down, so we’ll flip it up yeah. So just like on the previous versions of surface, it has one mode that you can go right into and that stands it up, so you don’t need to hold on to it. But then, with this one, you can actually lay it pretty far down at an angle that’s. You know appropriate for, however you’re using the computes good for presentations too, because if you’re do inside and the keyboard can really stay attached in that mode too right. So you could see you can yep and it clicks right in you: can’t miss it it’s gon na it’s gon na go in every single time all right, so you just pop it in there. Well with that yep yep and you can adjust that back down and get it into a into a good position, the keyboards nice. I was, I wasn’t sure what to think of the keyboard when I saw it feeling it. It feels nicer. The keys are the right size, yep it’s, a slightly bigger type cover than the previous versions, and it does have a really great feel to it. One other thing that you’ll feel if you go into the touchpad there’s, actually the same type of click sensitivity.

Okay, so you get a tactile response when you’re left clicking or right clicking – oh yeah, okay yeah, so you can actually feel when you’re hitting it right so it’s a mechanical function versus just that tapping always drives me nuts yeah, though it’s kind of nice. To do that, yeah when you get their response, you know exactly whether you you know whether the keyboard got the keystroke or not and screen real screen. Size is 12, 12 inches at or 13 inch it’s a 12 inch screen and it looks like it’s got the high DPI. So you get the really high resolution. So it looks. It looks very nice. It’S beautiful now tell me about the pen, because this is kind of a unique thing to the surface and you get the pen width with your surface right. So the pen comes with it and there’s some really cool functionality, that’s built into it it’s, not just a regular touch, tap stylus and it’s, not just a regular writing stylus, either it’s, actually pretty amazing technology built into what I’m going to I’m gon na put surface Pro 3 to sleep, okay and I’ll just show you that so as a user, when, if you wanted to you, could just hit the top top and it’s gon na bring surface pro to life, so you don’t have to hit a button or do anything there. That’S just gon na do that and then, if you wanted to immediately go into taking notes using a program like OneNote, you could tap that again and it’s gon na automatically go right in earlier.

Do some of the writing that we did earlier, but that’s? Okay, we can. Let me just make a new one. They can new page and start writing and now what’s neat about it is that you can, before you even put the pin on the surface it’s, detecting where I’m gon na be so. I guess it can pick up lighter touches, yep, yep good and then, if I hold down, I get a thicker pen, stroke, so it’s it’s pressure sensitive and it really understands if you’re trying to be very delicate and light or if you’re, trying to like you are Now give it a little more pressure and make a you know a wider right mark. You can change the colors. You can change the style of the pen. You can do all of that. One other thing that that I’d love for you to experience line is: if we just take this and go ahead and put it back into tablet mode, go ahead and write like you, normally would go back to OneNote and you can actually put your wrist on it. And it understands that that you’re, not that that’s, not the right that’s, not the it’s, not picking up my wrist as I do that exactly. I also notice that it’s disabled the keyboard when it’s flipped back around yeah, so that’s nice too, because if you ever want to be able to do that, so you can actually write very naturally on here.

Yep and what’s. Nice, too, is I’ve seen other stylus is not be able to keep up right, so there’s no delay here. When I write when I draw something it’s super easy: what are the buttons do on the side here, so one of them will act as a select. The other one will act as an eraser, so if I hold the button down, you hold it down. Well, I just took out my entire circle: there yeah yeah, so I can just take out different blocks of text and then, if you want to select, if you hold the other button and just maybe draw around it, you can select things and that’s how you can Do some some of the converting your your writing into text right and or just move things around and it works like you can see it works really. Well, I guess it’s kind of the thing when you have an Intel processor behind it. You can do more of this kind of stuff yeah. The performance that you get with the device goes up significantly with the new fourth generation. The i 5, like you said earlier, is what we’re launching tomorrow there will be an i3 version and an i7 version in the exact same form factor so think about that you’re gon na be able to get an i7 in this superlight very thin device. It’S. Pretty amazing now it’s a laptop replacement, mmm, hmm. So one of the things that people have said about the prior version of surface was that it was a little hard to keep on your lap.

