Take a look at the microsoft surface. Go to now. You can pick this one up online ill, throw the link up in the description. The price on this one starts at 400 bucks now, if you want more power and more storage youre going to spend more money all right, so this is microsofts smallest and lightest. Two in one device. Now for this video im going to review the cheapest possible version, all right, so this one is 400 bucks, wi fi, only all right, so lets run through the specs real quick. Now this only comes in one color platinum. The body is made out of magnesium and it weighs two pounds for the display. You got a 10.5 inch lcd pixel sense panel with a resolution of 1920 by 1280 that has 220 for the ppi patrol. Now you got gorilla glass 3 for protection for the processor. You got the intel pentium gold, processor thats, the 4425 watt series. Now the side note. If you want more power, you can get the 8th, gen intel core m3 processor, but that ones going to run. You 629 bucks. Now, if youre going to spend that much, you might as well drop an extra 100 and get a surface pro, like i said, were going to focus on the cheapest one possible, the intel pentium gold. Now this one comes with four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage. Again, if you want more storage, you can get eight gigs with 128, but that ones gon na run.

You 550 bucks lets focus on the cheap one. Now this one has intel uhd, graphics, its running windows, 10 in safe mode. So basically, what that means is youre not going to catch any viruses, because its only going to run windows approved apps. Now, if you want to run a third party app, you can take it out of safe mode, but you open yourself up to viruses. Now you got a five megapixel front facing camera that shoots 1080p video and you got an 8 megapixel rear camera that also shoots 1080p video. The battery life on this is about 10 hours. Now you got dual studio mics and you got two watch stereo speakers with dolby atmos. Now this also features windows. 10. Hello, face unlock all right, so all of that for 400 bucks lets see what it is now on the side. Note, if you want to buy one even cheaper, i found one on amazon renewed for 344 bucks ill leave a link for that up in the description, too, all right. First, things: first shout out to white shoes back in the building Music, calm down all right here we go now. This is a special request. Video for one of my subscribers thats, going back to college, want to save some money. Microsoft service go to this is as cheap as it gets. Okay, nice presentation, typical microsoft, fashion, white box, yall know i like a nice white box giggity. This is gon na, be your tablet.

Slash laptop lets see what else you get now. This is gon na. Be your charging brick, i believe, lets see. Okay now it takes this proprietary charger, but you can also charge it with a usb type c. Cable, okay, see what else you get okay, so you got your usual books and pluck them follow them to the side and thats pretty much it. Okay! Now for the tablet itself: Music, heres, how it looks magnesium body – alright, not plastic, weighs about two pounds: nice build quality on this theres, your windows, logo. On one side, you got a headphone jack theres, your usb type c. You got a full size, sd card reader. Okay, volume up and down theres your power button clean and on the bottom, you got your pins for your surface uh laptop keyboard. Now, in the back of this, it does unfold into a stand. Okay, so let me power this up, download the software and well breeze through it. Real quick talk amongst yourselves all right now i got to make one quick correction. Now i keep forgetting that microsoft uses these silly plugs, so this is not a full size. Sd card slot thats your plug input. You got a micro sd card slot in the back all right yall, so we back in now before we check out the surface. Go 2 lets take a look at some accessories. First, we got the microsoft modern mobile mouse. Now this ones going to run you 28 bucks.

It comes in three different colors. You got gray, blue and black okay, so here we go got your windows logo on it got your roller comes with batteries. Pre installed, pull it tab, bluetooth connection, youre good to go! Okay, right and left click simple and straightforward all right, 28 bucks on this one. Next up we got the microsoft surface pen styling. Now this ones going to run you 70 bucks. It comes in black blue gray and red now the side note if youre gon na get this device. I highly recommend getting this because with windows, os theres a lot of little teeny boxes to press and this tablet is pretty small. So if you got fat fingers, this is really going to come in handy now. It does magnetize to the side of your device. You got a button on the top button on the side, nice tip and the battery will charge from the tablet. Next up we got the microsoft surface, go type cover now this ones going to run you 60 bucks. It comes in red, blue, black and gray. Now, if youre gon na buy this device, this is a mandatory product that you want on one side got a nice suede material, you do have backlit keys and it magnetizes to the bottom of your device. Nice clicky feel – and you do have a trackpad again with windows devices, a lot of small boxes to press hard to navigate youre gon na wish you had this keyboard and youre gon na want this trackpad 60 bucks on this one.

