Music, Music, Music, hi there, i’m cortana and i’m here to help a little sign in here touch a wi fi there and we’ll. Have your pc ready for all you plan to do so, here’s the device pretty much ready to go and windows 10 configuration at the start is ready to go here as well too. It does have voice activation, so you can’t actually answer. Yes, no give it some other answers whatever except decline. I do not wish to use windows 10 on this thing and other stuff like that. But before i go ahead and do that let’s go ahead and just show you a little bit of the in and out of this particular device here right over here, you can actually see this is where you you actually plug in the ac adapter, the microsoft plug Universal plug over here, you also have the option of plugging in a dock here as well too available also from microsoft that will allow you to plug, in other external devices, give you more access to usb ports and even plug this into a monitor. Disconnect reconnect on the go right over here as well, too. You have one usbc connector, as well as your three five millimeter headphone jack. Also, and up here you have your volume up and down button, as well as your power button up here and moving around a little bit more there’s, nothing on this side. You do have the instrument here that will allow you to actually go ahead and put this in different orientations and something that is actually hiding here and over here.

Hiding on this particular side you can actually see here is a micro sd slide. You can go ahead and expand your storage up here, depending what kind of capacity sd slot you have here. So i won’t limit you to the 60 120 gigabyte capacity that this particular device is maxed out at and usually these uh lower end tablets. Here i usually max out a particular number that people will find a little bit ridiculous, like 60 gigabytes and i’m. Pretty sure this model is about the same let’s go ahead and proceed with the setup over here you can, like i said before. You can use voice activation here, but i’m just going to go ahead and tap and click as well. Click! Yes, here, voice mode on your keyboard is set to the us want to stick with that. Do you also type with another keyboard layout, so i actually did go ahead and decide not to connect to network and there’s a particular reason i like to do that. If you do connect to a wi, fi connection during the setup it’s going to start harassing you to well in my in my choice of words, harassing to actually create or log in only with a microsoft account and uh the option to actually just create a local User account only used here is hiding and i’m pretty sure. Some recent windows, 10 update, actually hit that even more. You can definitely look that up on tech news.

It actually really hurt me to read that so i just basically say there’s, no wi, fi connection no network. Obviously it can’t create force you to create a microsoft account if there’s no connection to actually confirm it or even sign in over here. It does remind you again to just go ahead. Oh well, you know continue with a limited setup. Please go ahead and connect to the internet i’m just going to go ahead and continue with a limited setup over here. So i actually did go ahead and decide not to connect to network and there’s a particular reason. I like to do that if you do connect to a wi fi connection during the setup it’s going to start harassing you to well in my, in my choice of words, harassing to actually create or log in only with a microsoft account and uh the option to Actually, just create a local user account only used here is hiding and i’m pretty sure. Some recent windows, 10 update, actually hit that even more. You can definitely look that up on tech news. It actually really irked me to read that so i just basically say there’s. No wi fi connection no network. Obviously it can’t create a force you to create a microsoft account if there’s no connection to actually confirm it or even sign in over here. It does remind you again to just go ahead. Oh well, you know go continue with a limited setup.

Please go ahead and connect to the internet, just mentioning all that, but that’s, just only only my personal preference. Obviously, you can go ahead and feel free to sign in with your microsoft account, especially if you do have data or other settings that are synced with a previous system, and you just want to basically roll that over here. Obviously, choice is something i definitely enjoy. Having here so just wanted to give you a little bit of feedback in case you’re wondering where the option to create a local account has gone next up the legal stuff in short, you’ll need to select accept to use windows, you can decline, but then you know No windows kind of funny how they mention that, because there’s actually no decline button. The only thing you can actually do is turn it off, but let’s go ahead and just proceed type. What you want to name your account and here’s? Basically, where you start typing a name for the account here now, i didn’t want to actually point this out here. You notice i’m actually clicking here and it took. Did it actually take a moment for the keyboard to actually populate and become functional here? Some devices uh i’ve actually noticed that when you actually do click here, it doesn’t take. It takes about 10 seconds for the keyboard to actually appear, which is a quite a bit of a lag time, but it kind of just shows to you the limitations at the particular cpu in this device, i’m going to be old fashioned, not put a password here.

These are the settings. Microsoft recommends, go ahead and review them and select accept when you’re ready, let’s go ahead and turn all these off. Of course, one is another option here, but it’s okay, hey, look that’s me cortana. Can i have permission to use the info? I need to do my best. Work decline, decline, no yeah, yet no almost done now. We just need to get a few more things polished up for you and windows will be all yours looking forward to helping out that’s pretty much it for the first few steps of any windows 10 configuration over here, including the particular surface code tablet and surface code 2, in this case, pretty much every other surface tablet as well too so i’m going to go ahead and show you some other little settings the hardware this particular device has. It does have four gigs of ram the entry level intel pentium cpu and the very very slim, 60 gigs of ssd space, so very limited limitations that uh functions at this particular device can probably do. I have actually seen devices like this used in concierge desks like kiosks and whatnot. You know the little uh inside the little shell enclosures, that you usually find in the mall and some other stuff and even the gym, actually where people actually go ahead and enter email, addresses and sign up as a guest or sign in as a guest or a First timer, who actually is looking for more information about joining in hotels, even i’ve, seen them at in particular, so and of course, this can also be used as a very, very easy entry level, internet email access device.

