How it goes in in todays, video were looking at the microsoft surface, go 3., many call it a laptop some call it a tablet, some call it a hybrid. I guess youll, never truly know what we do. Plan to find out, of course, is whether or not this is the right machine for you, so the configuration i have here today is rocking the highest specs you can get currently. That includes the intel core i3 processor, eight gigabytes of ram, a 128 gb, ssd or storage. If you will also, we have intels uhd, 615 graphics, the latest wi fi 6 and bluetooth 5.1 standards. And, of course, this is a 10.5 inch fully touch captive, display again in this video. The objective is to find out whether this is the right machine for you, where the surface go. 3 excels where it might have dropped the ball and all things in between. As always, if you guys enjoyed this video hit that, like button consider subscribing to my channel, i promise you might just fall in love with me. Hopefully starting off with a quick unboxing. I have to give it to microsoft. They really start to nail the art of creating a nice unboxing experience. The surface go 3, as you can see here comes in this super nice. Looking box, you have a graphical image of the actual device itself with that windows: 11 wallpaper hint hint, of course, on the top. You can see again the surface go 3 branding at the bottom.

You have the windows 11 sticker itself on the back side, not a whole lot to see just some basic information about the device and the particular configuration which we got it in youll also notice. The devices is unwrapped around a ton of plastic wrapping. So there is a pull tab once you pull this, the plastic comes off pretty easily and once you remove that the box can just slide open, which is quite satisfying mind you and here it is in all its glory, but it is wrapped in a ton, more Plastic, you could cut that microsoft for environment sake, but anyway, once you remove the pull tab and take the device out of the plastic wrap here, it is in all its gory, its like this perfect slab of modern technology, packed into a small body more on that, In just a second, you also have the instruction manual inside this paper envelope. So once you open it, youll find the quick start, guide, warranty regulation and best practices information. You know that all that cool stuff beyond that you have the inclusion of a 24 watt charging adapter, which also comes in a nice paper box. Mind you so youll notice that the charging adapter actually has the wall outlet piece directly on the adapter itself. So its a two in one and on the other side, you have the proprietary, whatever you want to call it. I forgot the exact name, but the proprietary pen microsoft includes, which is your own solution.

Its kind of like mask safe, meaning its trip friendly or trip safe fuel, but its not usbc. So take your pick now, because microsoft was kind enough not to include the surface type cover. I had to purchase that separately, which i thought was essential. So this is what it kind of comes in it. Has this minimalist packaging to it? You can literally see its in this transparent plastic box type thing where you can literally see the actual keyboard right beneath it. Once you remove the actual content seal thats holding it together, which takes a quick second, then you can proceed to open the box, which i opened like an absolute animal mind you once i finally got it open here it is. It looks really nice. It has this nice rubber finish on the front side, with a really slim profile and on the back side. You have this really nice to feel soft cloth. Finish. Moving on to design the microsoft surface go 3 is a beautiful piece of hardware. Microsoft has definitely used some of the finest materials available in the industry to create this device, and it shows but whats even more impressive. Is it only weighs 1.19 pounds, meaning this is definitely designed for all day. Carry around and portability was definitely a priority with this machine. Aside from that youll notice at the front side of the device, it looks like any other tablet does its basically all glass and when the screen is off, it just looks like its a pure black slab of glass, which again is more or less in line with.

Most modern day tablets now on the sides, the first size youre going to notice theres, not much to see its just the metallic finish and that platinum color, but on the top side, is where youre going to find a few things. So, firstly, of course, you have the power button and the volume rocker youre also going to notice. You have this kind of two tone metallic finish going on here now on. The other side is where you have your, i o port. This, of course includes the usb c port, the headphone jack, as well as the magnetic charging port. That microsoft has been proprietary, as i mentioned earlier on. The bottom side is where youll find another magnetic port. This is what you use to connect to the microsoft. Go surface type keyboard or any other microsoft, surface compatible accessory. Another thing i really appreciate from our design point of view is this flap mechanism? Microsoft? Has this allows this to become a table, stand or kickstand? Essentially, it also allows your device to fly no im. Joking about that part, but anyway, it is definitely a good implementation. I genuinely believe in order to truly take advantage of the surface, go 3. You have to buy the optional type cover that comes not with it, like i mentioned earlier, and its a very important tool. So lets talk about it, starting off with the front side, as i mentioned earlier, you have this nice rubber finish.

You have a very small or limited amount of polymer space, but thats totally normal, given how small this device is now the track pad on this nimble. Little piece of equipment is quite impressive: it is technically a plastic surface finish, but it feels like a glass surface finish and the clicks are nice and tactile. It feels better than a lot of expensive laptops out there. Also. I appreciate the fact that you have a generous amount of service base again, given the size making our way to the keyboard itself. This is a very compact keyboard for a very small device. With that in mind, there is a ample amount of key travel, given how slim this thing is, and it actually feels like a decent typing experience, its not going to feel as lavish as full size. Keyboards that have proper keyboards like lets, say lenovos, ideapad 3, for example, but it doesnt feel cheap or finicky in the slightest did. I mention this is a fully backlit keyboard by the way, and the backlighting is quite well done. Unfortunately, of course, theres no 10 keypad, given the size and the keys are very small. If youre used to a larger keyboard, you will make quite a bit of typos, especially in the beginning, because again the keys are cramped really closely together. Lets talk about the display fitting itself, so the first thing youre going to notice that you do have relatively thick bezels on the surface go 3 and compared to the likes of the ipad pro or samsungs reality tab series.

