We will no longer be seeing that surface book get updates breaks my heart a little bit, but i am happy to see the surface laptop studio is what takes its place im personally, going to miss being able to take the screen off of the surface book. But this one can do a couple of cool things that you wouldnt expect from a laptop too. Now, before we get started, we have to take a quick look at what you get when you pick up the surface laptop studio and as youd expect comes some pretty standard, surface packaging, its a very clean and minimal look on the box, but once you pop it Open youre, of course, greeted with the surface laptop itself which well put to the side and, under that theres really not much else. You do get your hands on some paperwork and youll, of course, get the included charger. This is the surface connect charger and this guys actually rated at 102 watts. You actually notice its quite bigger than the surface pro charger and thats about it in terms of extras. Now you of course get your hands on the surface laptop studio and i got ta say guys immediately like any other surface device. This thing feels very very premium. It definitely gives you that high end feel that we got from the surface book, but i do think my favorite part of the unboxing is actually turning it on and getting greeted with windows.

11., but well talk about windows. 11. Later lets get on to the review. So weve got a really flexible screen over here. Obviously this is like your standard laptop mode, but you can actually pop the screen out bring it forward, and this is kind of reminiscent of the surface pro so youve got like the kickstand. You got the screen like the surface pro and you can even take the screen and tilt it all the way down kind of like the surface studio. You know the big all in one youve got that same functionality as well. Microsoft knows a thing or two about hinges and, as you can see, theyre really trying to get as much use out of the hinge here as possible. So this is pretty much like your tablet mode theres like a little piece right here, where that you can kind of grab onto makes it really easy to hold it in the hand. So youve got your tablet mode. Only thing thats a little bit weird about using it in tablet mode. Is that theres, no power button or volume buttons, its all going to have to be software or youre going to have to like straight up close the lid. So if youre used to using your surface book and you hit the power button when its in tablet mode, you dont really have those options here and if you want an uninterrupted viewing experience, you can kind of just throw it like this.

Have the keyboard be the kickstand, and you can watch content like this, so just like with the surface book, this screen can do a lot. Microsoft did a really good job with these hinges, as you guys can see here. They use like these ribbons to have all the connectors and drivers of the display go right through here, its nice clean uh, its honestly just like a really good design. I personally like it now one question people might have is how sturdy is the screen? Is it gon na flip on me whenever i try to do something not really, i do think it does have like a couple of weak points. So if youre messing around with the corners, i think thats, when you can introduce this kind of thing right here, where it flaps open. These are really strong, hinges and magnets that keep it down, but when youre getting it from the middle, it is completely fine. But i do notice that its a lot easier to tilt that screen forward grabbing it from the corners and youll especially want to avoid those corners. If you have like a program open lets, say we have like excel right, you go to grab it like this. Youll notice that i almost exited the application here, because my finger touched the x so be very careful if you get your hands on this, try to get used to just doing it right from the middle or even the center of the screen itself, where you can Just take it and tilt it and then adjust it in the way you want, but i like the functionality that the screen brings to the table, ive seen some people in the comments of like my first video talking about this saying.

Oh hps been doing this forever. Theres other laptops that do it so its one of those, oh somebody else did it first kind of things, but regardless its still cool to see here now, the surface laptop studio does have a really nice display. This is microsofts pixelsense flow display its a 14.4 inch screen, and it looks really good now when it comes like using this device for content consumption so watching something in laptop mode, absolutely normal experience. This has really solid speakers theyre supposed to be dolby at most rated. The sound is really full its got a smidge of bass to it a lot more rich than i hear with other laptops, so kudos to microsoft. For that really good sounding speakers, but when you do turn it into like lets, say this mode right here. It kind of sounds like the music is coming in through a tunnel which makes sense uh it doesnt sound bad, but it does sound different and even a little bit in this mode as well uh. They all sound, fine, youre, not gon na really complain. But if youre in the middle of watching something – and you just decided to switch the screen, dont be surprised to just hear a little shift in the audio. But i will say this laptop has some really good speakers. But now lets kind of talk about the rest of the design right. So, as you can see, this is a really interesting laptop design.

