5 and 15 inch models. Both sizes will ship with intel’s latest 11th gen processors or amd’s ryzen 4000 series processors. The surface laptop 4 will be available with 4 new cpu options: 2, each from amd and intel the amdcpu options are of the amd ryzen microsoft, surface edition variety, meaning they are semi custom chips that feature some additional tweaks and performance over the off the shelf parts Available to other manufacturers, the surface laptop 4 offers the choice of ryzen 5, 4, 6, 8 ou and ryzen 74980u from amd and intel core i51135g7 and core i71185g7. The amd parts feature radeon graphics, whereas the intel parts have intel iris, z, graphics, microsoft is shipping its surface laptop 4 on april 15th in the us, canada and japan, starting at 999 for the amd model and 1299 for the intel version. The difference in pricing likely comes down to the fact that microsoft isn’t using amd’s latest 5000 series cpus here. Instead, microsoft is using amd’s zen 2 based chips for its amd ryzen surface edition processors. Despite this performance between the intel and amd versions, could be rather similar. But we’ll have to wait for full reviews to judge how microsoft’s choices have landed microsoft, surface laptop 4 as touch enabled and come with windows. Hello face authentication. They have an aluminium casing with options for alcantara or metal palm rests. Surface laptop 4 also features a taller 3 to 2 aspect ratio for its display, microsoft, surface laptop for price availability, microsoft, surface laptop 13.

5 inch starts at 999 dollars and this gets you the amd, ryzen 5 plus 8 gigabytes, plus 256 gigabytes configuration the intel core i5 Plus 8 gigabytes plus 512 gigabytes configuration costs 1 299. It is offered in ice, blue and platinum. Colors that have alcantara palm rests as well as matte black and sandstone colors that have metal palm rest. The 15 inch variant of the surface laptop 4 starts at 1. 299 for the amd ryzen configuration and 1799. for the intel configuration it is offered in matte, black and platinum colors with metal palm rest shipping for the microsoft surface, laptop 4 will start from april 15th in the us, canada and japan. Availability for other markets will be shared in the coming weeks. Microsoft, surface laptop 4 specifications, surface laptop 4, runs windows, 10 home and comes in a 13.5 inc and a 15 inch screen size. The 13.5 inch model has a 10 point. Multi touch enabled pixel sense display with 2256 by 1504 pixels resolution 201 pixels per inch, pixel density and 3 to 2 aspect ratio. The 15 inch model has 2496 by 1664 pixels resolution with the same pixel density and aspect ratio. Under the hood, the microsoft surface, laptop for 13.5 inch model can be equipped with up to an 11th gen intel core i71185g7 processor and intel iris z, graphics or an amd ryzen 54680u processor. With amd radeon graphics. The 15 inch mode can be equipped with an 11th gen intel core i711 processor or an amd ryzen 74980u processor surface laptop 4 comes with up to 32 gigabytes of lpddr4x ram and up to 1 terabyte of ssd storage, it has been fitted with a 47.

4 whr Battery that is said to last up to 19 hours on the 13.5 inch with amd ryzen cpu and up to 17 hours with the intel cpu on the 15 inch model. The amd ryzen cpu model can last up to 17.5 hours, while the intel variant can last up to 16.5 hours. According to microsoft, connectivity options on the microsoft surface, laptop 4 include wi, fi, 6, bluetooth, v, 5.0, a usb type c port, a usb type of port and a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack. It comes with a 720p hd webcam with windows, hello, face authentication. There are dual far field: studio, mics and omnisonic speakers with dolby atmos. The 13.5 inch model measures 308 by 223 by 14.5 millimeters, while the 15 inch model measures 3′.5 x, 244 by 14.7 millimeters. If you are under a tight deadline, you cannot afford a technical mishap on your computer issues, can strike at any time and cause a major headache and inconvenience that’s where webex fix it. Support comes in our experienced technicians, provide excellent technical support for customers across the world. We are a microsoft, certified professional expert and result oriented it. Support team. I founded web x, fix solutions on the principle of helping companies. Individuals to achieve their goals. Webex fix team helps you to save time and money by giving 24×7 online. It support and solutions for solving your home or business. It problems you don’t, have to disconnect your machine and take it into a store or wait for a techie to visit.

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