, so heres the box, for it says there is a number 3 on it and im upgrading this from the surface go 2, which is This one here, im gon na, be selling this off. You know theres no point to keep this one around, but the main reason why i decided to upgrade this was two reasons i really wanted an lte model. I think especially now this might be a little conspiracy, but it seems like theres more and more people out there now that are just trying to find ways to either scam you or to try to find ways to steal your information and things like that. So a lot of times, ive been doing now, even when i was using the surface go 2, is that i will be connecting my wi fi or my tablet to my phone so ill have to use public, wi, fi and now that, at least in this case Microsoft was running the cell on it and i decided to get the lte model in black so and by the way. This is also the first time the surface go comes in a different color, so thats cool. So this black one looks really nice actually normally. If i grab my laptop and its a little dusty because ill be honest with you, ive been using my tablet more as a desktop lately, but lets take a look at the color difference between the two so heres my surface laptop and heres.

The surface go 3. In black and its not exactly the same color, this has a deeper black to it, but this color here is still pretty nice, so that that is a slight difference in color but theyre both dark and um. I like both of them so ill, just uh, put that one to the side now and by the way the ports on this are pretty much exactly the same as the surface go to so a usbc port. On this thing, headphone jack your surface connector there, and if we lift this up, your micro sd card slot there, so being that this is the higher spec model based on the top end model. This particular one this particular one is the specs. Are the tension intel core i3 processor with 128 gigs ssd thats, something to keep in mind eight gigs of ram and in matte black? So keep in mind when it comes to the surface goes, and it also depends which surface tablets you get also with the other ones, especially when it comes to the surface laptop go im not entirely. I dont think the actual regular surface laptop. I know the surface laptop go does this is that microsoft would use 64 gigs, but is an emmc, so that is different from ssd. Emmc is a slower type of storage and is also cheaper than ssd. So that is one thing to keep in mind. Is that, while, if youre, primarily just going to be using it for like media, you know like netflix, and you know, checking emails and stuff like that and really nothing else you can probably get by with the base model? For me personally, i tend to use these things a little bit more than that, so for me personally, it makes more sense to get a higher spec model, and that is something to keep in mind too.

Is that when you are pricing, these things out, you have to ask yourself: okay, do i really need this, or do i think, im going to need this in the future, because heres the thing, even when it comes time to selling these things, you know in the Used market, usually, the higher spec models typically do go for much more than the base models because lets just face it. Most people are going to be getting the base models because of the price, so that means, on the second hand, market theres going to be a lot more more of them. If youre going to be getting a higher spec model, guess what theres not going to be as many and on top of that, the lte model, which this has lte, does tend to go for a higher price because thats an added value for people out there. That are looking for a computer with mobile internet. There is a market for people out there that want to use mobile internet. So by me spending a little bit more money. I can basically get most of that money back when it comes time to selling this. In the future, because there isnt an added value to it, so that is something to keep in mind. Is that yeah? You might be spending more upfront on top of that too, unless, unless they come out with a new one, that is just drastically that much more powerful theres going to be very very little reason for me to even upgrade this in the future.

Because for what i do on this thing, this basically does what i want it to do now. Lets take a look at this physically, so lets just remove the pin which, by the way, the pen magnetically goes on the side here and of course, you got. The type cover which is magnetically placed there and the nice thing about these things is that all of the accessories you bought for the surface go or the surface go 2 well work on this too, and thats actually really really nice because say like in my case, Im upgrading from the surface go to the surface go 3.. I dont have to buy another type cover because i dont need to. I dont need to buy another case because i already have one uh, but i am getting a free case with this actually supposed to come in tomorrow. Its just like a sleeve a zippered sleeve, so fits pretty nice. I may start using that, and of course i bought this pin when i got the surface laptop, but ive really been using it. So it seems to me like this would be a better fit on here and, of course, can use it sideways like this too, which is understandable, why microsoft would design windows 11 and have the default um on the taskbar everything centered, so that its consistent? But you are able to change this to the left side if you want so not the end of the world, but yeah uh the physical dimensions, the same as the previous generations, the screen seems to be the same as the surface go 2, which is pretty good.

You know the screen, you know its not the best screen ive seen in portable devices, but i think for the average person, especially the target market, for the surface go line of tablets. This is a nice screen. The cameras on this are pretty good, um and all that and for what you can do on this thing, i think for the target market for this, especially the top end model. This is actually pretty capable now well see what happens in the future, because microsoft is supposedly designing their own in house chip to start using in their you know in their say, in their phones or their, you know, tablets their laptops. Things like that so well see how those go in the future, but for now this uh intel core i3 seems very decent so far from fr from the programs ive used on this seems decent enough for this kind of laptop or for this kind of tablet. So ive used filmora, which is a video editor. Software works fine on this thing, um watching like streaming services like netflix, youtube and others out. There all works, fine, um, hell, even um game stream. Surfaces like uh xbox game pass geforce. Now they work fine, so dont get this thinking. Okay, this is going to be like my my nintendo switch for a windows, computer thats, not what this is. If you look at this more, like a light duty tablet that you want to run windows on the surface, go 3 to me is a really nice tablet and, of course, with the with the type cover.

Well, guess what you also have a built in screen protector, so yeah thats, uh thats. My look at the surface. Go 3. um, based on from what ive used so far. I really like this, the mobile internet on this thing, while it is lte so its not 5g, but i think for the average person what theyre going to be using this, for, i think, thats fine, i do know 5g does typically uh require more power, which is Probably why microsoft went with lte for this thing, so it so that you know it can get pretty good battery life, and this actually does so so yeah, while people might not like the surface. Connector. Keep in mind is that you can use the usbc port to charge also so ive used. This am i surface laptop here, because it has the same ports. Ive used the usb c port to charge them. It works fine, maybe not as fast as the surface connector, but it does charge. So you might not like a proprietary connector, but microsoft does give you the option with the usbc port, which is nice. So if you are someone that does travel a lot, but you dont really need like a big screen type of portable device. Something like this would actually be really nice to carry and use with you if youre someone that just doesnt like using apple products in general, this is actually a really nice choice so ill just leave it there and thats been a look at the microsoft surface.

Go 3.