First of all, when i say this thing is ultra portable, i mean it’s like really ultra portable. This thing is 2.4 pounds, or this amount of uh kilos and it’s just it’s, so tiny. This thing is adorable like look at this and then look at my iphone 11 pro max and it’s it’s. Like almost i i’m sorry, this isn’t scripted anyway. This thing it’s just it’s so like you, could just put this in any bag. Okay enough of that the specs are underwhelming, to say the least. It only has an i5 with four cores and really low wattage, so you’re not gon na get super crazy amounts of performance. It also only comes with eight gigabytes of ram on the top spec, which is like i mentioned 899. Now the build quality on this thing. It’S insane for what it is now the lid has this luxurious, like aluminum matte, finish that i really like it just it feels great. The bottom is kind of a plasticky material, but it feels really premium. I don’t know how they did it, but it’s just it feels really great to hold in your hand and uh to use now. The outer design is great and all, but our port selection is just fantastic, that’s, a joke. Unfortunately, we only have a usba, a usbc and a headphone jack on the left and then on the right, there’s, the charging port so that’s it now. The hinge feels really solid, but i tested it and it’s a little hard to lift with one finger because of how light the laptop is.

But that’s like a super nitpicky thing. Now the lid open, the deck is the same aluminum material which is nice to see, but of course, aluminum gets kind of cold. So in the winter it kind of sucked to like type this. This list of stuff that i wanted to talk about in the video um, but of course it feels really premium again for the price it’s incredible, build quality. The keyboard has been extremely comfortable to use. It’S got like full size spacing and it’s edge to edge and it’s, just really nice overall and there’s, no back lighting. This is just i feel like this is unacceptable for a laptop at any price to not have backlighting on your keys, no, but seriously. It’S it’s anecdotal, but i did like curl up in bed with this laptop and tried to do some school assignment and i just couldn’t because i couldn’t see the keys and i was really frustrated because i love how this laptop looks and feels and it’s and it’s. Just it’s all it feels solid, you know, but no backlighting man now besides, that there’s also a really responsive, fingerprint sensor, which does light up, which is the only key that really lights up so that’s a thing and also the function key is automatically bound to the Functions as opposed to the f keys, the trackpad is a pretty good size, considering how small the laptop is and it’s really responsive. It also has a touch screen, so you kind of have a little bit of a combo when it comes to how you want to interact with it.

I guess now, since you have the touch screen, it’s going to be a little glossy. Some people like that. Some people don’t it’s up to you to decide. Speaking of the screen, it’s a three to two aspect ratio. So this favors productivity over say media consumption, because when you watch anything at a 16 to nine ratio, you’re going to have the black bars at the top and the bottom, but that was no big deal. In my opinion. Moving on to functionality, when you get the laptop, it starts in s mode which windows has on here. I don’t know why, but it only allows you to download stuff from the microsoft store for security purposes. However, fortunately they do allow you to disable it permanently. For free uh and when you do you can’t revert back. So just keep that in mind when you do, and you should so. This is what i look and sound like on the surface. Laptop go camera with pretty good lighting there’s a lot of light. On my face um it’s usable now at first, i had no idea where the speakers were because they’re like hidden, but they actually sound, pretty clear, especially considering how small this laptop is Music. Now this thing isn’t a top tier video, editing or gaming machine. So the specs aren’t super important when it comes down to it, it’s, really just how it feels to use. However, i’ll go into them because i’m, a nerd and you are probably a nerd, so yeah we’ve got an i5 10 35 g1.