They definitely look and feel a little dated. However, there is one small justification, so on the top side, you have a full 1080p 5 megapixel camera and honestly beats 99 of the front facing cameras out there in the industry, both in the tablet world, as well as in the laptop world. It seriously looks super clear and crypts so good job microsoft. Also, you do have a face reader, so you do have biometric scanning built in its pretty darn effective. On the back side, you have a 8 megapixel 1080p camera that again looks really nice. The low lighting and daylighting is fantastic, although i would say it does fall short of the likes of the ipad pro, which does have a slightly better camera. In my opinion, lets talk about the display. The surface go. 3 may definitely have thick bezels, but that display quality more than makes up for it. So you have a fhd plus display over here resolution of 1920 by 1280. You also have a 4×3 aspect: ratio 60, hertz refresh rate, however, its worth noting that the actual viewing angles on this device are amazing. You can look at it from any angle like this, like that, like that, like that and theres very little glare, also where this laptop really shines, however, is its 100 srjb color rating or 78 adobe rgb. While i wouldnt exactly call this a creative users device, because if its rather underperforming specifications, it definitely makes your screen look vivid and gorgeous.

Also, it has a peak brightness of 430 nits that kicks butt of most laptops out there in this price range and even higher. For that matter, i have to give it. This is definitely a great machine if youre planning to use it outdoors or youre, using in a very well lit indoor setting so good job in terms of overall performance, the surface go 3 and my honest opinion feels underwhelming. I just feel microsoft kind of cheaped out on the specifications, given the price point, theyre charging so day to day tasks, of course, like web browsing watching a full hd video for example, or typing up a word document feel nice and breezy and smooth as youd expect Them to but start doing anything even remotely resource intensive, like photo editing or even the occasional or light video editing, and this thing starts heating up and dropping in performance like crazy. You definitely cannot use this device for a lot of heavy duty stuff. So much so then microsoft themselves keeps this in their windows. S mode, which honestly is their way of saying: hey, just use our app store because you cant install any x86 or x64 applications. Of course, there is a way around that and you can remove windows s mode ill, make a video on that later on, but im just going to be honest with you guys if youre buying this for general day to day activities is a great machine, but anything Beyond that, its just underwhelming in that regards perhaps the most disappointing element of the surface go 3 is its rather lackluster battery life.

So, given the fact that this is a high efficiency device, we found at 50 brightness in real world tests doing web browsing watching some full hd video using the speakers at low volumes level. We got just shy of 12 hours of battery life and ill be honest. There are laptops out there with considerably more powerful processors that actually dish out more battery life with the same given circumstances. This is frankly disappointing, given that this is again supposed to be high efficiency and portable device. Now its not terrible. This is definitely all day battery life, but it could be a whole lot better. Its also worth noting you do have 2 watt stereo speakers set up on this device and the speakers actually sound pretty decent theyre, not super loud, but they are pretty clear and crisp. Have a quick, listen for yourself: well, heres the verdict guys starting at 400 usd and going all the way up to 630 usd for the top configuration we have here. The surface go 3 isnt exactly what id call a budget proposition? It is essentially a two in one device that is targeted towards people who, like doing day, to day activities in a portable and relatively comfortable experience, of course, with that that it is a mixed bag of things. So, on one side, you have one of the most amazing build qualities, ive seen on portable devices. Everything is either made of glass or metal on this device.

It feels nice and premium. Also, you have one of the most amazing displays, ive seen both from a tablet perspective and also from a laptop perspective, its crisp, its high def, the color accuracy is off the charts and overall, this is just a very bright and very nice. Looking display now, on the other side, the performance over here with that dual core i3 processor in the top configuration is just barely good enough to do mid to high end readers intensive activities. But if you plan to do heavy activities on a regular basis, this is not the right machine for you, even at the top configuration. Furthermore, its worth noting, with only a top spec option of 128 gb. I just think thats a lackluster amount of storage, and the most disappointing element, like i mentioned earlier, is the lackluster battery life on this device. Overall, the surface go. 3 is a good device for people who again are looking for a high end day to day experience. Also, the fact that you have to chime in an extra 100 to get the surface type cover is a little bit unfair. In my opinion, microsoft should make a better bundle or at least make it more, cheaper and accessible, because honestly surface go 3 is only half as good without microsofts surface type cover which mine you as a sole product is an absolutely amazing piece of nimble hardware. Overall, i hope you guys enjoyed this review if you did hit that, like button subscribe to my channel.