It’S just mind boggling that they released this product to people who paid that much money for it. So, for some perspective, the surface duo cost more than my m1 base model of macbook pro with touch bar and that’s, something that it’s so hard to like wrap your head around that it’s more expensive, more specifically, 200 dollars more expensive than the m1 macbook pro at The time i purchased it and it’s one of those things that, when you think about it, you realize how incredibly expensive it is for just a phone, and when we go into the issues of it, you realize that it’s just absolutely criminal. How much they’re masking for this so for some good things? First, the design of it is actually really really amazing in terms of the hinge. It just feels really really good and i’ve. I don’t think i’ve ever felt something that feels this good in hand to open and close and stuff, but i have to say the displays themselves on. It are not very good it’s kind of disappointing how they’re, using these thick bezel displays that you would see like a phone from 2015, and while this could be technically excusable, considering it’s a new phone, you do have to remember that it has a 1400 price tag And it’s one of those things that you look at it and then you look at the price tag, and you realize, like hmm like this, is not exactly what i’m paying for is it another thing to keep in mind with this, is that it was incredibly thin And i’m so surprised, i got a phone to feel this sturdy and this thing at the same time, it is missing, really crucial features like wireless charging.

For example, it has a glass back on both sides, but there is no wireless charging because they wanted to make it as thin as possible. But again, the issue of that is that it’s, a 1400 dollar phone and the only way you can charge it is through usbc, which isn’t even a fast charging, usbc it’s, literally just a normal usbc, which charges at normal speed it’s. Not even that impressive. It takes multiple hours to charge it because there’s two batteries on each side of the phone. I was also really disappointed with the actual performance of the phone itself, since i feel like there were a lot of issues with lagginess and the software experience in general because it’s clear that when they released this phone, they did not think about the actual software side Of things – and they were very much focused on the actual hardware, but this creates an issue where the hardware is really really really good feeling and amazing and high quality. But the software is so incredibly terrible that, when you’re trying to use it, it will literally freeze on you randomly and has a response time of maybe three seconds if you’re trying to do something that actually takes anything any power at all, which is so disappointing. Also, the camera quality is actually horrendous, like i think i have a phone that i could compare it to from like 2011, that has a better phone like quality in terms of video and stuff than this phone i’m.

Not even joking, like my galaxy geo phone from like 2010, probably has a better camera quality, so here’s an example of what kind of quality you can expect from the camera and it’s, not very good at all again keep in mind. This is a fourteen hundred dollar phone; it costs fourteen hundred dollars and they’re, giving you a camera like that and it’s just absolutely ridiculous. How they’re expecting you to use that and actually think that it’s worth it at all. I have to say, though, it’s really cool how you can have two apps at the same time and like you can see in the video like playing two games at the same time, it’s incredibly impractical. But the fact that you can do it is really really interesting and i was just not expecting that to even be a thing i was expecting another screen to freeze, but even though the processor is not very good, you can still do that and without too much Lag at least in my experience and that’s something that’s really really cool, at least other than that i don’t know what else i could say about this phone really because it’s so expensive and there’s so much like cool stuff to it. But at the same time it feels it’s. It feels so incredibly lackluster and it feels like there’s no actual content in there other than the hardware itself. And that makes it really really difficult to even talk about the good parts of this phone and to the point.

Where i can’t use this as a daily device, i have to have an iphone to be able to use this at all, because if i was trying to use this as a daily device, it would actually go insane and it’s clearly not even meant to be a Daily device so it’s one of those things that is really disappointing. Considering the price tag and it’s really clear that this is more of an engineering sample in the proof of concept phone that wasn’t marketed as a revolutionary phone for people when it really wasn’t for men. For anyone, not even the super hardcore productivity people, because those people would immediately be turned off by the fact that it’s constantly laggy and you can’t really get any work done because it’s ghostly going to freeze on you and all of a sudden. The menus are going to disappear and all these sorts of issues that it’s very clear that they keep trying to sell this phone to you, but it’s actually not a phone. It doesn’t work as a phone it’s, a proof of concept that they’re trying to you know pass off as a working phone and it’s honestly really really really disappointing. How they’re doing that and there’s nothing. I can say about it: except don’t buy it unless you already have a phone that you’re going to use with it and the only reason you’re going to use the phone is because hey you need an android phone and you already have another platform of a phone Or b you just want something cool to show off to people and that’s also valid, but that’s, not something that you should necessarily buy.