So youve got like pretty much two layers to the bottom of the laptop and, as you can see, the sides have the vents. So this is where you get the thermal solution for the laptop studio. Now, when i first saw this, i was like oh man, it is gon na be so weird to put my palms on this, its probably gon na shake uh. But absolutely not. This thing has not tilted or done anything weird at all, uh its been extremely solid, even though the edges are kind of like hanging off on our on their own, so it feels extremely comfortable to use uh, but youll also notice, theres a spot right here at The bottom for the surface, slim pen too, so its magnetic itll also charge the pen and its a nice easy spot to put it and you know, grab whenever you need it so well talk about this pen in a second, but it is a nice convenient spot To store that now, above the vents, we have two thunderbolt 4 ports on the left side and on the other side, we have the surface connect port, which is where youll charge it, as well as a headphone jack kind of sucks to not see a usb type. A port on this, but you know, weve, been dying for thunderbolt 4, so i cant complain too much. This is going to be great if you want to have like thunderbolt accessories like really fast storage or even external gpus, whatever it might be.

This is now going to be able to support, really fast speeds, so very, very happy to see that, but really quick. I want to touch back on the vents now. I think the weirdest part about this thermal solution is just the way it dissipates heat. So when the fans kick on, they actually blow out air towards the sides, but its like right in this vicinity right here and on the opposite side, thats, where all that airflow just gets pushed out. So it can get a little bit weird if youre doing something taxing. So if youre like playing a game and youre using your mouse youre, going to feel the fan blow, the heat right onto your hand, its its not a big deal, but its not something ive ever experienced with a laptop before. Usually they send the heat out through the back or something ive. Never just had the fans, though, blowing directly on my hand as im doing anything intensive now. For me, its not a big deal, i play my games on my laptops with a controller, so i dont really care because i know certain people are really crazy about the sensitivity of their mouse and they probably dont want anything messing with their hand, while theyre gaming, You might be a little annoyed that theres a fan blowing on your hand while youre playing – but i will say gaming on this – has been pretty dope. It can have up to a nvidia, rtx 3050 ti and you you hear 50 ti youre like oh thats, like one of the low cards, but in all the games that ive been playing.

It actually ran really well and everything looked really good. Im, a big apex, legends kind of guy ive been playing that and i could not complain about the graphics ive also been playing scarlet nexus. On this. Interestingly enough, i had to take off the locked frame rate of 60 frames in order to get smoother performance, which was way higher than 60, but either way gaming for me on, this has been great and speaking of frame rates. This is a 120 hertz display. So if you have a game or anything that can take advantage of being 120 hertz, you have access to that here. I honestly really like the bezels on the screen and how its just kind of rounded into corners but yeah. I like the display. I, like the size overall, throw this thing in a backpack is not going to be a big deal now, of course, this thing also has a camera. One thing that i like with it is that no matter the lighting situation, even though theres like some big bright lights behind me or if i turn around doesnt matter, what the situation is, i stay nice and clear. You know i can get really dark really fast depending on the lighting situation, but this thing does a really good job of making sure that i am well lit. Yeah go ahead. Carl show him show him your moves, thats, how carl dances yall. Now, of course, it has all these form factors.

Youve got the surface slim pen, 2.. Obviously, microsoft is thinking about creators with this device. So if youre, an artist or something youve got multiple ways to go ahead and draw on this, obviously you can have it all. The way down lets see lets lets open up, whiteboard huh im, showing you guys some some skills really quickly. Nah, not my handwriting. We aint talking about that carl im gon na draw something real quick. What should i draw carl? No something else im going to draw spider man, because i know how to draw spider man just a little bit. So if you like, drawing on this its actually not so if youre planning on using this with the slim pen too, this is probably like your ideal way nope. So if you plan on using this with the slim pen too, this is probably the i um jay youre, making me nervous bro get out of here. Oh my god, i cant listen. What am i doing here see im im over here in presenter mode. I need to be in artist mode im, not even gon na talk to you guys hold on im gon na get this right. First, all right, all right! You know what you guys see it coming to life act like you know i dont, but you can see the possibilities are there. This is no reflection of what the surface is capable of, but either way. This is the way youd wan na you know, produce your art at least i think so.

