The surface go, 2, runs windows, so it can look and operate like a pc, unlike other tablets, its around the same size as a 10.5 inch ipad pro in terms of size and weight, Music. The basic model costs ‘9 pounds and technically you could just buy the surface, go 2 and use it on its own, but then you wouldnt be getting the most out of it when it comes down to it. You also want to invest in the tight cover which costs 100 pounds more. The screen will be protected from scuffs. With this keyboard and touchpad accessory the surface go 2 is already regarded as one of the greatest student laptops, but its appeal extends beyond that. Microsoft wants to position this as one of the greatest tablets for the entire family, and that makes sense. The tablet can be used by children to play games. It can be used for school work by older children. Parents can use the keyboard to help with organization surfing the web listening to music and viewing streaming, videos may be enjoyed by the entire family isnt that clever. But how practical is it in practice and how well does it work to discover out? We took it for a test drive with its elegant lines, reflective magnesium, alloy, housing and curved corners. The surface go too seems like a high end device, despite its low price. The bezels around the screen, which have been slimmed down from the original surface curve, are well proportioned and add to the premium appearance, despite microsofts efforts to market this as a family tablet, its a professional looking device that youd be happy to bring to a business meeting.

The built in kickstand on the back, which can spin from zero to 135 degrees, is the icing on the design cake, its simple to open and close, and its quite durable in practice, Music, its a little fiddly to use on your lap when sitting on a sofa For example, but its perfect for a desk or other hard surfaces with dimensions of 245 x, 175 x, 8.3 millimeters. The surface go is compact, but wonderfully made 9.65 x, 6.9 x, 0.33 inches. It weighs 5, 4 4g a little more than the 10.5 inch ipads 469g. But not by much the type cover which is sold separately. Magnetically attaches to the tablet. This motion is pure bliss and it couldnt be easier or more natural when the two halves are pushed together. Youll have a tablet cover when you separate them. Youll have a hybrid laptop, the upper half of the screen is taken up by the keyboard, which has a simple design with no number pad. For example, it also feels like a toy keyboard, because the material it rests on is so thin and insubstantial, and the keys are so tactile and huge, although it works well in practice. The way it flexes as your fingers drum into the keys can be unsettling at first. The surface pen, a stylus specifically built by microsoft, to function with its devices is another add on thats offered separately its worth, noting that if you have a surface pen or tight cover from the first surface, go theyll function with this one as well: Music.

The 10.5 inch lcd touch screen on the surface go 2 is crisp bright and clear. With vibrant colors and a 220 ppi pixels per inch resolution, we found it all to be a visual treat whether we were watching a movie perusing the web or using an app. However, the screen has a three colon two aspect: ratio which is significantly taller than the conventional 16 colon 9.. As a result, a cinemascope film, like wolf of wall street 2.’, colon 1, takes up only 75 of the available screen space. This didnt bother us and the excellent picture more than makes up for any minor flaws. The sound quality was also quite good. The twin stereo speakers produced a strong rich sound with a considerable amount of bass which improved our enjoyment of movies, music and casual gaming Music. The sound quality isnt nearly as good as an ipro pro or a samsung galaxy tab s7, but its not bad. The surface go comes with two cameras: a 5mp front facing webcam and an 8mp rear facing camera for taking photos and video both have a 1080p video output on our skype, calls the webcam wowed us by offering a clean, crisp and bright image Music. It also worked well with the feature. Microsoft was most anxious to show us the windows, hello function, which uses facial recognition to unlock your computer. The back camera is capable of taking 5 mp photos and recording 1080p video, and it performed admirably for such a low cost gadget.