I think, basically, if you need a new password, just check intel’s new mobile chips and you’ll find a pretty secure one. There we’ve only got integrated graphics here with one gigabyte of graphics memory, so that’s definitely not ideal for content creation. Now the eight gigabytes of ram in my model are dual channel and i’m, assuming they are as well in the top spec model, the 128 gigabyte ssd in here kind of sucks. To be honest, i only had about 1600 megabytes per second read and about 300 mega megabytes per second right, so that’s not impressive by any stretch of the imagination, but it gets the job done when all you’re really doing is web browsing and maybe some photo editing. Fortunately, it does have wi fi, six and bluetooth five. So if you have any bluetooth, peripherals you’ll be good. Now the battery with the surface laptop go is another really touchy topic. I was only getting about four hours with real world use, which included a zoom class and some youtube videos so that’s, just that just sucks i mean when you have something like the macbook air, which isn’t that much more expensive than the top spec 899 dollar version Of the surface laptop go with like 13 plus hours of real world usage. This is just it’s, unacceptable, honestly, and this came out at a pretty similar time that the m1 macbook air did in 2020. So i don’t even know what to say: running minecraft at like medium settings was kind of just choppy, and not that enjoyable and also i was running at a 720p instead of 1080p because of the weird display resolution.

So yeah yikes cs go, which is also a pretty non demanding game was super choppy i mean i dropped the settings. Everything was at its lowest. I didn’t even bother changing the resolution from the base resolution or the native resolution because it was kind of hard to navigate the settings and i’m. Not really exaggerating. I’Ll show some gameplay here so yeah. The performance was really lacking on this, and i just i for 899 dollars that you can definitely get better gaming machines, but anyway, there’s also not the full hd screen, which i’ve mentioned a couple times, and that just you know, it’s not full hd. But when it comes down to it, the screen looks good and i did enjoy watching stuff on it. So it’s it’s really not a huge complaint. For me, the fan was pretty high pitched and if you have sensitive ears, that may bother you, but i personally didn’t find it too big of a deal. One other thing is the surface charger cable that all surface devices come with, and i just don’t like it. It’S, like they tried to do apple, mac, safe, but it’s, really inconvenient and it’s, weird and it’s hard to put in and and it’s i just i don’t know i just i don’t like it now. My overall opinion on the surface laptop go is that, even though it looks great – and i was really excited to have found this on the shelf at best, buy it just it really isn’t worth it.

In my opinion, i just i don’t think that the lowest spec is even viable in 2021, four gigabytes of ram that’s, like nothing it’s like the the os itself. Windows takes up four gigabytes of ram, pretty much um on top of that it’s. Just it’s like lacking all these features, it just doesn’t really make sense to me now the mid mid tier spec that i have the 128 gigabyte model. I think that is the most value centered of the bunch, because if you can actually get it for 600 it’s like it’s, okay, it’s, it’s, it’s, pretty decent. However, if you go from 700 to 900 for the top spec model and you’re only getting 128 more gigabytes like that’s, it that’s the upgrade for 200 120 gigabytes, no value. In my opinion, i just i just can’t. I can’t justify that kind of purchase and, quite frankly, without keyboard, backlighting and and without a lot of ports and like just without a full hd screen. All together. I i don’t, i don’t, think the surface laptop go is a very good option for anyone on paper. It doesn’t look that great in person. It does look great, but then you use it and it’s it’s like a it’s like a it’s like a good dream. But where am i going with this it’s like it’s, your birthday but the? But the birthday cake falls on the floor: no it’s like you’re, buying a nice looking laptop and expecting it to have keyboard backlighting and a full hd screen, except it doesn’t that’s the disappointment that i felt having owned this for a couple weeks now.

I think a month – and i just yeah sorry guys i just i can’t – recommend the surface laptop go um yeah. Well, even on that negative note, if you did enjoy this review, a subscription to the channel would be very much appreciated. A like on the video would be very much appreciated. I put a lot of time into these videos and i’m also very excited to be doing these videos, so yeah, i’m, i’m gon na be here and i’m gon na keep making a video every week as best. I can the next one will be about the g15 there’s some stuff i wanted to follow up on so i’ll have that next sunday and yeah guys, i hope you enjoyed this is sepitech and i will see you in the next one adios bye, bye.