We all know that everyone’s working from home well pretty much everyone’s working from home nowadays. So we thought why not scour the internet and find a good work at home solution, but on a budget? Yes, so we have the surface go 2, which comes in at around 380 pounds, but traditionally people will buy the surface keyboard. That goes with this as well, which is the type cover from microsoft it’s around 100 pounds. We, however, found it cheaper and what looks to be a better solution on amazon for 29.99, so we’re gon na review and unbox both of these, but before we get to that, make sure you subscribe and tap that notification bell. So you don’t miss any of the videos when they go live so let’s unbox the surface go to so this is these gray silver black we’re gon na pull it six gigs 64 gigabytes of storage intel pentium gold is the base model of the surface, go to We’Ll get to that in a second let’s. Have a quick look see what’s in these various packages, just normal manuals and stuff in there instructions like setup, etc. You know there pop that on to the side, pretty much guess what this is: yeah it’s your surface charging plug there is the dedicated proprietary charger as well. So chain is not usb c, but that’s your plug and then the rest is recessed at the bottom and the bottom bit is the remainder of that charging function.

Come on yeah, well, that’s, the rest of the charger there itself, so pretty basic, very, very basic packaging. Nothing else for you to look at there. So quick, look at the surface itself, so there’s your surface go to now. One thing else we did want to unbox as well, so pop that to the side is that keyboard cover that we showed you earlier again, as i mentioned earlier, pretty cheap um has amazing reviews. The link is actually in the description below it comes at around 29.99 pounds, so very cheap and from what we can see online as well. It looks like it’s an incredible buy, so let’s have a quick look at this yeah. That is not bad at all. Let’S pop this on yeah, that is nifty – that is very, very nice and has a nice like sturdy field as well. Let’S get this set up and give you some hands on impressions of the surface, go 2 and the review of that keyboard as well. So here we have your surface, go to fully set up now. The keyboard here just to quickly touch on this bit here is bluetooth, so the connectors on the bottom of the surface go to does not activate this keyboard automatically. You would need to go into the bluetooth settings and set it up if actually you’re, holding the function key here and the c key to activate the bluetooth on the keyboard and then boom you’re gon na wait to go so just and mean we’ll go through a Quick demo of the actual keyboard itself just to go through that, so let’s find a note.

Sticking up on the surface, go to itself just go to notepad and do a quick demo of the typing skills. So i yes, okay, i missed a few keys, but i mean you get the full functionality you get. The full numbers across here. Full media key layout as well would use the function, so blue would need a function key held down and so on so forth and the keys travel distance is decent, nice responsive. I had to use the type cover. This does feel nicer and one other thing. I’Ll point out: durability, wise. This is plastic, so this will take a lot more abuse than the type cover which is alcantara, which is like a fabric that does wear and stain as well, which is a key thing and it’s 7 0 pounds more expensive than this. Amtrak cover which are again linked below so let’s pop into the microsoft store uh. Just to give you an idea, so we haven’t downloaded any games for this. To give you a demo of the reason behind this is when you have the option, you can look at different games, etcetera on here. If you wanted to use a touchscreen but that’s, not the purpose of this device. This is the six gigabytes of sorry. Four gigabytes: storage for gigabytes of ram 64 gigabytes of storage: this is the lower powered one we’re going to be using this to create notes, uh, scripts, etc, um and then use our macbook to edit and eventually, the plan to move into an imac for more higher Quality basic, easier video, editing, so we’re going to show you a quick demo of the sound and video output of the surface.

Go to so we’ll pop into poco x2 review it’s. Quite a recent one, we’ve done um and give you an idea as to what that sounds like to open function, get the volume up for the latest government guidelines and while we’ve always cleaned our equipment before and after use. From now on, we’ll be giving it a much more thorough, clean Music, yeah we’ve done this in the classic style so effectively. What you have here is you’ve got your black front screen and then you can go into your menu and customize this as and when you please so. Video output is pretty good default, picks up. The fact is the hd screen, which this is actually a full hd screen and, as i mentioned, it is 10.5 inch, the full display from edge to edge 4 gigabytes of ram 64 gigabytes storage powered by that intel, pentium gold processor. Now one other thing is the front facing camera. See here is 5 megapixels, so we’re going to do a quick demo of what that 5 megapixel is capable of because, like a lot of people, you’ll be on teams or on google meets or zoom let’s see what that video quality and sound output is like without Any of the mics just the tablet and what it does itself. So this is a demo of the front camera on the surface go to which is five megapixels. Now looking at the color, reproduction is pretty good and my beard looks thick which looks sick and you’re.

Getting full hd resolution here right now how this sounds back in actual video, well you’ll, see when you watch this review, but this is very impressive, um our macbook, that we use actually a hd camera, so it’s technically 720p, but this is much better quality and yeah. I can’t wait to bar this opens and gets really locked downhill cut as well, but that’s, not the point. Let’S wrap up now with our final thoughts on the surface go to and why this is the ultimate work from home solution on a budget before we leave. You for this promise review let’s, give you our final thoughts on the surface go to and that keyboard cover start off on the latter. Keys are beautiful to use it’s well built it’s, sturdy and it’s, going to last you and take a lot of punishment from day to day use only downside and it’s a big one. The trackpad not the best thing in the world, if we’re being totally honest, so that’s wherever down there, you can get a separate mouse for this, a bluetooth mouse but we’ll, try and look at this as a replacement for a laptop, so that’s. What we didn’t pop in a mouse here, the other thing is we didn’t, do any gaming on the surface go to and for the reason being, it’s not designed for gaming. This review isn’t about gaming it’s about working from home and using this as a replacement for your laptop or computer that you normally have in your or in your workspace in terms of surface go 2.

This 4 gig 64 gig spec is actually really good value for money around about 380 pounds. If you’re a student and you go to microsoft directly, you can get a bit cheaper, which is very advantageous. 64 gig may not sound like a lot, but if you’re doing everything through google suite of offices like word word excel and through microsoft, as well or using docs and sheets and slides we’re going to be storing that all online, you know that’s going to be stored In actual device itself, so you may store only a few applications, maybe like spotify for your music, the odd note taking app and then a few sort of anti virus software. If you wanted to so that 64 gig is actually going to be pretty good as well. Overall, with this entire package coming in at around 410 ish pounds to say, 450 is really good value for money. The only consideration you would have is: could you replicate this in a chromebook now we’re big big fans of the chromebook, because it offers so much for so little terms of cost. Our links in the reviews, below especially the asus c314 that’s, actually credible value. For me, for around about 250 and we’ll do everything this does, but slightly better. Thank you. So much for watching make sure you subscribe and tap the notification bell smash the like button and comment box below on the surface go to or if you’re working from home.