But i am going to show you this beautiful sky, because i feel like the surface duo deserves to be shown off with the cameras, because i think the updates that they did uh, i think, they’re substantial. I took a lot of photos and um. I just feel like the the the cameras have improved now: um this camera, i shouldn’t say: cameras it’s, just a camera, it’s one camera there’s, no ultra wide lens there’s, no telephoto lens. You can zoom with the camera, but it’s. Definitely just one camera and this isn’t anything that’s against uh, the uh surface, duo it’s, just they put one camera on here. This isn’t, the first the device, is so thin and i think that’s why the quality sometimes suffers uh in video uh, but it is so beautiful out here and uh man. The sky is it’s nice. The rain is coming from this way, so that’s. Why i’m kind of sitting, right here, my my big giant, shed here kind of blocks me from getting wet, which is why i want to kind of close this off. When i put my shirt up here anyway, um this is uh. The camera footage is the vlog from the phone now i’m trying not to cover up microphones and things like that, because i mean um this. This footage uh it’s early in the morning at the recordings video uh, and so i got my i got my early morning. Voice on let’s be quiet and respectful of the neighbors um.

This is a. This is a good thing for me to bring it back um. When i do camera reviews, i do. I use the product as though i’m using it like anything else. The camera does have have video stabilization uh, so i do have it turned on, but again i’m not gon na walk around anywhere uh it even though it’s nice and rainy it’s beautiful out there, but yeah not going out there. The camera does have stabilization it records in 4k 60, which is what i’m doing i like to put cameras at their highest resolution, sometimes that that’s not good and because sometimes the stabilization doesn’t work with that highest resolution. It works at actually 1080p 30, which is more than enough for a lot of people uh but um. I think these these cameras probably have greatly improved um. They do like. If i stand up it’ll focus on me, like i’m gon na show, you is it’s not very bright out uh, but, as i step on and i’ll put this around and put the light behind me see it’ll it’ll grab itself and wash out this entire air over. Here and stay focused on me that’s what it does, which isn’t a bad thing, just look, how beautiful that looks now there’s rain hitting me because again the rain is coming from this way, but just look at how again through the viewfinder this looks fantastic. You know. I could take a bunch of photos, but man, if i’m being honest, i don’t do anything with dynamic range and all the different things i i don’t mess with.

I do auto and i think, that’s what the majority of people do auto now: real camera fanatics and people who are actually professionals they. Obviously they don’t shoot an auto at all. They just do manual now manual, video that’s, something that i will do but manual photos. Not me, not the so it’s beautiful out. I want to show you this beautiful sky, nice and gray. Uh is it’s. Just fantastic footage is so beautiful outside right now, what you see is actually what it looks like at least through the viewfinder. It looks. Great man see that beautiful sky it’s, like one big giant cloud, is so beautiful grass is nice and green get a really deep. Zoom, i really like it. I, like the footage distinct being produced from this uh device – i’m, not whispering. I just have my really early morning, voice on you know, respectful of the neighbors, even if they can’t hear me, respectful of the neighbors look at that sky it’s beautiful all right guys. So i would recommend that you, probably when shooting with the surface duo, turn off hdr. I just don’t think it does well with hdr done some testing and it comes across almost orange or red in a lot of situations, and i don’t like it uh so um. The service duo cameras um, will perform. They will get the job done uh. You will not have a problem with them. That’S for sure i took those photos in the first video um.

I did it in a low light office setting with a couple of leds and it came out. It came out great uh, but um. The service duo is actually really solid. Man, no problems whatsoever so far the software, if i’m being honest, still isn’t on par. For me, uh for the simple things like taking a screenshot and you’re, probably gon na j. Why are you harping on that uh? I know i take a lot of screenshots because of my um, my tab, seven plus and some of the other android devices i like to take a quick screenshot and write on it and send it to people and so that’s. Why? Some things are important to others, and – and i know a lot of people – probably don’t – take a lot of screenshots, but i do and um. I think, that’s important for me and i’m glad that if they fixed it, it’s just kind of still kind of quirky. But having two screens again is absolutely great. So now my two daily drivers at the moment, uh, is this beautiful, iphone purple here and it handles the colors. Well, that looks pretty purple to me in this video um uh it. It is this phone and the surface duo, uh and the surface dual obviously is going to be the productivity device that i use now uh until i get tired of it or they bring the surface duo to or whatever and we’ll see how that works, but uh It should be in jail.

You guys enjoyed a vlog from the microsoft surface, duo a single camera device. I think it does pretty good let’s put this in powerdirector and see how it comes out. Well, you just saw how it came out.