So hey guys welcome back to my channel. My name is nitish and today, in this video i’m, going to tell you about a laptop that offers great performance, great battery life, a comfy keyboard and is also a lightweight laptop, and this laptop gives a good competition to apple macbook air. So if you are looking for an alternative for an apple macbook air, then this laptop is for you and not only this. This laptop has some cool and amazing features that you don’t know about. So make sure you watch this video till the end and subscribe to my channel if you want giveaways on my channel so now, without wasting any time let’s just dive into the video Music. So after this surface laptop 3, now microsoft has launched the all new surface. Laptop 4 and after using this laptop for a week, it is clear that this time, surface, laptop 4 has given a good competition to dell and apple by crossing the limits of how slim, beautiful and powerful. This laptop is. The surface. Laptop 4 comes in a matte black sandstone metal, color, platinum and matte, black metal, color and other than this. There is a new ice blue color, which looks so attractive and bold that i just loved so much so now talking about the dimensions. The dimensions are almost same as the surface laptop 3, whereas if i talk about the weight, the surface laptop 4 weights around 2.8 pound, which is almost same as the apple m1 macbook air and now on the left side of the laptop.

There is a usb, a usbc and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, whereas on the right side of the laptop there is a surface connector for charging and other than this. There is no other port on the right side. Music. Overall, the design of the laptop is so sleek and it almost gives a good competition to apple macbook air. So now coming out to the display there is a 13.5 inch display and a two to five six by 1504 pixel screen of the surface laptop four and now coming to the keyboard and touchpad while typing on the microsoft surface laptop 4. It feels more comfortable than any other laptop i’ve worked on thanks to its large part, to the nicely sized keys and the ai cantra material around the keyboard. The keys feel satisfying to type on with 1.3 mm to travel and a nice click. Now the big talking point of the surface laptop 4 speaker, which microsoft claims and helps the laptop to deliver richer and more accurate, sound by pumping it out from beneath the keyboards and bouncing it off as a screen. Personally, the sound experience of this laptop was different and amazing, as compared to other laptops and while watching movies with the dolby atmos sound made me love this laptop much more now coming to the performance, it was like unexpected when i played cyberpunk and the surface laptop 4 handled this game pretty well, thanks to its 11th generation intel core i7 1185 g7 cpu, and this laptop comes with i5 variant, also, which works great too and other than this.

It comes with 8 16 and 32 gb ram variant. Talking about the battery life, which is one of the biggest selling point for this latest surface laptop and with the good reason, the surface laptop 4 lasted 11 hours on web surfing, and that is really good enough. Now talking about the heating issues, there wasn’t any heating issue, while normal usage overall, the microsoft surface, laptop 4 in terms of performance, design and audio. This is a great laptop and microsoft. Surface laptop 4 has been launched in two variants: 13.5 inch laptop and a 15 inch laptop, and it starts at 999, which is almost 75 000 in indian rupees, and i think this laptop is a value for money product. Also and personally, i will also recommend you all to go for this laptop. If you are looking to buy a laptop in this price range, you can go and check out the links in the description box below Music, uh, Music, hey Music, my Music go Music, uh, Music, hey Music, Music uh, so guys that’s it for now. If you enjoyed this, video, then do hit the like button and do let me know in the comment section below that. What do you feel about this laptop and will you go for this laptop or not and do also? Let me know in the comment section below that which laptop you are using it right now and subscribe to my channel.