So microsoft surface pro that’s. The tablet with the detachable keyboard always gets all the attention it’s kind of the flagship, but i’ve always thought the surface laptop is really the secret hero of that line. Now, when the surface laptop was introduced a few years ago, it was a very competent nicely made 13 inch laptop. It was a little weird in that it had an alcantara fabric, wrist rest that’s, something you don’t see in laptops very often, but it was nicely designed and you had microsoft, doing the hard work and the software that’s kind of like how apple makes the operating system And the hardware for the max, you get some good synergy that way, but more importantly, i like the surface laptop because it was frequently on sale and if you got a good discount from the microsoft store when they had one of these, you know occasional price cuts. You get a very nice 13 inch surface laptop with a core i5 for under 800 for the surface laptop 3. Microsoft added a 15 inch version, and that was a little bit of a tougher case to make in the 15 inch space there’s a lot more competition. For these sort of creative, pro or semi pro laptops, where you may be doing photoshop or editing in premiere or doing some 3d designing – and you know maybe playing games and also it was much more expensive. You really didn’t get that sense that you could get a good bargain on that 15 inch surface laptop, although again it was a very competently made uh perfectly nice laptop and they even had some amd models.

Well, now, for the surface laptop 4, microsoft is really stepping up on the amd side, so you can get both intel and amd versions. Now the least expensive right now at 9.99 is the 13 inch model, and that has an amd processor. If you trade up for a few hundred dollars, you can get into an intel core i5. The 15 inch model starts more expensive, 12.99 again amd, but then you leapfrog a bit between intel and amd, and what i have right here is the 16 1699 version. It’S got an amd ryzen 7, but that’s. The older generation zen 2, not zen, 3 and it’s got 16 gigs of ram and a 512 ssd that’s. What i would call a standard walk in the door configuration for a really professional level, 15 inch laptop. You can get the same configuration but with an intel core i7, a current gen and 11th gen intel core i7 for a hundred dollars more and maybe that’s something to look at now. One of the big things microsoft is claiming about this new version of the surface. Laptop line is that it’s going to get better battery life and, interestingly they’re saying it’s the amd models that are going to get the best battery life. If you get a 13 inch amd version, microsoft says you can get up to 19 hours of battery life and that’s a lot better than the surface laptop 3, where battery life is really kind of one of the weak spots in the 15 inch amd version, they Say 17 and a half hours now, of course, a laptop manufacturer is always going to give you the best possible case battery life.

We, of course, are going to do our own testing and find out how long this guy will last generationally going from surface laptop 3 to surface laptop 4. There are not really a lot of huge changes. The screen remains the same and, for me, that’s always been one of the highlights. This was one of the first laptop lines to really embrace a three by two aspect: ratio display. Now a lot of laptops are still 16 by nine that’s, wider that’s kind of like an hdtv great for watching movies, maybe not great for office work, and now that we’re all working from home, you want kind of a more you know, work friendly screen so three By two gives you a lot more height, so if you’re reading let’s say a document on screen or working on a spreadsheet that goes up like this, you really get a lot more useful screen real estate from a 3×2 display. The ports are the same. You get a regular usba and a usbc, no thunderbolt, also no lte options on this, even though that is an option on a lot of the other surface products, just not the surface laptop and, of course, here’s one fun bit if you missed the magsafe connection on Apple laptops, where the power plug would connect magnetically, if you tripped over, they would just pull out. Microsoft is one company that keeps that concept alive. They have got their own magnetic plug and it actually plugs in right down here there you go it snaps in and if you walk by and trip over the cable it just pops right out now, gon na say it’s hard to put in.

Sometimes it pops out by itself sometimes so compared to magsafe. It is not nearly as good, but i appreciate it because i’m always tripping over laptop cables.