Alright, so last up we got the microsoft surface sleeve. Now this ones going to run you 70 bucks. Now, on the side, note theres a million and one aftermarket ones on amazon for 10. But if you want to be fancy and keep everything microsoft, this is the one that you want. Okay, so you got a zip on the top flick of the wrist pat it inside now. This is way overpriced, but it does look. Nice hashtag bars lets, keep it moving. Alright, so heres the main thing to keep in mind if youre gon na buy this device, especially at the budget configuration. This is a basic laptop, its not a powerhouse. All right, you got the intel pentium with four gigs of ram 64 gigs of storage. If you try to do multitasking, youre gon na be in for a bad day now, theres no fan on this. So if you try to do heavy gaming or if you try to render heavy videos youre gon na, be in for a bad day now, this is perfect for simple stuff. Now its gon na run, all your microsoft apps, like word office, excel your spreadsheets. All your google apps email, docs perfect for zoom meetings perfect for your skype, calls perfect for browsing the web watching videos, social media, basic stuff. All right do not try to go crazy with this. Okay, so lets take a look at it now, heres how it looks with the type cover case, bluetooth pen, which does magnetize to the side.

Bluetooth mouse now, look how thin this is at 400 bucks. This is all you need to throw in your bag. Take it over to starbucks and write your screenplay all right, so lets open this up real quick! Now you do have windows. 10. Hello. Let me see if i get my face from behind the camera bong there. It is im gon na take the type cover off for a minute, because i want yall to see it does magnetize to the bottom and its a nice sturdy magnet if you want to flip the back now. This is one of the things that i love about. This, as opposed to ipads, i think eye patch and all tablets should have this little flap on the back. So you can stand it up like this. Now you can make the keyboard rise up a little bit or you can make it flat and it does work now ill. Show you more about the keyboard in a minute. Lets. Take a look at the actual display beautiful 10.5 inches 1080p. Now you do have some big bezels but youre going to need that to hold this in your hand, without touching the screen again, if you want to look at the ports, headphone jack, usb type c, this is that silly plug. Now you can charge it with the plug or you can charge it with usb type c now, since this uses so much low power, you can charge this off of a power bank, your cell phone brick, or you can get a big boy – 100 watt, brick.

Whatever you want anything is going to charge this up. You dont need to walk around with that big proprietary plug. Now, if you do want to drop some extra memory in here, you got a micro sd card slot in the back thats, pretty much it okay. So now lets try some basic stuff now lets take a look at the backlit keyboard. Now this is one of the reasons why i like this better than the surface gold laptop. If you havent memorized your keys and you like to work at night, you got a backlit keyboard. Now this is low, medium and high. Now look how bright! This is all right. So if youre, a vampire like me and you like to work in the middle of the night, backlit keys on deck all right, so heres some basic everyday tasks now i just opened up gmail lets – do a little email surfing now im using the mouse right here. I can check all my emails lets just click on a random one. Okay, so we got some reddit stuff. We can exit out of that everything works. Lets take it over to facebook, real quick lets get in log in basic social media stuff. Again everything works scroll. All your facebook activities exit out of that lets take it over to youtube real, quick, now, im going to use the keyboard. Okay lets open up youtube. Now i did dim the lights because theres a lot of reflections in here lets open this up and lets see.

