My name is sarah d2 rhymes with peachy. Today we have the beautiful microsoft surface laptop studio, not to be confused with the surface studio, which is their desktop solution, really cool the hinges. You have three different positions: studio stage and just normal laptop, and when i saw this, i actually got really excited because ive always wanted that that studio desktop. I just never took the leap, and this is really cool having it in a laptop form factor. When you see it youre kind of confused like why is there just like two bottom chassis? You know theres one and then theres kind of the lip, and it serves as a really cool place to store your pen im. Actually, a way bigger fan of this opposed to having it on the side of, like you, know my dell xps211, and when you see it, it actually does look kind of bulky. When i saw the pictures i was like thats weird, but then when i first unboxed it i was like. Oh, this is actually way lighter than i thought it really has a beautiful form factor and it feels like a macbook and lets just say it. You know i really. I really love the the concept d. It was amazing when it came out, but now that we have the hp version and this really thin uh solution from microsoft, youre, like oh wow yeah. This is a bit much. Of course it has a bigger display, you have every port under the sun and then you also have the pen actually built into the computer, of course, its smaller its, not the best experience compared to the new studio pen.

I mean this really feels great. What is the point of this stage mode covering up the keyboard you cant type? What can you do so in a lot of the literature they had, this form factor showing people gaming watching netflix, but honestly, a lot of that, even if youre, using xbox control youre going to want access to the keyboard and even when youre watching content, you want Access to the keyboard, i will say, as an avid note, taker two on ones have been amazing computers for me, but really if i want to write, notes, theyre, always in the completely flipped orientation or you know its up like a laptop and im im holding the Screen and writing notes, so what i found actually with having magnets here, you know the screen. Doesnt, move back is actually extremely handy for note taking and for people who draw, i will say i wish there was a way to just like forget about the track pad and have it like right here have magnets right here, because that would be the best angle For me, but its really nice to have somewhat of an angled solution for writing, notes or drawing, and this this display is not going anywhere, so so thats cool. But again this would be just the perfect which it still actually kind of works. I mean theres theres flex, but just like any two and ones, then i would kind of just rest. My hand here draw – and you know this slim pin too – does have a lot of cool haptic things going on when youre drawing you have a little bit of vibration at the tip of the pen uh, they say its similar its basically oh people dont like how I say that word simulates, i say simulates, they say it should simulate.

They say i hate that word. I hate it. Okay, okay, they say it should remind you of what it feels like having a pencil to paper. Honestly, it just kind of feels like your pins. Vibrating, which is not the same as pencil to paper, so you do have a lot of great settings within this pin app. They have updated it recently. You have you know these different shortcuts. You can press on the top button for me that launches onenote, because thats my favorite note taking solution im a really big fan of onenote, and then you also have a button down here that can launch different things for you as well. Right now i have it mapped to oh actually, the selection tool. I thought it was the eraser select and then you can move things around. Maybe the eraser yeah thats cool, so i can erase with the end of the pen and it doesnt have a hundred and eighty degree hinge which im like ah okay, a few more things about the actual laptop whoa, oh god, okay, the surface laptop studio is designed To replace the surface book in their line, which im a fan of because the surface book always had great potential, you know it was a tablet. It was a laptop. It was all of these things, but the fact that you could remove the display and there was components in the display there was components in the keyboard. If you couldnt successfully connect the display back, it was just a terrible interruption of flow, and that would happen all the time.

Even when you didnt want to remove the display. Your display would just randomly eject and then that completely ruins your just normal laptop experience when youre in the middle of editing a video editing a photo writing a document whatever it was just never executed in the way that it should have so this i welcome in Full force the fact that its like a sexy version of the acer uh concept d, i approve of so a few more things about the physicality of this because well, i could talk about it all day and then well get into performance. Okay, guys, um! The keyboard is really great. I like it a lot. The action is great. It was comfortable uh within the first first moment that i was typing on it, but the star of the show here is this trackpad its kind of hard to explain, but its really amazing. Its like a smaller version of whats on macbooks again, this is kind of like microsoft, taking everything great about macbooks and then innovating on the form factor right. So this trackpad is super comfortable. When you click on things, you instantly get the feedback and youll be able to adjust how much feedback that you want and need. Whats super disappointing is the port situation. Obviously they are targeting creators. They are targeting professionals with this laptop, its starting at 15.99, but at 15.99 you dont even get a dedicated gpu, so youre gon na have to go up.

