The microsoft surface go 3., so lets get into the video Music Music, hello, guys we got the microsoft surface go over here. I got this kitchen knife to unbox. It so lets. Do it um this sound is so funny. We got the tablet over here. The surface go 3, so well. Keep it aside and see whats inside first, some notelets, sorry booklets and the 24 watt charging adapter over here. I think it must go like this. Nothing else. Okay, now lets start with the tablet. Its okay ill come in just a minute, ill charge it and see you back. Its magnetic now were going to be talking about the space of this tablet that the tab that i bought is having 8gb ram 128gb memory and is using intel pentium processor, which is not the high end processor. But i dont think its a bad processor. But it also, this tablet also provides a process, i7 processors, all of those processors which you would normally have in your normal laptops. I thought they would give a keyboard with it, but i didnt get it so i think i have to purchase it separately for this tablet. This tablet is having 10.5 inch display, which is good for video calls just watching youtube videos, and maybe a few editings like uh, like for photos and all but other than that.