Uh something thats, really cool about the surface. Slim pen, too, is the fact that it can actually send haptic feedback while youre drawing on something like whiteboard that we have over here. It gives you like that scratchy feel like youre, drawing on a piece of paper. So if you like the sensation of putting like pen to paper, this is probably the closest thing we have out right now, its actually pretty cool, because you can go into settings and you can change the intensity of the tactile signal. So you can have it at 100.. I feel most comfortable having it like at like the 7d range uh jay likes it at 100., its a cool feature uh. You have access to that in a bunch of different apps within windows – 11, even microsoft xl. So if you just feel comfortable writing, you can just say: okay. Weve got 10 of these 7 22 Music 7.. Seven of these he struggled not wrong. Carl, i probably would rather type it, but you can do it with the pen if you want but youre right. Carlos just type it yall just just type it, but the functionality is there. Thats thats, whats important right, its cool now theres that kind of creative use, but the creative use that you know jay and i usually do with some photos and videos. We do it at this guy as well and handled it very well uh. We were actually pretty surprised to see it handle some nice 4k footage in full resolution.

Uh played back pretty smoothly while it was on an external drive, so you can pretty much do just about anything. I feel like with this laptop, whether thats, you know gaming, creative work, uh, you name it and it pretty much can handle it with no problem. Now that obviously depends on the specs that you get with this machine, but this one can get up to a 11th generation intel core i7 processor, uh, 32 gigs of ram up to 2 terabytes of ssd storage and an nvidia rtx 3050 ti. So you can put some real power behind this guy if you want to, and because this thing is built to fit the needs of a bunch of different people out there. I feel like that baseline model actually isnt too bad. Considering the engineering behind this uh, the overall quality of the laptop, i think its a solid buy now something we didnt talk about are the keyboard and trackpad experience. This thing is a surface device you guys its gon na have an amazing keyboard and it does have an amazing keyboard and youve got the precision. Haptic touch pad nice. Big touch pad very nice easy to use now battery life has actually been pretty solid on this. For me, as well, ive been able to pretty much go a whole day without needing to charge, of course, depending on what im doing if im gaming, i probably try to plug it in so i can get the best out of the machine, but for the most Part battery has actually been pretty solid on this.

For me, overall, i was not disappointed by the surface laptop studio. It definitely has some quirks uh. I think the air dissipating definitely feels a little bit weird grabbing it by the corners of the screen can cause it to pop up. So if you want to adjust the screen, i dont suggest doing it from the corners. Maybe the sound changing up when you, you know, switch the modes but thats not a big deal. Carl. You got any questions about this. No can i have it jay. You got any questions about it. You guys ruined your chance ill. Never talk about this. To you guys again, i wont answer any questions for you guys. I also inside this thing has not disappointed. Windows 11 actually runs really smoothly on it. If you guys are interested in me, maybe talking a little bit more about windows. 11. Let me know with a comment down below: do i recommend the surface laptop studio? Absolutely, i think this thing is a solid buy. You do have to get to learn how, to you know, adjust the screen a little bit, but with time you do. This is a premium device that can handle pretty much anything that id want to do on a windows laptop, but that about wraps it up you guys. Hopefully you enjoyed the video. Of course, you know were going to cover the surface pro as well surface pro 8. ive got some pretty cool things in mind for that video so definitely subscribe to make sure you see that content and well catch you guys in the next one till then its Your average consumer peace, you guys gon na, have one question.

You know what i i take it. I explained very well. Well, you have a question yeah, so you remember, i gave you a surface the surface book, yeah uh huh.