Now here are my top three features of this new exciting device. Firstly, the hi res amoled, dual fusion display with pixel sense. Secondly, the five versatile screen modes, thanks to the revolutionary 360 degree hinge and finally, the combination of microsoft, 365 and android. Now, today, i’m joined by hannah, a microsoft expert who will be showing us how the portability and productivity of this device will help you in your everyday life, hi hannah. How are you hi, george i’m? Great, thank you. How are you i’m very well myself? Thank you. So, are we all right to chat a little bit about the microsoft surface, duo of course let’s? Do it so what’s your favorite feature about the surface duo. Well, apart from and i’m going to show you, apart from the sounds that it makes when it closes. Considering these are two glass screens and it makes a lovely gentle fabric to fabric kind of sound. Apart from that, it is the fact that you can use two applications at the exact same time without compromising on space or having to switch from one app to the other. Today, i’m out in greenwich to see how the microsoft surface duo can help you stay productive and entertained, even when you’re away from your computer. My first top feature is the dual fusion display each high res amoled 5.6 inch screen combines into an 8.1 inch dual fusion display, which turns the microsoft surface, dura into a multitasking powerhouse.

Also, if i want to work on the go, it’s got a sim card slot, so i can use data. This hybrid device allows me to access work anywhere, especially with the all day, battery life i’m, going to put the microsoft surface duo, dual fusion display to the test with a microsoft team, school and onenote hi gil you’re. All right, as you can see, the dual screen is super handy i’ve got full use of each app and on one screen, i’m writing down the meeting notes and on the other screen i’m in the video call and i’m not losing any functionality. The device is really responsive. The camera quality is great and i’m on a cable car and i’m answering work calls which is pretty fantastic. My second top feature is the five versatile screen modes. Thanks to the revolutionary 360 degree hinge. Can you tell me why it’s revolutionary and what kind of benefits you think having the five different screen modes has in itself? It is an actually really really nice looking hinge as well. It looks really really cool and it’s an original design by surface and it’s revolutionary, because you can move it into any single position that you want so it’s almost like having a kickstand on the device itself, but it is the actual second screen, the five versatile screen Modes are single screen mode, which is most like a phone and is perfect for single handed use, for example, taking a picture compose mode which is great for writing.

Emails as you have access to a full keyboard, temp mode for watching content on hands free book mode. For ergonomic app, multitasking and peak mode for quickly checking your notifications, my final top feature is a combination of microsoft, 365 and android. This means you have access to everything on the google play store. For example, google maps. Now google maps looks great on such a large screen and i can follow directions without having to stop what i’m doing. What is your most used? Dual screen app combination on this device, so i i’ve i’ve, been playing around with app groups because app grouping is is really cool because you can open up two apps at the same time, just by the tap of the button and the one that i’m using at The moment is: um i’ve got my calculator app and my baking website together. So it means because i’m, a feeder and if i make cakes, i make multiple cakes. So it means that i can just have the calculator up on one side. Have the recipe on the other side, and it means that, if i’m making three versions of this, i can just really quickly work out what that means, because i can’t do math very well now. Let’S talk about the microsoft 365 apps that have been optimized on the surface duo. The dual fusion display is not only for multitasking but for also enhancing your experience with microsoft. 365., for example, outlook is optimized on the surface, during compost, mode being able to send and view emails over an 8.

1 inch screen on a device that fits in your pocket makes working on the go a breeze.