If you want those i7 options, 32 gigs of ram one two terabytes of ssd storage, so itll get pretty pricey pretty quick, but then you only have two usbcs now granted. These are thunderbolt 4, which is really great youre, going to get like 40 gigabytes per. Second of transfer speeds: you can connect really high end displays docks all of the things, and i guess what is good. Is you have this surface port? This is used for charging on the macbook 13 inch. One usb would always be taken for charging, and then you only have one for your dongle or whatever else you want to connect to it. So i guess it is nice that they they have. You know a separate port for the charger, so you have two usb cs open and then you have a headphone jack, but i would have just loved to see at least an sd card slot. I know its pushing it for me to ask for also a usb type, a port. You might call me a grandma asking for that, but im always using them. Okay, hey the music on that montage was pretty fire right. Well, shout out to epidemic sound for sponsoring. This video, which its such an honor, because i use epidemic, sound all the time for my youtube videos. It doesnt matter. If its a talking video and i need some chill hip hop or if its a really powerful video – and i really need to get that epicness across they have so many amazing playlists to get a.

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I dont know how they do this, because even the macbook pros show fingerprints. If you get, you know the silver version of it, but i will say i have these like little scratches from being in my backpack. I dont know if you can tell other tech rubbing against it, so its like fingerprints, dont, show at all dont know how theyre doing that, but little micro scratches not fun, and i will say the build quality just feels so much better from previous iterations of well. Not this laptop, since this is brand new, but since this is, you know replacing the surface book, the surface book was just so sketchy it just always disconnected it never felt solid, and this feels so solid. Like yes, microsoft. I love it. The only little caveat that i didnt, even notice until i started using it more, was the actual part of the display that does the little swivel swivel right. That part is actually misaligned in my unit. I dont know if its unique to me but ill get a close up shot of this. Basically, the top panel is a little bit to the right, so the edges arent exactly straight now – were talking millimeters right, so i dont think its going to affect your life that much and i cant imagine uh manufacturing all of these devices and making sure theyre perfect. But its just like, oh, we were so close to perfection and for a device so sleek.

I wish that wasnt a thing and this rubber insert in between is a little uneven. So the the look i dont know if its because i used it more. It was my backpack um, the the look of that actual part of the display is not perfect, the actual display is really nice and the 3×2 ratio, i know, is a huge thing for writers. Programmers. I really dont think laptops should be made with 16×9 displays like anymore, like get out of here. The rounded edges on the actual design of the laptop is beautiful on the outside, but the fact that they kept the rounded edges on the actual display. Honestly, tripped me out when im using it can i just have a normal rectangular display, i think, thats, what were all used to it? Just it doesnt make sense in my brain to have that its kind of annoying i dont know if youre an illustrator if youre an artist and youre over in mac, lan, usually youll have an ipad for drawing you go and procreate. You know you use those apps. Some adobe fresno or gemini, or what is it called? I i have the beta names always in my head and then i forgot actually what theyre called so thats a workflow with that and then maybe you have a macbook pro or an imac at home. Usually the ipad has a computer for a companion to do the video editing or to just have a computer.

You know an ipad is still not a computer as much as you try. Some people can pull it off some people and i think thats one of the benefits over in windows land is that you can really truly get all in one. If youre, not a video editor and you dont need a dedicated gpu, you could always go for. You know these classic 201s. The dell xps is one of my favorites. You know if i was a student. This is totally what i would go for, because you know its great for writing, notes. It has the pen, you can snap it to the side which honestly isnt the best, also with the ipad on the side. You know, of course, its charging, but the moment you throw it into a backpack, you lose it. This magnet is so strong. It is not going anywhere, so you can throw this in a backpack. You can carry it around its, not falling its going to charge in place. What was i saying that oh yeah, so over windows lane? You have those options of a two in one or maybe you can go for you know a concept d, the acer computer and you can really have a desktop a tablet. All those things in one, however, that concept d is really big right and thats thats its just so heavy and its interesting, because now you have that all in one setup, where you can do gaming, video editing things i wouldnt recommend you know on.