Most recent smartphone cameras are better not to mention easier to shoot with, so you wont be using them much. A tablet is useless unless it has a good battery life which the surface go to has in spades, especially when compared to the first surface, go based on regular usage. Microsoft claims up to 10 hours of battery life, which we found to be accurate. We used the netflix app to play an hd movie on repeat selecting the setting that maximizes battery life without impacting screen. Brightness and the surface go lasted a whopping 9 hours and 46 minutes on a flight coach or train ride. That will be more than enough to keep you entertained. The surface go 2 is constrained in terms of connection. Only 3 connectors are available on the right side, a usbc port, a headphone jack and a surface connector for connecting the included charger. A microsdxc card slot is located beneath the kickstand thats. All there is to it by the way were big supporters of the charger. The cable is robust and lengthy 1.8 m, and the magnetic socket is designed to readily come out, making it less likely that youll damage your tablet. If you trip over it, the fact that the surface go 2 runs windows rather than android or ios will be the selling point. For many. That means that, when used in conjunction with a keyboard, you may truly perform proper computing. You might argue that you could do something comparable by pairing an ipad with a keyboard.

Yes on the surface, but ipad os is still a mobile operating system, so you wont feel like youre, using a laptop on an ipad. Even simple tasks like putting files in folders can be immensely tedious windows on the surface. Go to, on the other hand, behaves precisely like windows on a laptop to steal, apples, famous phrase. It simply works. That is almost. There are two essential caveats to be aware of. The first is that the surface go comes pre, loaded with windows 10 s. This is a version of windows meant to operate faster than normal, with everything immediately uploaded to the cloud via onedrive to save space, and only the most lightweight software available in the microsoft store that final one shouldnt be a problem. If you exclusively use microsoft approved apps. However, this means you wont be able to utilize apple, music, adobe applications, zoom and a lot of other things. If this is a concern, dont worry, you can upgrade to windows 10 home for free. However, things begin to slow down after that, because the surface go 2. Isnt, a particularly powerful device and we wont sugarcoat it if youve used a high end windows laptop before youll notice, that the surface go 2 is slower than youre used to opening too many tabs can cause websites to crash downloads, take longer to download zip files. Take longer to unpack and opening too many tabs causes websites to crash. However, you may enhance things by spending more money.

The surface gotos entry level model costs ‘9 pounds and includes 4 gigabytes of ram 64 gigabytes of storage and an intel pentium gold, 4425 wide dual core processor, thats quite restricted, but for 529 pounds you can upgrade to 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. Alternatively, for 549 pounds you can buy an intel core m3 processor, 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. This is the version that was provided to us for evaluation. We wont sugarcoat it even the most costly version, isnt extremely powerful. So, for example, if you want to run photoshop or video editing software or play aaa games at high resolution, youre going to have problems Music, but once again thats, not the type of person. Microsoft is looking for its fully capable of the kind of mixed family use. Its designed for streaming entertainment, running microsoft, office and surfing the web. Alternatively, you might want this for yourself as a second computer, for example, to do some work on the train if you dont want to bring your more expensive laptop or, if its too heavy, to be comfortable. The eight gigabytes variance should be enough in either instance, and even the most basic version will suffice for the bulk of tasks. Just dont expect it to happen quickly. The surface go. 2 is a one of a kind hybrid that no other hybrid can match a tablet that can also serve as a windows laptop aside from that it offers a great webcam great picture, quality, good audio and long battery life.

It also looks fantastically sleek and classy. All of this for 499 pounds is excellent value. However, if you plan on doing anything other than the most basic laptop chores, we recommend investing in additional storage and processing capability. As a result, the price begins to rise. In conclusion, if you want a powerful computer but dont care about converting it into a tablet, a traditional windows laptop is the way to go. The surface go 2. Is our top recommendation if youre set on a tablet, laptop hybrid and want to perform grown up computing rather than fiddle with android or ios Music, its the perfect small business machine too its fast enough for software development? It has a good webcam for video conferencing and long battery life to keep you entertained. The surface go 2 is a very capable hybrid computer that combines the portability of a tablet with the power of a pc class laptop based on regular usage. Microsoft claims up to 10 hours of battery life that we found to be accurate.