Today we will be unboxing the microsoft surface duo. This is new product that has only just been released and we have some of the first stock available into the country. The device itself is very thin, as you can see, it’s got a front and rear gorilla glass construction. This particular one. Obviously i think the only color you can actually get in at the moment is white, and so this is one of the first ones. So just a quick look around of the device you can see: it still has its protective packaging on it. At the moment i mean you can see from the side angle that is very thin. It has a double hinge, very similar to the lenovo yoga laptops, so let’s just see what it looks like inside. It does have a very uh, a very gloss finish this particular model. So opening up it does have a very nice hinge action, as you can see there, the dual screens very reflective it’s, quite a light device. It’S uh it’s, certainly a very premium feeling so moving on to the device itself. As a quick walk around, you can see the usbc socket that’s. The hinges seems to be made out of some sort of alloy as opposed to a gorilla glass. You really get a sense of the thinness of the device when you’re looking at it side on you can see on the front. We have the sim slot. Both sides are exactly the same thickness, so it’s a very symmetrical device.

So that’s a quick look around of the device itself. I do like the brushed finish it has on the metal. So inside the box itself, you get the so it comes with um. It does actually come with a special case and it’s a bumper case, so it only covers the edges and it’s just designed to protect the edges of your devices, not a total case, but it is. It is good that microsoft included it free of charge. We’Ll be fitting that on a little bit later, as you can see nice clear instructions on the bumper and that’s, the does have a cutout for the fingerprint, so it’s it’s well designed for the surface duo going into the rest of the contents of the box. We have the documentation and the obligatory sim removal tool. You saw the sim card slot on the side early. This is the supplied power adapter, which is a standard usb c adapter. It does have the option to change the plug, although you only get the uk plug in the box for this model, and that is the included usbc cable it’s a reasonably. It feels like a reasonably premium cable with a decent length, good to see that microsoft aren’t using any polystyrene. Everything in here is recyclable. So taking another look at the duo itself, i think, if you had this in black, it would attract a lot more fingerprints. You can see the sim tray there, that’s the fingerprint scanner that’s the power button, and next to that is the volume rocker there’s, no buttons on either side of the device, nothing on the back.

Obviously, because that’s the hinge mechanism and on the left hand, side you’ve got the usbc port. The fingerprint scanner is single touch you don’t have to swipe across it again. You can see the hinge mechanism, there, definitely very, very reflective, gorilla glass screens. You can just see on the front the front camera or in fact the only camera on this device and the front mounted led light. That’S also used as the flash. So you can see when it’s being used as a phone. It folds completely flat on itself. So you have both screens accessible, but only one screen is used at a time when it’s in phone mode, like this again it’s it’s it’s hard to relate on the video exactly how premium this device feels from particularly the hinge that up. There is the main speaker for the device. Only a mono one that’s, the earpiece for the phone camera and flash slash torch does only have a single camera. This particular one again that’s. You can see at the bottom there that’s the mouthpiece for the actual phone section. So the the right hand screen is effectively the phone. The left hand screen is just the screen. So when you have it folded into phone mode, that’s the side you would use as the phone similar to a yoga, you can use it in a in a tent mode as well.