Other stuff, like that, i can actually see myself using this device, considering it’s so lightweight to actually open up some spreadsheets on the go, maybe even type of a word document and some other stuff like that of course, watch youtube. Videos and some other stuff was, is definitely within its functionality, though, with the limitation on the cpu, you probably should be able to play 1080p very easily. Anything above that is probably going to be definitely a couple of hiccups here and there so let’s go ahead and i’ll definitely should play a little bit of video and see how it performs, and here we are trying to get give you a little better view over Here you can see, the cpu is basically a pentium 4 core cpu, not the most proud for cpu, unfortunately, and a very slim small, four gigs of ram, i mean four gigs of ram is definitely very low entry and an unfortunate amount to actually have. I always said i really hope they don’t make computers. It should be illegal with four gigs of ram, even especially a laptop, but this is a very entry level topic. Just keep that in mind and, of course, uh right over here we can see it has a very small 60 gigs with the micro sd slot that you have available definitely makes a big difference when you can shove a 256 gigabyte, ssd card micro sd card in There and pretty much increase the space that this device has let’s go ahead and open up.

Microsoft word see how it performs there, and here i have just an old fashioned word document, of course, asking me to accept a license. The the software’s, probably not even activated and let’s, see how it performs over here person perfects your privacy, wow they’re, really pushing me on to this one huh and, of course the device just needs to be activated as well too. So here we are i’m gon na. Go ahead and just type in some i’m, not particularly such a big fan of using touch keyboards, i would definitely probably plug in the optional keyboard that you can plug in down here. There you go, and of course there are third party keyboards, so you can get your hands on the optional keyboard from microsoft ranges between 60 to 90 to 100, depending which color and also which one you’re getting if it’s also backlit as well too, which actually also Acts as a cover screen as well too kind of closes up like a book and uh pretty nice pretty useful. There are third party ones available, but just bear in mind, even though you do get the magnet feeling down here and it will attach on very easily. It actually connects to the device not through these uh proprietary connections down here but through bluetooth. So, just something to keep in mind if you do go the third party way, but i mean, if you actually really want to make this device a little bit more useful.

The keyboard is definitely a good option to look into. I want to go ahead and show you the resolution available here. Basically at 920 by 1280 um resolution over here, pretty high res for a little device over here. Try to get you a little close up of the icons. You can actually see they’re pretty pretty sharp and i’m very impressed with the display of this. Obviously, something like the pro will give you something almost double the resolution of this and um but sorry for the there. We go amazing resolutions. I want to actually go ahead and show you that particular option. Of course i can make this a little brighter over here, but it’s probably just going to cause more reflection here. So let me just go ahead and then reduce the brightness. So in terms of playing videos and what now let me go ahead and bring up a friend’s channel right over here, two people – i know pretty well on youtube and if anyone here is uh enjoying fungal pop toys, here’s, definitely a great channel to check out called Fit pops and definitely check out all the reviews on their toys. They actually do some gaming videos as well too and let’s go ahead and just play one here, just a random one. I do have it on 1080 right over here and you actually see the picture is pretty pretty on point and pretty sharp there. You go now. It’S, nice and sharp here.

Awesome challenge guys. I really do recommend you check them out as well too, and the video playing on 1080 pretty solid so far, hey everyone hope everyone really enjoyed that and if you have any questions or comments, as always, please let me know i actually do have a 10 day. Another 1080 video here playing this is a summertime recording of a quick walk through in brooklyn in coney island, brighton, beach area. You can actually see it back. There try to get a little bit closer to you and hopefully the picture is coming out pretty nicely and not too fuzzy. Unfortunately, sorry about that, if you actually did come, a little fuzzy show you a little bit more back here. You can actually see the rear view camera right over there and, of course, your surface microsoft logo. So amazing, pretty uh amazing tablet for its price point, definitely usable on a plane for movies and very small little things like checking your email and the other internet relates stuff like that. Of course, i’ve always said that i definitely see myself opening this up and using excel spreadsheet, not necessarily too much workload intensive, because obviously this guy this little guy here – can only do so much so but, as you can see here, pretty flawless uh playing 1080 video 60 frames per second, i could probably even try to push it up a little bit higher and let’s see how it does. There that’d be a pretty interesting one and so far so good, but when the camera tilts or pans so left and right, i actually do see a little bit of a skip.

Basically, some frame loss right there, almost as if you’re playing the video game and your card or pc is just not about powerful enough to actually handle the particular scene that’s going on which can happen. But here we are device, actually works, pretty well really lightweight that’s. For sure and uh gets a little bit of warm to some degree and actually they saw some more frame skip as well too let’s go ahead and see. If you can see this particular scene here and you probably might notice there’s a little bit of frame loss. Every now and then, while looking at the sand or particularly when panning left or right – and i actually just saw some right there, so it is what it is. Obviously, this device is a very low entry tablet, there’s also the option to get the cpu to be something they call the m3, which i’m guessing is like a more mobile version of the core, i3 cpu and i’m, pretty sure that would actually make this device pretty More powerful and actually a pretty good candidate for young family members that are beginning to actually use compute, learn how to use computers, learn how to use windows or just want to actually use a couple of things over here in the operand system. So i can really see myself purchasing this for two little rugrats in my family. One of these days, and, of course the keyboard option is definitely a good idea anyway, guys hope you guys really enjoyed this video shoot a like and subscribe if you found it interesting, have any questions and comments.