This one is a little a little different right, yeah so and it’s you. Would you don’t necessarily notice it just by looking at it, but I’ll go ahead and show you so when you’re on a flat surface, the type cover it stays very well positioned and you can type and it works great if you’re using a device like this to Travel and you’re on an airplane or you’re, on a train or or even in a car or whatever, and and you have it on your lap or maybe not such a stable surface. This could wobble and it doesn’t make for a great typing experience, but so what they engineered into the new type covers and to the pro three is that that just clicks and again magnetically nice. It gives you a lot quits right in and then it’s very stable right. Any zealot wants to go have a seat to sit on here, but I can. I can tell you that it’s not really it’s going it’s pretty solid, now it’s pretty comfortable to type even in this in this mode as well, yeah yep. So it gives you a little bit more of almost kind of a laptop angle to it little bit a little bit more there. So and again, the keys are very full size. Now the onboard video is a integrated intel. The latest Intel integrated group, so it can do some gaming, probably more on the casual side than you know, running your xbox one kind of stuff, well, yeah yeah, but the video performance, the gaming performance, the graphic capabilities, even with that onboard ship on the i 5 And the i7 is still pretty fantastic.

You have a pretty decent process behind it. So who do you think is a target for this? We think there’s a large audience for it. I mean a lot of people were asking for the upgrades that they delivered with the pro 3. We really think it could be surface or it could be students. It definitely is business people that are traveling or doing work in the field, but I think that this meets the needs of a lot of different customers, great and so what’s. The the breakdown on price is three different tiers rights. You have an i3 and i 5 and an ICF we don’t, if you don’t, know exactly what each price level is: okay, it’s, okay, so that the i3 will start at 7.99, the ones that we’re launching tomorrow the i 5 there’s, two different versions. So there’s one that’s, a 128 gig and there’s a 256. The price points are 9.99 and 12.99 and then there’s different variations with ram and they can go up from there excellent and then the keyboard is separate right, so that’s an additional yeah. So the keyboard, the type cover, is 129 and and there’s bundles that the stores created so typically when customers, what we’ve learned what people buy when they’re getting this new computer is, you know a lot of people want office. So if we’re talking about a business customer or a student, a lot of times, they’ll want office to be installed on here, almost everybody ends up getting one type of the type covers and there’s different colors, so you can personalize it a little bit and then we’ve Got some other accessories like bags and and keyboards and mice, mat keyboards, but different kinds of Bluetooth, mice, and whatever else you might need to complete this and make it the right computer for you it’s a PC, so you can use this input on here.

Is there a USB there is there’s a full USB 3.0 there’s, also a HD video out so there’s some different ways: that’s a mini DisplayPort. There is that yep. So if you wanted to connect to an HD, monitor and review a presentation on this device, you can absolutely do that. So a little adapter in there or DisplayPort adapter and you’re good to go there’s a number of different accessories to whether you want to go VGA HDMI there’s, a number of different connections and it’s, just a different accessory. Depending on what type of monitor you want to connect, so really what you could do is almost dock it to your to your home system. You got to keep yet maybe a USB hub with a keyboard. You’Re good, and there actually is a docking station. That’Ll be also delivered a little bit later on this year and you could do exactly what you’re talking to so. If you have a workstation set up a lot of business people with the pro 2, they would have a docking station at home and at work and then it’s just come in click in good to go very, very nice. So this is out tomorrow, which is what June 18th their 19th, so the Friday, the 20th Friday the 20th. It is out and available in the i 5 variety, and then you can pre order. The other ones now I’m assuming yep and you can buy it in store or you do it online too right.

You could do either we’d encourage people to come in a lot of times, it’s still, if it’s still there their first interaction with windows 8.1. We liked in the store, take a lot of time and help them set. It up show them some of the tips and tricks kind of like some of the new features that I just showed you and you know, and really make sure that they’re excited leaving with their product and they’re excited to use it and really have a good time.