Whats going on on youtube now i was in the middle of watching the court case, but ill pull up. One of my videos lets uh. Allow notifications. Why not? Okay, okay keyboard does work nice and smooth now lets see the display and lets check these speakers. I just stumbled on okay, now, im gon na pull this keyboard off were gon na. Take this into tablet mode and look at this right off the coast. Lets walk around and check out this beautiful city now lets get a little skipping all right here. It is Music now this is what its going to look like when youre watching your videos, Music, beautiful, display Music lets, get maximum volume Music, okay, there. It is dual speakers with dolby atmos, no issues, nice viewing angles Music again. I love that little slot on the back to keep it in place. Watch all your netflix watch. All your videos with no issues now lets grab the pen. You can use that to skip lets exit out of this okay. So well close this up now, one of the benefits to buying the pen press the button on the top its going to open up your microsoft, whiteboard lets go full screen, create a new one and we can start drawing. I just get the red pen, you can change the size, you got your eraser now. This is good. If you want to kill some time lets. Do the usual call mike 718, 341 dot dot dot dot.

So this way nobody calls them all right all right. So the pen is dope again a lot of windows. Apps use these little sub boxes that are really tiny. This pen is going to come in handy, alright, so well exit out of that and there it is all right now, even though this laptop doesnt have a fan, you can still run the videos but its going to be slow and its going to take a long Time now, when you get it its going to be in windows, safe mode, if you want to download some third party software youre going to have to take it out of safe mode, like i did on this one and i downloaded sony vegas now. This is the same software that i use to edit. My videos on my big boy laptop, so lets try one real quick lets go to render. I will name this one test lets pick a format. Internet hd lets hit render okay and here it is now lets see how long it takes to go to one percent now, usually on my big boy laptop this size. Clip would take maybe a couple of minutes now right now its almost 30 seconds, and we need to get to one percent yet all right there. It is one percent. So, like i said you can do it its just going to be slow and its going to take a long time. All right so now lets try a little bit of gaming.

Now i went to xbox game pass. I plugged in the controller lets see if we can play some killer instinct. Okay, player versus cpu. Well, try a little glaciers get my favorite color okay! Here we go now so far. Its looking like its running this game pretty smoothly and yall know killing snake is a fast paced high intensity game. Okay, here we go: okay, okay, so far, nice and smooth okay, yall, see me ah give me that all right here we go. This is called the floor special right here. Ah i got cut here. It goes this aint bad, this aint bad hold up. Lets go watch this. This is the floor. Special right here, whoa lets go ill. Let him off the hook. Okay, here we go, yall want to yall, want to see it watch this watch this here it is lets go ice. Cold, julio glacious is still alive all right. Let me turn the light up a little bit now. Look. We can use a bright light. All i did was connect an xbox controller xbox game pass and you could game on this. 400 tablet lets kind of wrap this up. All right so lets take a look at the front facing camera all right, so heres how your video is going to look on the microsoft service go to 1080p perfect for your skype calls and your zoom calls lets, keep it moving now as far as battery life. I was using this all day with moderate usage, and i was able to do all my work and do a little bit of play stuff on social media watch a bunch of videos, and i used it for over six hours before the battery died overall on a Scale of one to ten im giving the microsoft service go to a major go, and if you get the budget configuration for 400 bucks, as bob barker would say, the price is right now keep in mind.

This is not a powerhouse laptop but its perfect for students, because you can take notes. You can do all your research write your papers. Do all your artwork browse social media browse the web. Render small videos play video games its thin and light enough to slap in your bag but, most importantly, its not going to break your pockets anyway? Microsoft surface go to hit me up in the comments. Let me know what yall think about this one shout out to everybody rocking with me on facebook, foursquare, twitter, google plus shout out to the google gangsters ill, see yall, holding down that facebook page shout out. Everybody hit me up on boxer and a special shout out to everybody rocking with me on instagram yall, know thats, where im at full time 100 full throttle and a special shout out to everybody rocking with the new stream on sundays. Yall already know stream gangsters on deck, get your drinks ready. No meat boys are left Music Applause – oh yeah, special shout out to everybody following me on snapchat flossy, underscore carter thats, where im at and a special shout out to the notification squad. I see all in the comments section early salute Music, oh yeah, one more thing. I almost forgot fellas ladies say it with me all: yall haters, all your trolls close your eyes and pitch and roll your boy floss. A mountain spock won the beam up: Music Applause, Music, energized, Music.

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