Maybe some of these two and ones that are below a thousand dollars with their skus, its just interesting, because windows really truly has an all in one laptop. Now that isnt huge and hard to bring around, i personally usually play halo, but i wanted to download a 120 frames per second game dirt 5, and this is honestly the only racing game that i am actually decent at. So it looks great um. The most surprising part is just the speakers, like the speakers sound great, and they dont get rattly or just you know, terrible at high volumes, which is very good. Nolan youre gon na need them with rough circuits filled with tight, turns whenever you put the xbox controller in bluetooth, pairing mode, it just pops up uh again, i love windows 11, how it automatically pairs things to bluetooth, so there was minimal lag and it was just You know a good experience overall, its a great display, but oh my gosh. It is so so glossy like reflections on it are actually kind of insane when it comes to video editing. It was honestly like a little just a little disappointing. Ive edited a few different videos with this laptop and i will say in resolve, theres a huge difference when the laptop is plugged in versus not plugged in you know when its not plugged in it cant utilize the full power of the dedicated graphics card and windows. 11 actually makes it more difficult to switch in between performance modes.

When i first started editing the power settings were in recommended, so the fans didnt kick on full force, so i wasnt getting the best performance possible. So you kind of have to go into these settings. You used to be able to change it from the toolbar. Now you have to go deeper into the settings to change to full. You know high performance and thats. Obviously, what you want with video editing so with a laptop plugged in and high performance selected, it did better in resolve with actually scrubbing through this a7s 3. 4K. 10 bit 420 footage um. It actually did much better scrubbing and just playing back footage and all around experience actually in premiere all right today, we just had a major apple event where we released the new 48 macbook pros and guess what the ports are back instead of resolve, which is kind Of a bummer for me since im in resolve, but that performance isnt consistent with what i was experienced over with the msi creator, z16 laptop that i showed off recently and those are similar specs and msi just perform so much better. For some reason. When video editing, let me specify when video editing so when i went to export this apple event, video that i edited on a laptop its a 9 minute 20. Second, video it exported in 8 minutes and 46 seconds uh in resolve and 7 minutes and 13 in premiere, so it was kind of faster all around in premiere um with the studio.

I had a great experience with premiere in this computer when editing, though some actual trackpad issues stand out. Sometimes you click it and it just doesnt select things. This is something that i had major issues with on the new dell xps 17, its not as bad as a dell xps, but i would literally be selecting things and resolve in premiere and they just wouldnt be selecting. They wouldnt be grabbing the clips and it was super frustrating. I i turned up the sensitivity on the trackpad remind you. This trackpad is great when i was just scrolling and working and doing all the things it felt so great. But then a huge flaw was highlighted when i was clicking away in video editing and sometimes it just wouldnt select things when you hard press on the trackpad like super disappointing. So yeah. Let me know what you think and a big feature was the 120 hertz display and in laptops its kind of hard. I feel like to tell the difference with windows. 11. Maybe i dont know it doesnt utilize it as much, but you know on the new iphone pro that 120 hertz display, like wow those animations, no matter what app youre in you can tell the difference. Android devices weve had 120 hertz on them for a while. You its snappy right, i think for my needs and a laptop 120 hertz. You know isnt necessary, but its a nice to have for some people.

I know gears 5, that does 120 hertz, forza theres a lot of card games. So if that gaming component is important to you to have 120 hertz well, this has it okay, let me know what you thought of this device. Does this fit into your workflow? Is it too expensive, because, if im going to be honest, if you just need a two in one and a dedicated gpu isnt that important go with a dell xps go with an hp specter, the price tag starts at a much more reasonable start. I think this is really valuable. Once you go up in the specs, you know the i7 dedicated nvidia, gpu, um yeah, so thats. What i think, let me know what you think like this video. If you dug it, dug it digged it hit that subscribe button, and i guess the only thing left to do is to well stay. Peachy.–xjD8eU